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Let’s pull the polls…..

Every day, there is a poll taken somewhere, somehow, about something or someone and the results are always “BREAKING NEWS”!

Unfortunately, most of the polls are a waste of money because they ask a question that anyone with common sense could answer without hesitation. Lie-berals favor these types of polls because the polls might help them sway public opinion. But, most of the polls, including the latest poll, breathlessly reported on yahoo, is that a majority of those polled favor raising taxes on the “rich”.

Wow. I can imagine how difficult that question was to answer.

Pollster: If you had the chance to make a rich person give you some of their money, would you rather get that money for free…..or, would you prefer to work and earn money to support yourself?

Oh, the turmoil that question must have caused!

Respondent: Oh me, oh my. I’ll have to think about that. Let’s see…..whether to work or sit around and just have money handed to me. What a difficult decision. Oh, I know. I definitely prefer to have the rich taxed more and have that money given to ME!!!!

Please. Talk about slanting a question. Ask the question in the right way and you can configure the answer you want to hear.

What if the question had been asked this way?

Pollster: Even though the rich have worked hard and earned every single dollar they have, would you really believe it is fair that they should be required to give you some of that money, especially when you have been just sitting around and doing nothing, not even looking for employment? And, do you understand that the rich actually pay almost all of the total income tax for the entire country?

Respondent: Well, I don’t know. I guess that, if you put it that way, maybe they deserve to keep their own money.

You would never hear of a pollster asking a question in that manner because that would not elicit the response the Lie-berals want to hear. Oh, no, Lie-berals want to hear that the rich deserve nothing, not even to keep their own money. Polls are a farce for the most part.

So, polls be damned. It’s time to “pull” the polls and not try to manufacture public outrage with fake polls.

2019 — a year when Decency in public returns?

Well, it’s the end of another year.  Can it also be an end of the  continuous denigrating of others?  Can it be the end of ALL racial antagonism?  Can it be the end of politicians striving for re-election and not what is good for America?

The beginning of a new year should bring optimism.  But, in the realm of politics, the bear-baiting will continue unless some in the public arena remember that calling names, insulting others, and being down-right nasty towards political opponents, is NOT what their parents would have taught them. Maybe they can learn to act like mature adults.  And, maybe these politicians can learn to care more about America than spouting their personal vitriol.

In an effort to straighten out the divisive rhetoric and unseemly actions by people in public life, let me offer these suggestions for 2019:

Maxine Waters, please stop calling for impeachment.  We’ve heard your complaints ad nauseum and know there is no basis for you hatred of President Trump, except your personal vendetta to use impeachment to keep yourself on tv.  Your responsibility as a representative is NOT to divide nor to deride, but to help guide congress in directions to help America.

Bill Crystal, your resolution should be to advance the Conservative agenda, NOT to tear down a Republican President.  Forget your personal embarrassment about making a fool of yourself over President Trump.  Put on your big boy pants and help the Conservative cause, not pout about losing your status with we conservatives.

Soon-to-be-ex-senator Flake,   we are so glad you are gone!  You are well……………..a flake, for sure.

Chief Justice Roberts, if you truly believe that the Judiciary is unbiased….why do all the Lieberals travel to the 9th circuit for their complaints?  Maybe Justice is blind, but judges show their political bias again and again in their decisions.

Pelosi…………..oh, please, not again!

Schumer………….oh, double please, for once try to be a statesman and not just a shill for the Far Left.

Paul Ryan…..we didn’t know ye, that’s for sure.  What a disappointment you were when you could have been so great.

Elizabeth Warren, I know Native Americans.  They are not only our friends, but my Great Grandmother really was a Menominee — that’s being a real Native American.  YOU are NO Native American.  And, we all know it.

Kamala and Hirono — you both used under-handed tactics and untrue allegations IN AN ATTEMPT  to besmirch a good man with no regard for the truth and certainly without any concern for the man’s family.  Neither of you deserve to be in the Senate nor to have any influence in judicial nominations because you both misused the system for personal gain.

Hillary…………well, you managed to escape justice again;  but, sometime, all your devious deeds WILL be uncovered.

And,  Bill?  No matter what the Bushs say, you really are a despicable man.

There are many, many more who could use a kick in the backside, but these are the notable ones.  Let’s hope that 2019 brings forth better men and women than these and that our country can begin to believe that politicians must also be statesmen.

So, welcome, 2019.  Please bring back public decency and morality.  And, please return the public forum to one where discourse between people who disagree is done civilly and with respect for the other person.  We are all Americans and we should all want what is best for America.

Will 2019 be a year when decency returns?  We live in hope.



Ich bin ein Berliner………..

Remember when President Kennedy spoke those words?

