Let’s pull the polls…..

Every day, there is a poll taken somewhere, somehow, about something or someone and the results are always “BREAKING NEWS”!

Unfortunately, most of the polls are a waste of money because they ask a question that anyone with common sense could answer without hesitation. Lie-berals favor these types of polls because the polls might help them sway public opinion. But, most of the polls, including the latest poll, breathlessly reported on yahoo, is that a majority of those polled favor raising taxes on the “rich”.

Wow. I can imagine how difficult that question was to answer.

Pollster: If you had the chance to make a rich person give you some of their money, would you rather get that money for free…..or, would you prefer to work and earn money to support yourself?

Oh, the turmoil that question must have caused!

Respondent: Oh me, oh my. I’ll have to think about that. Let’s see…..whether to work or sit around and just have money handed to me. What a difficult decision. Oh, I know. I definitely prefer to have the rich taxed more and have that money given to ME!!!!

Please. Talk about slanting a question. Ask the question in the right way and you can configure the answer you want to hear.

What if the question had been asked this way?

Pollster: Even though the rich have worked hard and earned every single dollar they have, would you really believe it is fair that they should be required to give you some of that money, especially when you have been just sitting around and doing nothing, not even looking for employment? And, do you understand that the rich actually pay almost all of the total income tax for the entire country?

Respondent: Well, I don’t know. I guess that, if you put it that way, maybe they deserve to keep their own money.

You would never hear of a pollster asking a question in that manner because that would not elicit the response the Lie-berals want to hear. Oh, no, Lie-berals want to hear that the rich deserve nothing, not even to keep their own money. Polls are a farce for the most part.

So, polls be damned. It’s time to “pull” the polls and not try to manufacture public outrage with fake polls.

School Daze

Education is essential to society’s welfare and is the basis for much of America’s success in the world.    Our Founding Fathers recognized the importance of an educated citizenry and encouraged public literacy by forming public schools and public libraries.  They feared that, without literacy for every citizen, unscrupulous politicians would be able to manipulate people’s opinions.

Education then, and now, is what will secure America’s future success.

However, the idea of an education for everyone has been corrupted.   My Father only went through eighth grade, but he studied a variety of subjects throughout his long life.  He took correspondence courses in architecture and became a successful master carpenter….all on his own.  My Mother graduated high school and became a successful businesswoman….all on her own.

Somewhere, somehow, though, my parents’ generation came to worship higher education and insisted that all their children attend college.  College became the end of the rainbow for them because college was believed to be the only route to success.  My brothers and I went to college as a matter of course.  The thought that we might just begin working after high school was considered to be under-achieving .  Vocational education, too, had the stigma of  a sub-standard career choice.

As a result of that philosophy,  we now have a dearth of talent in the trades.  And, we have an excess of college-educated people who have no real world experience and consider themselves to be somehow too “educated” to work in many jobs, especially manual labor jobs.

And, we have an excess of jobs that require experienced workers who know a trade and a dearth of people who have the skills to work those jobs.  We have an excess of college-educated graduates who cannot find a job because so many of the college degrees have no real world relationship.  Too many of the college degrees earned do NOT lead to a meaningful job.  That is sad, but it is also reality.

This manic obsession with going to college stems from the belief that college is the ONLY worthwhile path after high school.  That is not only untrue, but has led to countless young people graduating without a practical degree and…………….with a huge debt from their four years –or more — of college.  That, too, is sad, but also reality.

But, far worse is the Lieberal belief that these college students should be reimbursed for their college debt!  The Libs claim that these “poor” college graduates have been unduly burdened by the high cost of college and that we, the American taxpayer, MUST pull them out of their financial disaster.

But, why?  Why should anyone, except the students themselves, bear the cost of their education?

More importantly, if we pay off the debt for these college graduates, WHAT DO WE PAY FOR THOSE KIDS WHO DECIDED TO WORK RIGHT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL?

Why should we reward one group for making a decision that they thought would benefit themselves…and not reward another career path?  In America, self reliance is considered the honorable way to success.  So, let’s get over the idea that just because someone has college debt that somehow, that person deserves to have those debts paid by taxpayers!

If someone chooses to go to college……great.  But, they should weigh the benefits of a college degree against the costs of that education.  And, everyone should accept that personal debts, whether they are for college or a car or a house, belong to the person who incurs that debt.

