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Oh, God!

Or, maybe we’ll have to learn to say,  “Oh, Science!”   because  Stephen Hawking says he has finally, and unequivocally, determined that THERE IS NO GOD!

It must be true because we all know that Mr. Hawking is a genius, without peer. And, when Mr. Hawking says that everything “out there” can be explained by science, we are supposed to listen!

So, no more “In God we Trust”…….because, there isn’t one.

No more gazing at the sky, admiring God’s creative genius.  No more “Our Father” prayers when we need comfort.  No more  Christmas joy, presents, trees, or festivities because………….there isn’t a God to send his Son to earth to save us.  No Easter because there couldn’t have been a Resurrection.  No Thanksgiving because Science must have been the philanthropist to provide for the Pilgrims….NOT a giving Father.

I’m not sure I’ll like this new world order.  It’s going to be a tough slog without having God to rely upon.  I mean, when someone I know is sick, to whom do I pray for help or consolation?  When a child is afraid of the night, can we console him with Science?  Who is going to be the source of our Love, Joy, and Hope?  Will we still try to be “better” people  so as to serve a Higher Being and Purpose?

It’s all very puzzling.  And, as my Dad would say, it might even be true. But, I, an ordinary woman, think Mr. Hawking might have made a mistake.

So, until Science can explain all the mysteries of the universe and then, how the universe came to be out of nothing, I think I’ll stick with my God.  Mr. Hawking might be a genius, but, he is  NOT a god .

After all,  before he makes these universal and consequential judgements about whether God exists, maybe….just maybe……he should wait a bit.  And, when his turn comes to shed his mortal body, see who — God or Science — is waiting to welcome him into heaven!

Biden, Fareed Zakaria, Burke…………………

What do these people all have in common?



BECAUSE:  We expect so little of our politicians that we no longer care if they lie, cheat, and steal to get into office.

BECAUSE:  The Lieberal media are desperate to keep their philosophical twins in office.

BECAUSE:  Special Interest groups continue to drive the country’s direction.



Burke — Plagiarism Revisited

The Democrat candidate for Wisconsin governor, Ms Burke,  has just fired one of her staff for plagiarism!  She justified the firing because she said that the staffer committed plagiarism when writing “HER” budget proposals.

While some of the media are  reporting the story, NOT ONE mentions an underlying principle that is being neglected.

And that is :   WHY DID SHE NEED A STAFFER TO WRITE WHAT IS PURPORTEDLY HER PLAN?  Aren’t candidates for public office supposed to have THEIR OWN PLANS?

And, the staffer is accused of using material in the Democrat’s proposed budget that he had already used for other candidates.  Well, shouldn’t the proposals come directly from the candidate herself?  Shouldn’t a candidate for Wisconsin governor have a plan for Wisconsin?  Or, does she think that a plan that is just regurgitated ideas from someone else will be just as good for Wisconsin in today’s environment?

Besides,  isn’t EVERYTHING that happens in her campaign ultimately HER responsibility?

Sounds as though she is using the same, irresponsible excuses that President Obama relies upon.  “I didn’t know”.  “It wasn’t me.”  “Blame him/her/them.”  “Trust me, even when I am wrong.”

Is Wisconsin really ready to believe her weak  rationalizations to explain the plagiarism?   I hope not.  Is Wisconsin ready to elect someone who is so inept that she can’t even monitor her own staff?  I hope not.  Is Wisconsin ready to elect someone to our highest state office who doesn’t “own up” to issues that were supposed to be under her own purview?  I sure hope not!

Our country’s economy, defense, and social network are all failing, thanks to Obama’s inept policies.   He was not ready for Prime Time, let alone the Presidency of the United States.  Ms. Burke already has failed to formulate a vision for Wisconsin’s budget.  Isn’t it wise to consider whether she has any original ideas for our great state?

And, if you do, you will see that Ms. Burke needs a LOT more experience before we let her run the great state of Wisconsin!

Re-elect Governor Walker!

Governor Walker


Before Governor Walker was elected….and, re-elected in a recall fiasco…….the former governor,  together with his crony, the woman who would be Governor,  lost over 130,000 jobs and created a state where unemployment was way out there at over 9%.  And, oh yes, we had a budget deficit of over $3  billion.   But, hey, who remembers that?

Well, I do.  I also remember that our “balanced budget”  was partially from taking moneys from a private fund that the doctors had themselves created — and funded — to help pay for cases where the malpractice insurance was NOT sufficient.  Many of these problems were not obvious;  but,  our state was ailing and in  a dangerous “state”.

