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“I can’t wear my birth certificate on my forehead…..”

Say, what?

When the media was his best buddy, President Obama  was oh-so-polite and oh-so-pleasant.  Now, when the economy is failing, unemployment is rising and causing misery for thousands of Americans, Iran is going nuclear, anything Muslim is okay as is illegal immigration, even the Lieberal Media is starting to ask questions.  Obama has taken more vacations and played more golf than the times would seem to allow and yet, his spokesmen say he deserves a rest.  A rest from what?  Is he escaping the sea of his arrogant and bad decisions that are adversely affecting our country?  Is his golf game suffering because he has to play at President every now and then…maybe even give a speech or two?

His spokesman, Gibbs, has always been lippy and arrogant in his brush off of legitimate questions, but both of them got away with it because……….Obama is the President.  But, now, even Obama is getting chippy with his former admirers, the Media.

It used to be that Obama’s lack of experience was his principal fault.  Now, it appears that his bruised ego is making him less than cordial when asked uncomfortable questions.

Finally, the real Obama is showing up.

Imam Rauf

The American tax payer is paying for this creep to travel the Muslim world to ADVANCE cooperation between the west and Islam.

And, what are his credentials?  Why should he be a representative for us?  And,  what has he said in the past?

Well, his past condemns him.  He spread the canard that the west has killed more muslims than anyone else.   Hello.  Does he remember Saddam Hussein who murdered his own citizens whenever it pleased him?  Has he heard of Al Qaida, a terrorist group, who kill anyone who doesn’t accept their radical view of Islam?  Has he forgotten 9/11?

We sure haven’t! But, maybe President Obama and the Democrats have.

Obama is NOT a true representative for America because he apologizes for everything American and attempts to please everything Islamic.  Isn’t it time for President Obama and Congress to start protecting and defending Americans and the American ideals rather than trying to placate radical Islam?

Isn’t it time to throw out a congress that spends our tax dollars so foolishly?

Going nuclear

Iran is now a nuclear nation.

Why didn’t President Obama “go nuclear”  before Iran did?  Well, he  was just sooooo busy — vacationing…. playing politics…. chastising Republicans for having the gall to disagree with him.

So now, we are all at great risk because OUR President refused to abide by his oath “to protect and defend” us.  Now, a radical society holds the key to destroy anyone they disagree with.

One more failure to add to Obama’s resume.