And, if high school graduates choose to begin work immediately, also great.  After all, most of the Greatest Generation did NOT go to college.  Most of them, like my parents, worked  to be successful and continued their education on their own.

Let school days be weighed against the costs and benefits.  Do not let school days daze us.



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Low brow Elites

Elites, i.e., Lieberals, believe that they are high-minded geniuses who, being brilliant in their own mind,  should be running the world.  The rest of us are just morons to them.

Still, pretty is as pretty does,  and some of us wonder what kind of person relies on low-brow insults to demean their political opponents?  Where are the discussions about political policies or how to fix this or that?  Where are the offers to discuss problems or honestly work towards making America Great again?  No, Lieberals soil their arguments — and us — with dirty words forgetting that profane language is the lowest common denominator and NOT the sign of a high IQ.  Profanity is the last ditch of the feeble minded.

So, when Hollywood repeats the “f” bomb over and over, or Pelosi repeatedly resorts to calling the Republican Tax Reform the Apocalypse, what does that say about them?  It says they are intellectually challenged, especially in the vocabulary department.

Are they interested in promoting America’s welfare?  No.  They prefer to march in protest or shout insults.  They threaten.  They scream bloody murder.  They agitate.  They act like belligerent and mean bullies.  They threaten  to shut down the government. And, then, they pretend to have our best interests in mind.  Ha ha!

So, let a Flyover Country Grandmother give them some advice.

Until you can speak like an adult and treat everyone else, even those with differing views, with respect, please sit down.  If you don’t open your mouth, no one will know that you are less than you pretend to be.

And,if your noise level goes down,maybe we all will be able to hear one another and truly work together to make life better for everyone in America.






Latest reports state that Comey prepared the “acquittal” of Hillary months before he even talked with her or interviewed her.

No surprise there.

The only surprise might be why?


Or, are you a “squatter”?

According to the Lieberals, the football players who are kneeling during the National Anthem, and thus, insulting America, are only showing their “Freedom of Speech”.  For some quirky reason, their disdain for all that our Country has given them is considered “noble”.

But, President Trump, who voiced his own opinion of those football players and who reflects the opinion of most Americans, is not?

Either everyone has Freedom of Speech, including the President, or no one has.  Freedom of anything has to apply to everyone or it means nothing.

The confusion arises because football players are NOT individuals on the field.  In fact, their reasoning for locking arms together this week was to show that “THEY ARE A TEAM”.  Okay.  If you are a team, then you represent your owners, city, state, AND COUNTRY.  As a team, you do NOT have the right to express individual opinions.

If you, as an individual, wish to speak to groups, or publicly profess an opinion, go ahead.  However, as a Packer, Steeler, Viking, etc., follow the rules and get on that field and STAND TALL.

I think one of our sons said it best:

         On Sunday, some football players and even teams refused to enter the stadium during the National Anthem……….despite league rules requiring the team to be on the sidelines  during the playing of the national anthem.
So,  is there any punishment for NOT being out there when the “rules….IE:  your boss……require it”?????? 
On your OWN free time do what you want, but, when you are WORKING you are representing your employer…IE:  the man who signs your paycheck!
And, I would add, you are representing the Country that allows you to receive these exorbitant pay checks.  So, SHOW SOME RESPECT AND STAND TALL FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!


Fixing Obama-Scare…..


1…Obama-scare is weighing down the entire economy..

2…Obama-scare is little more than a wealth redistribution scheme.

3…Obama-scare is NOT improving health care in America.


1…Repeal the entire fiasco.

2…Allow Insurance Companies to sell ANYWHERE, including ACROSS STATE LINES!

3…Allow Americans to decide for themselves what to buy, from whom to buy, and when to buy.


1…Obama-Scare is NOT health care.  It is mandated, governmental control of our health INSURANCE.

2…Health insurance, like any other form of insurance, is meant to cover CATASTROPHIC EMERGENCIES.  It is NOT meant to cover every hang nail, immunization, or cough that occurs.

3…If Americans are responsible for their own health care, they will find the insurance that covers their OWN needs, not what some bureaucrat believes is needed by them.




Sticks and stones, Second Verse, same as the first………………..

Sticks and stone may break my bones………..but, words will never hurt me!

