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So what’s going on? How could anyone argue this is unconstitutional and then turn around and say illegals should be allowed in? Of course the ACLU and other liberal groups will get all in a tizzy over these laws. Why? Can I go demand they write it in my own made up language? Instead of typical, I want them to print tybibal, which, is what I say sometimes.

Is this racism? How can it be racism when it deals with language? I’m not catching on, but I’m sure there are white people from France who speak French, and we are requiring if they come they have to speak English. So that debunks the racism call, but you know these groups will keep pushing it. Why? Because whenever you are in public position, and the word racism is remotely attached to you, the LIEberal media will get all over you. So people are afraid, and that’s the only thing the ACLU works on. Fear.

So how do you deal with Illegals? Deport them. You may say, hey Mr. Knowledge, that’ll cost us a fortune. Mr. Knowledge says, send the bill to Mexico. Tell them they have to pay for every illegal deported. If they help their people ‘break’ into the USA, then they’re going to pay for taking them back. As a whole, we have to stop pampering to forigen countries. Stop forigen aide, and see how fast they come around and support us.

On another note, Iraq. Everyone is calling it a complete failure. I would like to hear a liberal explain, after everything, if Bush lied about WMD’s, if there was no supposed link between the terroists and Saddaam, was getting Saddaam out of power a good thing? You can’t deny it. It was a good thing. What we need to do is take out Iran. Smoke them. Nuke them. I don’t care. They are only a threat and of no positive influence on the world. Show the world we aren’t here pussy-footing around anymore, but we are about getting things done. I think Iran is 75% of the problems in Iraq. So, Mr. Knowledge says, get rid of Iran.

-Mr. Knowledge