Then, Wisconsin came to her senses and elected Scott Walker who had a fiscal plan to bring our state out of its malaise.  It wasn’t easy.  The teachers unions protested violently, invaded and occupied our statehouse, and acted like unfettered mobs.  Several Democrat lawmakers ran away to another state in an attempt to prevent a vote that would make certain union pension plans and other agreements more in line with what  the rest of Wisconsin employees were paid.

Fortunately, the shenanigans of the teacher unions and Democrats didn’t stop Wisconsin’s progress back to a more democratic environment.  Thanks to the hard work of Governor Walker, Wisconsin is now in great shape.  The unemployment rate is way down, to about 6 %.  We have a budget surplus…..yes, a surplus!  And, Wisconsin taxpayers are even enjoying a cut in their taxes !

Most Wisconsinites are happy with the way Wisconsin is recovering from the unwise and fiscally irresponsible previous administration.  More people are able to find jobs.  More businesses are happy to settle in Wisconsin.  And,  people, in general, are feeling more secure knowing that the state’s economy is moving into a better and better condition.

And, if our Wisconsin and  our economy are doing so well, why would anyone want to change a successful administration?

Should we move back to when our state was in economic trouble?  No.  After all, our state motto is “Forward”.

Let’s keep moving Forward.  And, the only way to do that is to re-elect Governor Walker.

So, please.  Help Wisconsin.  Help yourselves.  And, vote for Governor Walker.  Keep Wisconsin moving Forward.

Wisconsin state quarter


Senator Harry Reid is a COWARD!

And, an impediment to solving our country’s problems.


Well, Senator Reid consistently labels his opponents as racists, rather than carefully considering alternative ideas on problems America faces.

Example:  black Conservatives are “Uncle Toms”, and ignorant of their “duty” to support any Lieberal, black cause.  Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas does not meet Harry Reid’s standards for what Reid assumes a black man should think, say or do.

Senator Reid consistently impedes any votes on the over 300 bills passed by the House, NOT because the bills are faulty or unworkable.  No, he refuses to bring them to a vote BECAUSE it is politically expedient.

Example/s:  Multiple House bills are thrown in the junk heap BEFORE a vote is taken and then, Harry rails at the House as a “do nothing”  Congress.


Example:  The latest is his claiming that former Vice President Cheney is RESPONSIBLE for all the troubles in the Mid-East. ……FROM THE SENATE FLOOR!

Senator Harry Reid — a prime example of a COWARD.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s re-emergence in Washington this week to talk about fighting terrorists in Iraq must have seemed like a bad nightmare for President Obama, who is trying to make a case to skittish voters that the U.S. can expand its military action in the Middle East without repeating the mistakes of his predecessor’s war on terror.

For Mr. Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill, the specter of Mr. Cheney and his boss, President George W. Bush, continues to hang over them as they try to grapple with the ascendent insurgents of the Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went further, delivering a stinging rebuke of Mr. Cheney on the Senate floor, and seeking to reinforce the point that Mr. Obama won’t fall into the same traps.

Dick Cheney is more responsible than anyone else for the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the country: the invasion of Iraq,” said Mr. Reid. The Nevada Democrat had voted for the 2002 resolution authorizing the war in Iraq, but has said it was a mistake in hindsight and challenged colleagues Wednesday to “do it the right way this time.”

WHAT A COWARD!    Come on, Harry.  You’re so proud of your boxing career.  Let’s see you come out from behind the safety of the Senate floor and SAY THAT TO VP CHENEY’S FACE!

Obama….just doesn’t “get it” !

Most Americans were horrified to hear that an American journalist had been beheaded by ISIS.

Obama?  Well, he said he was horrified.  And, then, headed to the golf course.

Most Americans prayed,  worried that ISIS would perpetrate more horrors on innocent civilians.  And, ISIS did.  It beheaded ANOTHER innocent civilian, another journalist.

Obama?  Well, he went on vacation and golfed some more.

Most Americans were horrified  that our President said he was horrified and yet, could golf immediately after learning of the tragedy.  Most of us were bowed down in pain, praying for an end to terrorism.

And, now, President Obama acknowledges that he should have known that it didn’t “look good” to golf immediately after appearing in public  to denounce that atrocity.

But, does Obama understand why it didn’t “look good” ? Does he feel the family’s pain?   Does he accept that his ability to play golf when Americans were crying over another loss of life from a terrorist shows a complete lack of empathy for the rest of us?  NO!  Nothing, not even ISIS beheading an American and laughing about it in a video which was broadcast worldwide,  kept him from golf.


OBAMA…..the President of the American people……our face to the world…….a father and husband……JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY WE THINK HE WAS ARROGANT AND UNFEELING TO IGNORE THE DANGER OF TERRORISM………..



Obama: ‘I Should’ve Anticipated The Optics’ Of Golfing After Foley Beheading