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Republicans can be losers, too!

Or, should I say that Conservatives can, and will be, losers if they continue on their anti-Trump ranting and raving?

As a fairly strong Conservative myself, I was thrilled when the Republicans had so many qualified candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination.  I liked them all, including Donald Trump.  I liked that they all swore allegiance to whomever won the nomination.  I liked their ideas on stopping illegal immigration and on lowering the National Debt and on abolishing the horrendous  Obama-scare.  The debates were dynamic battles of wit even when the moderators tried to pit one Republican against the other.

My personal favorite was Ted Cruz.

Well, Ted lost to Donald Trump.  Did I go on tv to complain that Trump had won?  No.  Well, truly, no one asked my opinion;  but, I wouldn’t have been the one to piously proclaim that the apparent Republican nominee was not my first choice.  I do like Trump.  I do like that he speaks his mind freely and isn’t afraid to call out Clinton on her criminal activities.  I like that he smiles at people.  I like that he is an optimist with a business background.  Both his good nature and common sense should do much to reinvigorate our economy and even our American spirit which Obama and Hillary have desperately tried to suppress.  I also believe that, being a businessman, Trump will use people who are the best at their chosen field, regardless of their personal characteristics.

So, what’s not to like?

Well, many Republicans seem to hold a grudge that Trump survived the debates and even thrived when the Lieberal media sought to bring him low.  We have lost so much respect for politicians we actively supported previously and even donated to.  Romney is the biggest disappointment of all.  We donated to his campaign.  We hosted a huge sign in our yard for him.  We went out of our way to press our children and friends to vote for him.  Now, he, too, has decided he knows more than the millions of Americans who chose Trump as our standard bearer.  Paul Ryan insults Trump with faint praise and a knowing snicker when asked about what Trump does or says.  Why can’t our House Speaker simply say that Trump is the presumptive nominee and has won fairly and squarely  rather than provide future fodder for the Democrats?   All those sound bites of Republicans refusing to support Trump are already making their way into Democrats’ ads!

And, now, we come to George Will, professional pundit and know-it-all of TV fame, a real sabelotodo!  So, he knows more history than most Americans.  He undoubtedly writes and speaks more clearly than most of us.  No matter. Contrary to what the “experts” wanted,  Americans, who work for a living, have responded enthusiastically to Trump’s down-to-earth opinions and respect and like Trump.  These Americans have propelled Trump to the nomination.  And, since Hillary Clinton will be the only other “choice”, Will had better get on board…..and soon.  Or, his freedom to keep his large paycheck,  his freedom to carry a gun, and his freedom to speak his mind freely might be at risk.

When the only alternative candidate is Hill the Pill, it is a losing proposition to not support the Republican nominee, Trump.  Pretending that you are “better” or more “knowledgeable” than the average American voter is also a losing proposition.  Romney, Ryan, Will, and all those other so-called Republicans are dooming this country with their childish demonstrations of arrogance.  It’s as if they can’t understand the real choices this election presents with:  the Supreme Court needing a new Justice; the Federal Debt at an all time high; the economy at an all-time low; the American spirit as low as is can be; people out of work and no options; the increase of violence; and the widening scope of radical islamic terrorism.

So, please, all you Republicans — especially Romney, Ryan and even poor Will — get on the band wagon or you will be lost in the dust of the Trump train.  Yes, you will be losers.  After all, even Republicans can be losers.  Just don’t let our Republican nominee lose because you are too mean-spirited to honor your commitment to support the nominee of our party!

Republicans versus Democrats

Why didn’t the Democrats, especially their newly annointed candidate for President, vehemently disagree with the Huffington post which has now openly encouraged violence against Trump’s supporters?

It’s scary that Lieberals believe they have the right to use violence against anyone with an opposing political philosophy.  Hillary repeated her talking point that “Trump started it” .  What a childish response to actions taken by her side of the fence.  Actually, by her not staunchly condemning the violence, she condoned it!

Shouldn’t she, who claims to have “fixes” for American foreign policy, have been able to formulate a method of stopping this virulent and uncontrolled violence?

Shouldn’t she have condemned the mayor of San Diego who blamed  Trump for what the “other side” did to Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t she have raised questions about the mayor’s passing the buck as to why the police did NOT protect the Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t the Democrats condemn  the hotel staff who prevented that poor women being pelted with eggs and insults and violence from entering the lobby of their building?

This rationalization as to why it is acceptable for Democrats’ supporters to riot, create mayhem, assault people who disagree with them, destroy police cars, intimidate the police, is all part of the stock in trade for Democrats.  They march and protest whenever they want because the Lieberal agenda cannot be defended with intelligent conversations.  Their mantra is that the ends justify the means, much like when Senator Reid lied about Governor Romney’s taxes and later, infamously claimed he was NOT sorry because “Romney lost, didn’t he?”

Many Democrats have lost their moral guidance system.  Their quest is to win, win, win, no matter the cost.  If opponents lose their right to free speech and even their right to be physically safe………….well, that’s okay because it might further the Democrats’ agenda.  If police feel insecure in doing their jobs because the Democrats have hounded them at every turn and every point,…………..well, that’s okay, too, because creating a disenfranchised group means you can isolate that group and make promises so they vote in your favor.  And, if you promote violence towards Conservatives, especially Trump supporters………………well, that’s okay, too, because…….well, just because.

If it means more votes, Democrats promise free college, free child care, free everything…………..all at the expense of those who have worked to earn their way through Life.  Lieberals want to buy votes by creating an America where everyone relies upon the government..  That means the Lieberals can remain in power longer which, in turn, means they become rich.  Only in this instance, being rich would be okay because these Lieberals have the best interests of the masses in mind.  Sure they do.  Tell me how a $12,000 jacket that Hillary wore feeds one more hungry child.

And, in this search for votes, hurting Trump supporters seems like an easy venue to the Lieberals.  The truly horrible aspect of this attitude is that Lieberals now feel they can voice this strategy of violence in public, i.e., the Huffington Post!

It is no longer Republicans versus Democrats about political philosophy.  Democrats have begun their own violent revolution, including physical violence against Republicans.

Until Democrats, especially their nominee, vigorously condemn these hostile actions, there will be more violence and more people hurt.  It is time for Democrats to follow the Constitution which promises Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to ALL, not just their own partisans.