It was in 1963 and his message was an attempt to unify people around the need to free East Berlin.  Kennedy voiced the world’s hope that one day, even East Berliners would be free.  It wasn’t, though,  until President Reagan was in office that the Wall came down.  But, the world cheered that day.

Kennedy voiced the American spirit which advocates for freedom for the entire world.  He knew that differences should not create hate.  It was a good message then, as it is now.  Unfortunately, today, there was a tragic shooting in a Jewish synagogue.  That evil act is incomprehensible.  It is beyond our ken to understand why someone, anyone, would randomly shoot people  just because they are Jewish.  How can a person shoot another because they are Jewish…..or, Black….or, White….or, Republican?  How can anyone send pipe bombs to people,  ostensibly because they are liberals?  It is because terrorism knows no boundaries.  If a terrorist doesn’t like something or someone, they choose to destroy that someone!

Eleven people died today because a man hates Jews.  It is unbelievable, yet it is true.  Last year, a Republican Congressman almost died because a man hated Republicans.  These murderers are demented.  It is the only way to explain their despicable acts.  And, yet, despite the horror of these types of events, we all become human once again.  We all become what we should always be…..and, that is, Americans.And that is the ONLY good to come out of this suffering and pain caused by this terrorist.

It’s a shame that we can’t always act with decency towards our fellow human beings, but we do allow political differences, and, in this case, religious differences, to get in the way of seeing others as individuals, NOT whatever religion, ethnicity, gender they are.

President Kennedy voiced the hope that we could all treat each other as equals and allow each person the freedom to choose his or her own path in life.  His was a message of understanding that our fellow man or woman has the right to follow their own dreams.

Maybe “ich bin ein Berliner” can be  restated for today as “Ich bin eine gute Person, und jeder sonst auch”.  If I translated that right, it means:  I am a good person and so is everyone else. Now, THAT is a good philosophy for us all.

Welcome, Justice Kavanaugh


The Republicans stood against a raging, deceitful, Democrat onslaught.

Though assaulted from all side by vicious, unproven lies, Justice Kavanaugh maintained his innocence.

And, the Innocent until Proven Guilty, Constitutional right for ALL Americans, including men, was upheld.

Congratulation to President Trump,  Justice Kavanaugh, Senator Grassley, Senator McConnell,  Senator Collins, Senator Graham………….and all the Judiciary Committee who refused to cave when a devious hit team, supported by the Democrats,  took advantage of a troubled and confused woman, Dr. Ford……..all with the express purpose of destroying an honest and good man.  And, their attacks were fomented only because that man had a different view of the Constitution, and the role of the Judiciary, than they did.

So, welcome Justice Kavanaugh.  You, and your approach to the Constitution and the role of the Judiciary will be a welcome addition to our world.




Woman Power–

This term has been redefined after today’s speech on the floor of the United States Senate.

The new entry in the dictionary for Woman Power is …………………………..Senator Susan Collins!

FORD — Fix or Repair Daily

That used to be the derogatory acronym for Ford trucks!  Whether it is true or not, it stuck.

Listening to Dr. Ford’s interview before the Senate Judiciary committe, I am reminded of this acronym because it seems to me that Dr. Ford and the Democrats are using the technique of Fix or Repair Daily to massage her story because they have NO facts.

No one argues that any kind of abuse, whether sexual, verbal, or physical, is traumatic.

However, using the horrific experiences of a group — ie., ALL SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS — as PROOF that Dr. Ford is telling the truth is a specious argument.  Just because others have suffered does not corroborate ALL stories of abuse.

Therefore, though the Democrats are doing their level best to make Dr. Ford’s story believable, they have offered NO FACT.

And, the facts that do exist — others named as being there have denied her  version of events — her lack of knowing  any details, like the date, the time — do NOT corroborate her story.

So, in a he said/she said story, there is a presumption of innocence for the accused.  The Democrats have already decided that the accuser is telling the truth and the accused is lying.

This is not how it works.  At this point, Democrats need to work on their own stories……that is,  Fix or Repair Daily.

John Kerry and his histrionics……

So, John Kerry claims that President Trump has the maturity of an 8 year old…………………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….does anyone else remember when Kerry thought he had won the Presidency………………and, it is claimed that he “squealed like a little girl”?

So, John Kerry claims he is NOT fomenting trouble when he meets with Iran’s Ayatollah?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Why is he even meeting with any other country’s leadership?  John Kerry is NOT a diplomat.  He is NOT part of Mr. Trump’s administration.  In fact, John Kerry IS an egotistical fraud.

He, and other anti-Trump egotistical Lie-berals believe that they have the right to obstruct President Trump’s policies, to create antagonism toward Trump and his policies, and to subvert the Constitutionally elected leadership of America.

