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One Voice

The elections last November were the voice of the voter. And, in most races, the voters voted for conservative candidates who espoused fiscal responsibility, especially a severe reduction in government spending.

Once the elected officials were sworn into their office, those new governors, senators and assemblymen — both state and national — began carrying out what has always been referred to as “the people’s business”. Unfortunately, somewhere, somehow, someone decided that they were unhappy with the new legislation. Wisconsin is the most public example of a mob run amuck because, even though the MAJORITY OF VOTERS VOTED FOR THESE CHANGES, a minority decided to shout, scream and clog the corridors of Wisconsin’s capitol so that the legislative agenda could not go forward. This was not Freedom of speech, but abuse of that right. Just as you can’t scream “fire” in a theatre, you shouldn’t be able to intimidate the families of elected officials nor to threaten the same officials. And, these riots were definitely intimidating! As I watched the anti-Wisconsin budget protesters on tv, their hostility and animosity toward an alternate viewpoint was apparent….in some cases, their violence would have made me afraid to be near them.

I don’t know if these people realize how unruly and unDemocratic their actions are. Do they understand that they are agitating for benefits that the rest of us don’t have and that the rest of us have to pay for? Why should they get a special deal on anything? Aren’t we all equal under the Constitution.

Well, unfortunately, once a government begins doling out tax dollars to select groups, there is NO DEMOCRACY. There is only “them and us”.

And, that’s not the way the Constitution formed the country. Each of us was to have the same protections and freedoms. Nowhere in the Constitution does an administration have the right to pick and choose exemptions from a “universal” health bill nor was a corporate CEO (GE) to be appointed to a position of responsibility while that same company pays NO corporate taxes.

There is a tv ad which shows children getting different benefits from a company and the tag line is “Even a kid knows this isn’t fair.” That’s how this ridiculous debate over Wisconsin’s budget would appear, even to a child. While Life is never completely fair, we should at least strive to make our government operate fairly and without bias for anyone.

After all, while we are a multiplicity of diverse individuals, we should still be united in adhering to the guarantees in our Constitution. Following those principles is what makes us Americans. We should be acting for the public good, not the good of unions or any other interest group.

So, let’s stop the intimidating yelling by special interest groups. The voters have voted and want their voice heard. If everyone truly is equal, then, we will be able to speak even louder, but with one Voice.

Democracy or Mob Rule?

America used to be ruled by the majority.  Every kid in school knew that majority rule was the basis of all democracy.  And, if you didn’t like what the majority wanted, you worked to convince a majority that YOUR views were better!

Unfortunately, our America has succumbed to political correctness and mob rule to the point where the majority no longer rules.  The old standard of  disagreeing agreeably is gone.  In today’s vitriolic society, it turns out that the majority, who voted overwhelmingly for conservatives in our last elections, are being over-ruled by union  mobs who shout, kick and scream, hurling profanities, and all because taxpayers finally see that government unions are only in the mix for the MONEY.  As one striking lady whined, “This will cost ME $3,000 more each year.”  Well, that is good news to me because it means I will be taxed $3,000 less.  And, after all, that is MY money, not hers!

Any objective observer would say that the union thugs and lackeys are acting like spoiled brats.  In Wisconsin, 14 senators — all Democrats — fled the state so that Democracy could NOT operate in our state capitol.  They didn’t like what the majority wanted.  So, they up and left!  What kind of state senator does that instead of staying and arguing his case?  What’s worse is that these same absent senators then said that Governor Walker refuses to negotiate.  What they mean is that Governor Walker won’t cave in to their demands.  So, they bring in MORE union protestors, mostly from out-of-state. Adding insult to injury, these shills  clog the state capitol and create so much debris that one estimate for the cleanup is $7 MILLION dollars.  And, guess who pays for that?  The taxpayer pays, as usual.

In Ohio, unions came out in force, braying and whining at Governor Kasich’s proposals, attempting to overwhelm the constitutionally elected legislature and Governor with sheer numbers.  If it weren’t so serious, the claim that 25,000 people are protesting would be laughable.  After all, Ohio had 11,542,645 residents in 2009.  And, Wisconsin, where the media hyped the “thousands” of protestors, the state population was 5,654,774.

The protestors are a small drop in either state’s total population.  And, if you consider that a good percentage of those protestors were NOT natives to the state, their numbers become even less important.  They are ABSOLUTELY NOT A MAJORITY OF STATE VOTERS IN EITHER CASE AND, like all the rest of us voters,  SHOULD BE REGISTERING THEIR OPINIONS IN THE VOTING BOOTH, NOT THE STREETS NOR THE OFFICIAL BUILDINGS OF OUR STATES.

We see mobs killing each other in the streets of Libya and much of the Arab world.  Is that the kind of America we want?  Do we want people who disagree with the majority to be able to stop our governmental processes just by hauling in ringers to clog our streets and government buildings?  I don’t think so.  If we want to remain a Democracy, WE MUST MAINTAIN majority rule.  Those in the minority are going to have to learn to accept things they don’t agree with.  It’s just the way a Democracy operates.

We should recognize that mob rule is only effective when the rules of decency and majority rule are pushed aside.  That is what the unions hope to do.  They want to scare, intimidate, and frighten Wisconsin’s people into agreeing with the unions’ outrageous  demands.  Don’t let anyone tell you that the unions are only doing it “for the children”.  They are agitating to fill their own pockets and empty yours!

So, the question is whether Democracy or mob rule will prevail.  And, it’s unlikely that we’ll know whether Democracy’s trademark, the rule of the majority, will endure until the hypocrites — i.e., the governmental unions, leave the street.