That’s probably the line that Lieberals will trot out after the horrific attack on Republicans yesterday.  Fortunately, we know that is NOT true.  Verbal abuse is still abuse.  And, vicious words have consequences even if Democrats try to escape the awful aftermath of their own vicious words.

Hatred starts out small sometimes.  There are Democrats and Lieberals who are too quick to blame Conservatives and, especially President Trump, for following the Conservative agenda.  Dems don’t like that philosophy, so they obstruct and attack with the worst vocabulary in their arsenal.  It’s sad that, besides Democrats funding “activists” to disrupt, the Democrats  have thrown vicious words around like candy.  Hatred can start out “small”, but the constant recriminations spewed forth by discontented “leaders” , especially in the public forums, continue the trend toward warlike attitudes.

It is almost a daily maxim to hear Maxine Waters’ continuous call for impeachment.  This does NOT help unify our country. There are a multitude of Democrats who don’t understand the result of their constant accusations and lies that the media perpetuate.  For example,  Gildebrand uttering the F word over and over is a “call” to violence for those who don’t understand the difference between a vulgar representative’s epithets  and polite discourse.  Perez’ coarse language is also a clarion call to destroy Democracy.  And, not to be forgotten, the professor from some obscure college instructing his students and social media followers to “string them up”, meaning Republicans and Mr. Trump, is publicly fomenting violence and hatred.  And, now, the Dems pretend to be appalled by the shooting that happened yesterday.  Unfortunately, Dems  won’t accept that their acrimonious words and actions WILL have an effect.

Rather than attempting to work with Republicans, elected by the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, these Democrats have decided that even chaos is preferable to accepting the results of our last election. And, we all suffer for the Dems’ abhorrent behaviour.   The vicious mobs created by the Democrats WILL create the havoc that Democrats desire.  The worst of humanity WILL latch onto the Democrats’ repetition of lies and innuendoes as a platform for their own evil actions.  They are wrong.

And, yes, the Democrats ARE responsible.  The Dems’ despicable public pronouncements prove that WORDS CAN HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS STICKS AND STONES!

Sticks and Stones

Or, maybe it should be:  picks and stones because, when the Democrats aren’t throwing stones at President Trump, they are picking away at anything he says or does.

It doesn’t matter if the world agrees with President Trump, the media-ites at CNN, MSNBC, etc., will find fault with Trump’s activities.  The bombing of a chemical depot in Syria is just the latest bone to stick in their craw.  Never mind that Germany, France, Israel, and other countries are relieved that America is once again beating back the bullies of the world………….and, said so.  Forget that Assad just committed another atrocity, this time with chemicals against his own men, women and children.  Ignore the facts, say the mainstream media so they can  concoct some outlandish story that better fits the narrative they prefer.  So……………..President Trump approving the bombs against Syrian chemical depots morphs into a storyline that Trump “only” bombed so that he could counter the media’s false belief that Trump is a pawn of Putin!

It’s crazy.  It’s ridiculous.  And, it’s an insult to the profession of Journalism.  But, in an Alice in Wonderland fashion, Chris Matthews, et al, have competed to see who could find the worst insult to lodge against Trump.  Whether the insults are warranted or not, they are screamed out every hour, on the hour.  And, even if there is no story, they will inveigle and connive among themselves to find some rumor or purported fault to inflate into scandalous stories.

The media has become so biased that we no longer even watch or listen to them.  Now, rather than wait for the media who want to tell us what something means, we listen to Sean Spicer’s press conferences and, when available, we listen to President Trump.  If you want the truth, that is the only way to hear it.

Learn to filter out the lies that the media spews day after day.  Words do hurt.  Words do create false narratives.  And, if we don’t separate the media’s lies from the Truth, those words can do immeasurable harm to us and our beloved America.

Some words, like lies,  can be as hurtful as sticks and stones.  No matter what the media says, it’s up to u to follow the facts and find the Truth.

Abortions murder babies

In last night’s debate, Mr. Trump said that partial birth abortion is a procedure that “rips”  babies out of their mother’s wombs.  He is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!


Partial birth abortion is a gruesome, horrendous, murderous act.  How do we know?  BECAUSE, the entire point of that procedure is that the BABY DIES.   And, the Baby dies a horrible death.  And, even worse, the murdered victim, the baby, is then rendered into usable parts and these parts are sold to the highest bidder.  What kind of country allows trafficking of human body parts?

