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Michigan Hooligans…America’s new Terrorists

There is a new form of terrorism sweeping America and it is not only home-grown, but it is fed by President Obama, his sycophants, and the Liberal media who refuse to report the truth.  That terrorism is the “Union virus”, which began in Wisconsin, and has now spread to Michigan.

That terrorism turns normal human beings into violent and vicious thugs.  Let’s be honest.  There is nothing normal about having a neighbor screaming obscenities at you nor in mobs of people hauled into the state to thwart the elected representatives of a state or country.  And, yet,  our President has commended the mobs who have threatened these elected representatives and, indeed, have even assaulted several people…..all because these people disagree with the unions!

No, it’s not surprising that Obama has supported such riots.  After all, he is a President whose Justice Department head, Eric Holder, dismisses Black Panther voter intimidation because the intimidated voters are white.  He is a President who refuses to acknowledge our Constitution by himself intimidating the Supreme Court.  He is a President whose business advisor, Jeff Immelt, claims that communism is the right business path.

What is surprising is that the mainstream media sees nothing wrong with gangsters assaulting other Americans.  I see trouble on the streets today and more violence in the years to come if this criminal behaviour is not stopped.

As a Mother, I worry about my children being afraid to voice an honest opinion.  As a Grandmother, I fear my grandchildren will be ruled, not by the Constitution, but by mob rule.  As an American, I see my country smothered with government regulations that are rammed down our throats by ruthless politicians.

I see my America being defaced by a President who repeatedly apologizes for us and then, refuses to defend our institutions and liberties.

Michigan is just the latest in a series of cut-throat retaliations by Union thugs against those of us who would return our country to a land where people are EQUAL and have an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to succeed……not a country where the politicians choose the winners and losers, based on their own desire for votes.

Michigan hooligans………….Look it up in the dictionary.  The next word in that dictionary will be President Obama and, the following word will be:   America Lost.