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Speak Easy

During Prohibition, a Speak Easy was a clandestine location where you could get alcohol.    The name supposedly came from the patrons speaking quietly, or “easy”, about where such establishments were located so the police would not find it.

As someone who enjoys words being used creatively, speak easy speaks to me!

However, I think it is also a phrase that should describe Freedom of Speech in America.  We should be able to “speak easy” on ANY subject with ANY words we choose.  Unfortunately, in Lieberal America, every single word is diced and dissected to make sure that it offends no one.  And, woe to anyone who, with even a single word,  offends a minority group…………or, especially anyone who is not White.

There, I said it.

Today, thanks to Obama and his Lieberal agenda and Lieberal hooligans, Whites are the only minority that can be taunted, insulted, humiliated, and discriminated against.  Any word used in connection with Black Lives Matter, women, Muslims, or any other ethnic group, is subject to the most intense scrutiny.  And, almost always, there is someone, somewhere, who is offended.  Look at those students who were traumatized by merely seeing the word Trump in chalk!  Or, the Black Lives Matter geniuses who assaulted Milo Yiannupoulos at a Conservative Forum, which forum was bought and paid for by Conservatives and at which Mr. Yiannoupoulos had been ASKED to speak !  Look at the agitators who assaulted a man in a wheelchair who wanted to hear Trump speak.   Look at our own government deciding that the words “felons” and “convicts” will no longer apply to…………whom?…………….well, felons and convicts.

When did it become legal to prevent an American from listening to someone?  When did it become legal to censor someone’s words?  When did it become legal to prevent an American citizen from speaking his mind in public?

It began long ago when Lieberals decided that the liberties, including Freedom of Speech,  promised to all of us in the Constitution were “suggestions”, and  NOT RIGHTS.

It continues with Obama renaming illegal aliens because, to him,  it is offensive to call someone illegal.  Well, if you break an American law, you are a criminal, a felon, and, yes, you could be an illegal alien.  Words do have meanings and, whether Obama likes it or not, the word illegal alien DOES describe a person who enters the United States illegally.  He can’t change the meaning just by unilaterally deciding to change the nomenclature.  His executive actions might work, for a while, but words will be more difficult to control by fiat.  At least,  I hope so!

So, how do we correct our Ship of State which is veering dangerously close to dark waters where one group, the Lieberals, have control over every word we utter?

First, we elect Donald Trump who feels free to express his mind on all issues.  Unlike the Democrats, he is NOT governed by the power-crazed Lieberals.  He has spoken freely and easily to a wide swath of Americans and most of them seem to appreciate his candor and his willingness to speak honestly about issues that truly concern them, their children, and even their grandchilden.  And, if he uses words which a select group find unappealing, so be it.  Freedom of Speech guarantees the Right to speak Freely.  It does NOT guarantee that the audience will always approve.

Like Mr. Trump, Americans should always feel comfortable speaking their mind and there should be NO repercussions when they do.  Speak Easy should be America’s  new motto.  Well, maybe add “Make America Great Again”………………”Speak Easy”.