Oh, yes, Kerry should be closely questioned about his dealings over seas.  The media howled about a 5 second meeting that Donald Trump, Jr.,  might have had with a Russian.  Why is there no indication that anyone in the media worries that John Kerry has gone off the rails and, somehow, believes he has the right to affect United States’ policies?

From his days in Viet Nam, as a reporter,  which Kerry exagerated into a heroic tale, to his illogical deals with Iran, Kerry is a loose cannon, firing off tirades with no facts.  If it weren’t outright seditious behaviour by him in meeting with Iranian leaders, it is so close as to make no difference.

Time to tell John Kerry, and Obama, and all those who can’t get over that President Trump IS the President and they are not, to sit down and be quiet.  Let the Man in the White House — President Trump — handle foreign policy and everything else.    If the the booming economy, the countries that are now ready to deal with Trump, and the low unemployment rate are any indication, President Trump knows what he is doing.

Let Kerry and his histrionic antics and comments which he hopes will bolster sales of his book, fall by the wayside, just like his political ambitions.

Secrets of the Secret Service?

Lie-berals have stirred up so much anger and dissension that even Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs Secret Service protection, paid for by the government.    Her protection is paid for by us taxpayers  because she works for the President of the United States.

April Ryan, a news reporter, has demanded that the government cover a security guard that she hired for herself.  What?  Ms Ryan is NOT a governmental employee.  She believes, though,  that because the government pays for Ms Sanders’ protection, the government should pay for hers, too!


The idea that, because Ms Ryan covers the White House, she is entitled to having a personal bill paid for by us taxpayers is so absurd that you would think she would be laughed out of the newsroom.  But, no.  I’m sure there is serious discussion by other Lie-berals as to the “discrimination” because Ms Ryan must pay for her own protection.

Maybe Ms Ryan needs protection.  And, if she does, she is wise to hire someone.  But, to imagine for even one moment that you are entitled to it for free is idiocy.

But, Ms. Ryan’s notion does not surprise me because so many reporters have a wildly optimistic estimation of themselves and their importance.  She, obviously, feels she is as important as Ms. Sanders.  That, too, is no surprise as we watch MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and other media outlets act as if they are experts when they are really supposed to be just reporting the news, and not trying to influence us by twisting stories!

Well, let me tell Ms Ryan a SECRET about the SECRET SERVICE.  The Secret Service provides protection for governmental employees, NOT news reporters.    If you want something, maybe you’ll have to pay for it like the rest of us Americans do.  While I’m sure your family loves you, by any other standard, you are just a reporter

And, as such, maybe you should start understanding that, as a private citizen, the government (the rest of us taxpayers) owe you NOTHING!

Speaking out

The Lieberals are screaming and hollering about the removal of Brennan’s security clearance.

But, really, did Mr. Brennan have a right to a security clearance?  Why would anyone who is leaving government service expect to retain such a clearance?

Let’s compare his “retirement” from governmental service to what happens when an employee either resigns or is fired from a private company.

First, if you resign, your employer will ask for any keys or other company items that you have been using while EMPLOYED BY THAT COMPANY.

If you are fired, your employer will have you “frog-marched” out the front door without so much as a by-your-leave.  Often, you are not even allowed to gather up your personal belongings!

So, why would Mr. Brennan, who no longer works for the United States’ government,  have any right to maintain a security clearance?  The opportunity to serve our country is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT!  And, it is obvious that Brennan has parlayed his former governmental job into a new “job” of harassing President Trump and there is little to no chance that Mr. Brennan will ever serve Trump or our countryagain  in any capacity.  If Brennan is not serving the country, why does he need a security clearance?

How arrogant of Brennan to assume that he is indispensable and thus, has a right to a security clearance!

Because no logical American would agree that Mr. Brennan has a RIGHT to the clearance, Mr. Brennan has tried to claim that his first amendment right — freedom of speech — is being attacked by removing his security clearance.  Really?  The Lieberal Media has jumped on his petulant response and he is on every network, again lambasting President Trump and claiming he, Brennan, is the victim.  If he is freely speaking publicly,  doesn’t that counter the very basis for Brennan’s complaint?

All Americans value their Freedom of Speech.  Even Mr. Brennan, who has used his freedom of speech in a rabid attack against President Trump, and which speech has caused pain and division in America, has the right to speak.

But, I believe that I also have the right to speak out.  And, in speaking out, I say that our country is well rid of the partisan and uncontrolled rhetoric of Mr. Brennan.  I hope that others, who believe as I do, will also speak out.

Racism….a useful, political construct

Recently, I read an article about Chris Carter, a former NFL player, whom I, and my husband, have always enjoyed listening to on a tv sports program.  He always seemed so pleasant and to appreciate other’s individuality.  I never had the impression he bore any deep-seated grudges or life-long complaints.

