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Ann Coulter

If Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans, a book by Ann Coulter, was just given to me. And, whether it is politically correct or not, it is a fascinating book.

There have been many complaints about Ann’s comments on anything liberal. The phrase “she has gone too far this time….” is a common reply when asked about her and her ideas.

However, her ideas are fundamentally conservative and accurate. It is true that liberals routinely complain about discrimination being hurtful and even anti-American yet endorse the murder of countless babies merely because they are in the womb. It is true that the NY Times’ editorial page almost always shows its hate fetish when the subject is President Bush. It is true that democrats pretend to like minorities, but really are just using minorities as a source of votes. The hypocricy of liberals is unquantifiable because it is so astronomically huge. And, the democrats resent that Ms Coulter has pointed out the failings in their arguments time and time again.

I believe that the only justifiable critique of Ms Coulter’s comments might be the way in which they are expressed. Her sarcastic, sometimes outrageous slant on current issues can raise the hackles on even the calmest beast. But, fundamentally, she is correct on her political commentary and, although you might find her humorous comments distasteful, no one with any common sense can honestly disagree with her basic points.


So, Harry Reid said the American people are losing because the ‘Right’ is blocking legislation that the ‘Wrong’ proposes. Does this idiot know that the same thing happened when the Republicans had the majority. It’s just the way politics works. But he doesn’t understand that maybe he should try to compromise, and then the Republicans would vote his crappy bills in. Of course the Republicans will not vote for some crap bill he proposes that goes against party lines.

Dumb idiot. Senator Reid makes me want to puke.

Mr. Knowledge