1 – A new set of ethics for the media so they learn to report the news, not make the news.

2 – A new privacy wall that prohibits anyone from accessing someone else’s personal medical, financial, or other information, without that person’s consent.
a. This includes the media and the “public’s right to know” group.
b. Privacy means private.

3 – A new Democratic party that attempts to truly be bipartisan, and that stops damaging the war against terrorism by politicizing every issue.

4 – A new Democratic presidential hopeful who will be both capable and honest at the same time and not just someone who “wants” to be President.
a. Are Hilary or Obama or Edwards or Kerry really the best we can do?

5 – A new attitude that encourages people to work together rather than approach people and issues with aggression.
a. Let’s suppress talk and tv shows which encourage hostility.
b. Let’s require the UN to follow ethical standards.
c. Let’s teach our children to compliment others rather than denigrate them.

6 – A new understanding that tolerance is meant to smooth relationships, not to be used as a crutch for those who “want”, but don’t want to work for those “wants”.

7 – To abolish the ACLU and its mindless litany that they are the only true arbiters of “right and wrong.”

8 — More thankfulness from countries who benefit from the United States’ generosity and less criticism of us. We are a country that tries very hard to help others. It is time for those “others” to recognize our efforts.

9 – Less taxes to equalize the “haves” and the “have-nots” because success should be earned, not dished out by politicians who use that largesse to expand their voting base.

10 – Much more tolerance for those of us who believe that Christ is the Saviour. Our beliefs should be respected just as we respect the beliefs of those who cherish Mohammed or Allah or any other Supreme Being.

Maybe if these wishes can be granted, the world will have a peaceful 2007.