Boy, was I wrong!

The other day, he was quoted as saying that he had been “disrespected” his whole life.  “Disrespected” is the new buzz word for blacks who feel they have been insulted or humiliated.  And, the humiliation is always assumed to be based upon their blackness.

But, is it?  I am not questioning whether racism exists.  My question is whether every insult or “disrespecting” that happens to a black person is directly related to their ethnicity.  Is it fair to assume that every interaction between a white person and a black person that ends badly for the black person is always BECAUSE they are black?

After all, though the recent incident in Starbucks was offered as proof of racism because two black men were arrested, the fact is that the store had a policy that you could not use the bathroom if you weren’t a customer.  The men did NOT buy anything nor would they leave, so by the restaurant’s own policy, Starbucks would have been justified in insisting they leave.  When the men refused to leave, the restaurant took the only action left to them by calling the police.

On the face of it, no racism was involved.

But……………because the men were black, the assumption was that racism was the ONLY reason  that the police were called.  Was it racism? Was it really a racist reaction to a tense situation?

Years ago, our family was subjected to extreme shunning for a personal choice we made.  People would cross the street rather than walk past us.  We received death threats.  Our children were abused in the schools.  Was that racism?  Since we are white, few would have labeled it as such.

But, what is the difference between what we lived through and what blacks claim they live through?  What makes abhorrent behaviour against one person be called racism and yet, against another person….well, there was no label.

Having lived through some horrible times myself, I would never minimize what blacks, and other minorities have experienced.  But, I also believe that racism is too often used for pragmatic reasons.  There are those who benefit from racism!  As awful as that sounds, it is true.

After all, racism is a divisive idea.  In today’s America, it usually posits blacks against whites.  It creates intense anger in those who feel abused and it also prevents the commity and unity of thought that a society or country requires to succeed.  Racism is a social construct that gives power to one person by subjugating someone else.  Racism is a powerful weapon because, once you divide people, you can manipulate them.  This is why Democrats always label black and white controversies as racism.  Once a victim is established, the Dems can leap to their “defense”.  And in return for the Dems supposedly standing with the victims, the victims are expected to vote Democrats in.  And, once in office, the Dems will funnel money to minority causes.  It is a vicious cycle that, in the long run, helps very few, except the politicians because, history teaches us that this dependency has not helped the black community, as witnessed by the demise of their family units in so many sad cases.

Besides, singling out one group of Americans and giving them more, based solely on their ethnicity, is, by definition racism.  And, giving money to blacks, just because they are black, creates hostility and tension from those who do NOT receive that aid.

Nothing good can come from racism. Whites are always blamed for racism, but, it is a two-edged sword because blacks often discriminate against white.  What else can explain the existence of the Black Caucus in Congress and the NAACP?

Racism also divides even blacks from other blacks because  blacks who do not follow the black “agenda” are routinely vilified by other blacks and many Dems.  How can it not be racist to demand that all blacks follow an agenda set up by someone else?  Why do famous blacks who have accomplished so much have to continue to push back against those who call them “Uncle Toms”?  Aren’t those blacks who insult other blacks “disrespecting” their fellow Americans, who happen to be black and who also happen to be Conservative?

Lastly, consider slavery which is always used as an example of racism at its worst.  According to Thomas Sowell, racism has existed in every society for all of history.  In some cultures, it still exists.  And slavery was not always whites over blacks.  In Africa, conquering black tribes made slaves of other tribes that they defeated. Egyptians enslaved many different cultures, not because of the ethnicity of those people, but just because Egyptians had defeated them!

So, how long can the past injustices associated with slavery be used as a pretext for favoring blacks?   It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a single slave alive today.  Isn’t it time for the descendants of slaves to “move on”?  Isn’t it time for all of us to stop being “African American” rather than just “American”?  Why are there Hispanic Americans?  Aren’t they just Americans?  Why are there Chinese Americans?  And, if you are going to divide Americans into ethnic groups, why are there no “Swedish Americans”, “German Americans”,or any other ethnically identified American groups?

It’s because there is no monetary advantages in grouping those other ethnic groups.

If there were no pecuniary benefit in maintaining racism, it would end.  Perhaps if the blacks who feel “disrespected” would try to understand that not every insult is a result of racism.  Sometimes, people just don’t like your ideas ………………or, maybe they don’t like you! That is NOT racism.  It is just human interactions.

So, while racism is a useful construct for politicians, we should all strive to be more understanding of our fellow Americans.  And, while we shouldn’t “disrespect” anyone, please understand that contentious situations have a wide variety of causes and almost all of them have nothing to do with racism!





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