Now, Hilary says that, if she had known back then what she knows now, she would not have voted to go to war in Iraq!

My, oh my. Isn’t that called Hindsight? And, who wouldn’t do things differently if the future could be known in advance? Think of all the lives we could have saved if we had only known what the enemies’ plans were — in advance! Think of all the financial coups we could have pulled off if we had known how the markets were moving — in advance! Think of all the politicans we could NOT have elected if we had known they would use issues for political expediency — in advance!

Hilary voted for the war because that is what the evidence, and the political winds, demanded — at that time. Now, she wants to sneak in and claim the political advantage of being “against” the war due to a change in public opinion. I guess that is why she is a politician — only they are allowed to talk out of both sides of their mouth. And, only Hilary would have the crust to make such stupid comments and have the media pretend that her comments are honest and not politically driven!