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John Kerry and his histrionics……


So, John Kerry claims that President Trump has the maturity of an 8 year old…………………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….does anyone else remember when Kerry thought he had won the Presidency………………and, it is claimed that he “squealed like a little girl”?

So, John Kerry claims he is NOT fomenting trouble when he meets with Iran’s Ayatollah?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Why is he even meeting with any other country’s leadership?  John Kerry is NOT a diplomat.  He is NOT part of Mr. Trump’s administration.  In fact, John Kerry IS an egotistical fraud.

He, and other anti-Trump egotistical Lie-berals believe that they have the right to obstruct President Trump’s policies, to create antagonism toward Trump and his policies, and to subvert the Constitutionally elected leadership of America.

Oh, yes, Kerry should be closely questioned about his dealings over seas.  The media howled about a 5 second meeting that Donald Trump, Jr.,  might have had with a Russian.  Why is there no indication that anyone in the media worries that John Kerry has gone off the rails and, somehow, believes he has the right to affect United States’ policies?

From his days in Viet Nam, as a reporter,  which Kerry exagerated into a heroic tale, to his illogical deals with Iran, Kerry is a loose cannon, firing off tirades with no facts.  If it weren’t outright seditious behaviour by him in meeting with Iranian leaders, it is so close as to make no difference.

Time to tell John Kerry, and Obama, and all those who can’t get over that President Trump IS the President and they are not, to sit down and be quiet.  Let the Man in the White House — President Trump — handle foreign policy and everything else.    If the the booming economy, the countries that are now ready to deal with Trump, and the low unemployment rate are any indication, President Trump knows what he is doing.

Let Kerry and his histrionic antics and comments which he hopes will bolster sales of his book, fall by the wayside, just like his political ambitions.

Russia… the smarter USSR?

So I heard Russia, Iran, Syria, and China try their own hand at making an 80’s movies… erm.. wait, that’s not quite right : http://www.timesofisrael.com/iranian-news-agency-reports-joint-syria-iran-russia-and-china-wargames/

What they’re trying to do is a real war-games, with their militaries being involed in joint manuvers.  This to me is Russia trying to put its hand in the world powers ‘cookie jar’ once again (I mean, c’mon, USSR and Russia is basically interchangable).  After the USSR crumbled and those posers were shown the business end of America’s foot up their ass, Russia has always been at least second fiddle to the US.  Well, they were when they were the USSR too, but now with China taking over the #2 position in the world, Russia is trying to go along for the ride.  Why do I say that Russia is the smarter USSR?  Because this right here is Russia knowing that if they’d go one-on-one with us they’d be crushed, but a joint union with China, and to a lesser extent Iran and Syria, they’re now in a better position to show their hand and have some say in the world affairs.  Do I really think much will come out of this… no, not really, but it still is a cause of conecrn.  We’ve mobilized some forces to The Gulf, so I’m hoping that’s just a show of strength rather than something to come.

Maybe something good will come out of this… Sly Stallone can make another movie and beat the shit out of some guy from Russia (Putin?) who’s using steroids while he trains in the snow carrying wood and running up mountains.

Mr. Knowledge

Going nuclear

Iran is now a nuclear nation.

Why didn’t President Obama “go nuclear”  before Iran did?  Well, he  was just sooooo busy — vacationing…. playing politics…. chastising Republicans for having the gall to disagree with him.

So now, we are all at great risk because OUR President refused to abide by his oath “to protect and defend” us.  Now, a radical society holds the key to destroy anyone they disagree with.

One more failure to add to Obama’s resume.


Read This!

Real change huh?

Stupid Dictators

Read This!


As they say in the article, how dumb are they? Make it look more natural if you’re going to rig the election.

– Mr. Knowledge

Israel and a nuclear Iran


Thank goodness that someone –Israel — has the courage to repel the Iranian nuclear threat although it is sad that the only country prepared to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions is a tiny country that has had to defend itself since time began.

