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Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine and its Sick Decision…..

Undocumented immigrants may apply to Loyola med school



Updated: June 14, 2013 2:22AM

Undocumented immigrants are now welcome to apply at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in an unprecedented move school officials hope might spread to the rest of the medical community.

So, what’s wrong with ILLEGAL ALIENS, euphemistically referred to as “undocumented immigrants”, applying to our medical schools?

First, when you apply to any school or job, you MUST provide a Social Security number.  Because they are here illegally, illegal aliens do not have Social Security numbers….so, how can they ever meet any school’s entrance requirements?

Secondly, undocumented means that you have NOT followed United States Laws when entering the U.S.  That means you are definitely ILLEGALLY here which is a criminal offense.  Is Loyola now allowing criminals to attend their school?

Thirdly, Loyola is confused about the meaning of charity. While being charitable is usually considered a good quality, charity does NOT give any person or institution the right to defy U.S. law.   It baffles me that a Catholic university is encouraging defiance  to American immigration laws ….especially since such defiance is a criminal activity.  While the goal might be worthy, allowing and encouraging illegal aliens to apply to Loyala contradicts common sense. And, there is no need to promote such  unlawful and unsanctioned activities because, if Loyola wants to graduate more medical doctors LEGALLY, then it would be easy to set up medical schools in the native countries of these undocumented people, rather than defy  U.S. law!

This plan is offensive not just to American citizens, but those who are following the legal path to citizenship.  Ask those standing in the immigration line if allowing illegal aliens to apply to Loyola is tantamount to condoning criminal activity.  The answer would be a unanimous “yes”!

Allowing illegal aliens to apply and attend  is definitely insulting to the valuable reputation that Loyola has earned through the years by turning out highly-qualified doctors.  Those doctors  went through a rigorous interview process and an even more rigorous and lengthy training process.  Accepting applicants who do not meet every standard will demean the reputation of Loyola and forever stain the reputation of these graduates!

As the parents  of one of those graduates, and Catholics, we find Loyola’s plan frustrating and insulting.  Along with all the other medical school graduates, my son, who followed all the rules to become a doctor, deserves better from his alma mater.  As his parents,  we do, too!  In fact, so do the patients who will be treated by Loyola’s future doctors.

It is difficult to understand Loyola.  And, we  adamantly oppose Loyola’s perverse and illegitimate decision.

Is Obamascare the law?

Is Obamascare the law or not?

Today, President Obama’s minions decided to delay the employer mandate portion of the law.

                                                  The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it is delaying a central part of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare: the requirement that medium and large companies offer their employees health insurance or face fines.

If it is the law, then, how can Obama just willy-nilly  delay a part of it?  Obama and the Democrats forced this healthcare attrocity down our throats and now, because the law is so distasteful that even Democrats don’t want to campaign with it over their heads, it is more convenient to “delay” one  unpalatable portion of the law.

I guess it’s unsurprising that a President who “goes around Congress” to move his personal agenda forward is willing to NOT ENFORCE a law for political purposes.  I guess it’s unsurprising that a  President who appoints countless unqualified, and even criminally negligent,  people to high administrative posts  is willing to defy any law.   I guess it’s unsurprising that  President who crows when an American enemy is killed is himself a craven coward who won’t own up to any of the horrific consequences of his own inexperience and yes, criminally negligent, behaviour.

What is surprising is that few in the media are willing to call President Obama out on his failures.  What is surprising is that there are still people who support this failed President and his failed presidency.   What is surprising that the American people still tolerate Obama’s deliberate machinations to further his political agenda even if it goes contrary to the law!

By delaying any portion of Obamacare, President Obama is announcing that he does not believe Obamacare is actually a law of the land because, if it were, he has sworn an oath to support and enact it.  So,Obama’s own actions are proof that Obamascare is NOT the law of the land!