Finally, Kofi Annan is saying his good-byes. For a man who headed the UN and was supposed to be the penultimate diplomat, his fame far exceeded both his reputation and his skills.

During his tenure, pain and misery mounted in many parts of the world, and yet the UN seemed incapable of helping. In fact, the UN was part of the problem. UN “peacekeepers” were responsible for raping young girls in Africa and for stealing the food that was supposed to help the starving. Where was Kofi when these criminal actions were brought to the world’s attention? Kofi refused to acknowledge the aggressive characteristics of many nations, instead preferring to chastise the United States. Where was he when Chavez called for the death of our President? He was often times arrogant in his manner and more often than not, wrong in his opinions. Why did he say that Iraquis were better off under Saddam when he knows the Iraquis were routinely brutalized by Saddam and his cronies?

Kofi Annan is, and always was, a man who had risen above his talents. Only those in the world who were benefiting from his ignorance and greed, continue to designate him as a great humanitarian!

The UN was to serve as a mediator to avoid conflict in the world and not to be the generator of more hatred. Kofi Annan was directly responsible for inciting much of the hatred that exists in the world today, especially the ill will toward the United States. Although he demanded more and more money from us, he was most comfortable insulting us and blaming us for all the tragedies of our time. The ultimate insult, of course, was his farewell speech wherein he tried to blame our President, and us by association, for the world’s ills.

Sorry, Kofi. Without the mantle of the UN, your braying will only curry the favor of those who would benefit from the downfall of the United States. Hopefully, you will have to live in the disastrous conditions you helped create through your foolishness or stupidity. The only ones who will miss you are your lackeys who profited from the US’s generosity rather than the intended recipients.

Your leaving, hopefully, will result in a UN that attempts to work together rather than to merely oppose the U.S. Your leaving is a joyous event for the world, whether they know it yet or not. So, good-bye, farewell, good riddance.

The only question left for you is, “What took you so long to leave?”