Why is everyone afraid of Iran now?  They do not have nuclear weapons yet.  But, if Iran develops that technology, the world is lost.  It is time, past time, for the other countries to recognize that if Iran does create nuclear weapons, the rest of us are doomed.  Iran has no sense of national civility nor any sense of concern for what other nations or cultures might think, say or do.  All Iran cares about is being # 1 and enforcing their bizarre interpretation of Islam upon the entire world.

So, thank you, Israel.  It looks as though it is up to you to save all of us!


President Obama reportedly gave one of his first foreign interviews to an Arab network.  Of course, the Saudis, Iranians, and other muslim nations are ecstatic.  The wedge is now firmly driven between Israel and the United States, thanks to one, foolish interview given by our President.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is a democracy and most of the Arab nations are not.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is eager to help us destroy the terrorists and most of the Arab nations are not.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is one of our strongest allies in the Middle East and most of the Arab nations are not!

President Obama has forgotten the threat of a nuclear Iran and ignored the beleaguered status of Israel.

All the efforts to contain terrorism which flourishes in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and yes, even Jordan, are all for naught.  Our current President is not only oblivious to reality in the Middle East, but also foolish to ignore an important ally like Israel merely to show his power.   It looks to me like Obama’s inexperience is showing.  And, most of what Obama does is simply foolishness!

Nuclear Iran

Credible sources say that, once again, Iran is attempting to buy weaponry-–this time from China — to build a nuclear warhead! Why is that news to anyone! After all, how long has Iran been shopping around in the world trying to buy weapons’ technology? First, Russia helped them and now they look to China.

The weirdest aspect of this news is that some will still pretend to be surprised at it! Democrats will probably have a moment of epiphany and try to say that they didn’t know how bad Iran actually was!   History shows us, though, that they have been facilitating Iran’s noncompliance for years with the lingo that “Iran won’t deal with Bush”. Or, another gem was, “Once we are in control, Iran will toe the line!” Or some tried diversionary tactics, such as the comment of, “Bush is fighting the war in the wrong place. Afghanistan is the real point of conflict!” They gave Iran ready-made excuses for not complying with any civilized nation’s requests and it is the Democrats who will be responsible if Iran becomes a nuclear menace.

The irony is that, as a theocracy, Iran promotes itself as a very religious country. Yet, they are among the worst offenders of human rights. We are a democracy and yet we strive to promote human rights throughout the world. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been so eager to win the White House, that they forgot who was the “good guy” in the world! Now,the future remains in their hands. The question is: “Will the next administration be able to handle Iran?”

Well, here’s their big chance.  Today, Iran does not yet have nuclear weapon capabilities.  After the Democrats take control, will Iran have nuclear weapons “tomorrow”?

Discretion, Common sense and Self control

Why can’t the media show a little discretion, common sense and self control?

Yes, freedom of speech guarantees the media’s right to publish pretty much anything. Yes, the American public has a right to know what is happening here and in the world. And, yes, the Iranian president is coming to the UN.

But, knowing that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and that Amandinejad is fervantly anti-Israel, why not use some discretion in reporting his visit? Banish the news article to a back page somewhere — like the classifieds! Why let a monster have the benefit of such wide and generally positive media exposure? Discretion is still the better part of valor.

Common sense tells us that publicity strengthens his hateful message and everytime he appears on tv, or in print, he wins a little. Common sense questions why Russia, China, and even Germany, are afraid to confront this mid-east beast. Ask why anyone continues to pretend that Iran’s arguments are logical when everyone knows that a nuclear Iran would be a threat to world peace. Ask the UN and Annan why they want to strengthen Iran? If any of them are honest, they all seek to weaken America and Israel in order to improve their own status in the world community. Common sense says that these are questions the media should be, but are not, asking.

Knowing this, where is the media’s self control in selecting headlines? Where is the media of yesteryear who were instrumental in defeating America’s enemies through their judicious reporting? Where is the media who would choose not to publish headline which only serve the career of the journalist? Self control by the media has served our country well in the past, and could be important in our war against terror.

We should not only expect but demand that the media develop some discretion, common sense and self control. Supporting America should be the mantra of our media! Otherwise, soon that media, and perhaps the world, will be in the same position as the Iranian media — under the thumb of a cruel, aggressive, bigoted dictator.

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