Monthly Archives: March 2017

Trump and the media beast

No honeymoon.  No first 100 days. No good will.  No nuthin’.

That’s what the media beast has given us all in the name of  “journalism”.

Journalism in the good old days used to mean researching a subject, finding reliable sources, checking the facts, rechecking the facts…………..and, yes, rechecking the checking of those facts.  Then, and only then, was that journalist expected to reveal the results of their research to the public.

In the good old days, the public respected what they read in the newspapers.  In the good old days,  we trusted the professionalism of journalists and believed their stories.

But, thanks to the media’s constant attack on Conservative thoughts, Conservatives and, now, President Trump and anyone remotely related to him and his administration,  most of us no longer believe much of anything that the media reports.   Thanks to their relentless misreporting, midirection, and LIES,  it is obvious that their only goal in life is to destroy President Trump and those of us who support him.

Why else would the media go along with the Lieberals who support and promote the violence at so many Trump events?  Why does the media allow Democrats to continually inflate and conflate miniscule events into impending disasters of major proportions?

It’s easy  because you hate the victor.  The media saves face, but the country loses.  It’s diabolical, but the media rationalizes their actions because, after all, the end justifies the means..

So, the media is united.  United against Trump and us.  They lost the  election, but so what?  They now have a mission……………….to destroy the victor in the public opinion.   They lose the public trust, but create chaos in America.  They destroy the lives of anyone who supported President Trump because…………………..they believe it’s only the Deplorables who voted for President Trump.  So what?

So what?  Well, we have to defend ourselves against this media beast.  We take control of what we believe. How?

First, we no longer feed the beast.  We ignore the lies, obfuscations, and scandalous reporting of the biased media.

Secondly, we make sure that we only believe something if we have actually heard it from President Trump, or one of his advisors.  Listen to Trump’s speeches.  Listen to Sean Spicer’s press conferences.  Only believe what your own ears tell you!

This is the only way to  cage the media beast and regain the euphoria that  President Trump’s  victory brought.

Let’s Make America Great again.