I would never have thought Americans would accept the murder of innocents…..which all babies are.

What kind of country allows infanticide?  Well, proponents of partial birth abortion insist it is a woman’s right, regardless of the fact that the baby always dies.  This cavalier attitude about another human life is usually only seen in third world countries.

I would never have thought that, in America,  even Lieberals would sink so low as to protest they have the right to kill  the unborn.

So, how bad is that procedure?  Well……proponents of partial birth abortion would NEVER willingly undergo a similar procedure — that is, have scissors stuck into the back of their head and their brains sucked out!  Yet, for some reason, they condone these procedures based on the canard that the “health of the mother” is in jeopardy.  In almost all cases, it is healthier and safer for a mother to give birth naturally rather than undergo an abortion.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY SAFER FOR THE BABY IF THE MOTHER CHOOSES TO ALLOW THE BABY TO BE BORN AND LIVE!

Partial birth proponents always try to change the subject of this form of infanticide into whether the mother’s life is in danger.  Since delivering a baby is a natural process, this argument is false.  And, if the mother’s life is at stake, a caesarean section could be performed where, almost always, BOTH MOTHER AND BABY SURVIVE!

If that argument fails, the next ploy becomes…..well, the baby is “defective”…..or, “it is inconvenient to have a baby right now”…………..or, “the mother is too young”……”they can’t afford to have a baby now”……………………………..

These are factually specious, and arguably immoral,  considerations when a Life is at stake.  And, if the arguments are false, as can be proven, then there is no place in our country for partial birth abortions.

However, the best argument against partial birth abortion is to consider how many of its proponents would have wanted their own mothers to have made that choice?

How many abortion proponents believe that the world would be a better place if their own mothers had aborted THEM?

How many partial abortion birth abortion advocates have actually been at that procedure?  How many of them have heard the baby’s cries stopped when the scissors penetrate the skull?  How many of these Lieberals are defending a murderous act?

Their own words condemn them ……ALL OF THEM ARE DEFENDING MURDER……………because, no matter how they “slice and dice” it………………..ABORTIONS MURDER BABIES!



Racist, xenophobic,…..basket of deplorables………….

Yup.  That’s us….the Trump supporters!

Well, at least that’s how Hillary describes us.  (http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/09/politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-basket-of-deplorables/index.html)

Hillary has always resorted to insults to protect herself and her political position.  And, in some cases, she has used even stronger measures.  Measures which are, in many cases, illegal.  Since turnabout is fair play, let me list a few adjectives that  describe Hillary.  Criminal springs to mind.  Other adjectives would include:  hateful, divisive, arrogant, selfish, bullying, unpleasant, grasping, unChristian, anti-American, and, racist!

She likes to talk about how America will be if she becomes President.  Unfortunately, with her propensity to divide people into those who agree with her and those who don’t, there is little likelihood that she can unite Americans.  With her tendency to use political office for her own personal gain (and Bill’s and Chelsea’s), there is NO chance that issues which affect America will ever be decided in favor of Americans.  With her scorn and uncontrolled anger for those who oppose her and her ideas, there will be many more IRS “interventions” and DOJ “exonerations” and State Department’s “losing” of important papers of state.

And, if her past history of dealing with international issues is any guide, ALL Americans will be less safe. Or worse, dead, like our heroes in Benghazi  who trusted Hillary.  Or, the innocents in Syria, or Iraq, or Libya, who thought they could help America and SHE would defend them.  All of them are buried somewhere.

Hillary has always liked to categorize people, like jars of jam.  This one is part of the “vast right wing conspiracy”.  That one is “racist”.  The other one might be “deplorable”.  What she forgets is that we are all Americans and Americans have the Constitutional right to disagree with her.  She forgets that we are all individuals with individual ideas and individual dreams.  Her dreams are not necessarily ours!

However, if she gets into office,  all dreams had better line up with hers because a disagreement is NOT going to be fairly decided.  Hillary will use every ounce of her power as President  to squelch those who oppose her and to help those who side with her ideas.  Then, the opposition will be hunted down with subpoenas, IRS audits, and every power of State which was supposed to protect American citizens.

If she is elected, be prepared to be called worse than “racist, senophobic………………basket of deplorables”.

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