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Are you better off today?

“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” is a famous quote from President Reagan.  It remains a valid question whenever we approach another election cycle.

Well, I don’t know about you, but we are NOT better off than we were 4 years ago and we are much worse off than we were 6 years ago when Obama became President.  Here are just a few of the depressing changes that have happened to us and our family in the last 6 years.

Our health insurance was cancelled and the new plan is much more expensive and  has a much higher deductible.  We were luckier than some because we decided to pay an even higher premium to allow us to choose doctors and hospitals.  Some Americans are now relegated to specific doctors and hospitals whether they feel comfortable with those medical arrangements or not.  And, despite the vast millions spent by Obama to implement his Obama-scare, millions of Americans do NOT have insurance.  It would have been cheaper to use those millions and just pay for the uninsured because, we paid for the implementation and are STILL paying for the uninsured.

Our medical privacy is a thing of the past because our medical records are now transmitted via the internet to countless governmental agencies and are always at risk of being hacked and publicized.  Thanks to Obama-scare, medical decisions are made FOR US, and WITHOUT our  agreement or input, by governmental bureaucrats.  Some committee or individual whom we never see nor interact with is deciding when, how much, or IF, we can receive medications and surgeries that we and our doctor believe are appropriate.  At no time in our history has it ever been the purview of a governmental bureaucrat to make life and death, medical  decisions for American citizens….but, now it is.

Our income taxes have sky-rocketed.  Democrats and Obama continue to parade the lie that the “rich” should pay their fair share.  Statistically speaking, the “rich” pay ALL of their share and almost ALL of someone else’s share!  Plus, that tax money is being spent by politicians on crazy, political ploys like Obama’s Solyndra — now bankrupt — and other projects which promote the politician and not the American citizen.  And, because the taxes take so much of the income from the “rich” — btw, now being “rich” is anything over $100,000 — we are saving as much as we can and NOT spending on items which would create more jobs.

Our friends and neighbors can’t find employment.  Do YOU know anyone who is unemployed?  Is it YOU?  The result of unemployment is not only stagnation of the economy and, frequently, bankruptcy for the unemployed, but unemployment destroys a person’s self worth.  Unemployment has worsened the social status, financial security, and social structure of countless Americans, especially those who are African Americans.  Unemployment creates a dependent society that scrabbles for every government hand out available because it is far easier to stand in the unemployment benefit line than to look for work.

Our laws are being systematically bent, warped, and ignored by the very people who swore to uphold them.  The very fabric of law and order is threatened by President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, because they ignore the laws they don’t like.   Illegal immigration?  Forget deportations and taking illegal immigrants who are criminals to court.  The IRS?  Forget that the IRS was supposed to fairly and judiciously administer the tax laws, CREATED BY CONGRESS, NOT the President, and now has become a  political tool to unfairly suppress Conservative groups and thought.  Equality under the law?  Forget that we are a country that was based on equal opportunity for all and now, thanks to the lieberals, has now degraded to the point that every  thought, word and deed, are run past the Lieberal political correct police.

Our country is NOT being defended against all enemies, foreign or here.  Russia invades Crimea with impunity.  Syria murders its own with chemical weapons.  Iran develops nuclear weapons.  North Korea’s citizens starve and/or are executed at the whim of their “leader”.  Saudi Arabia is upset with us.  India has decided to allign itself with countries other than the United States.  Radical islamists shoot Americans  and threaten us every day, and we are afraid to “upset them”.    We are weak on defense and thus, more at risk of being attacked than at any time since we became a nation.  We have become a nation that fears and is no longer a nation to fear!

So, now we have another election cycle upon us.  We have to decide whom to trust with our Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Elections have repercussions and it is up to us to decide whether to continue the decline begun when President Obama took office or if we are willing to elect people who will truly work to create an America that serves everyone.

So, I ask you.  Are you better off today than you were 6 years ago?