Monthly Archives: May 2017

President Trump

President Trump was enthusiastically welcomed by the King of Saudi Arabia.

President Trump erased the misconception that he is anti-Muslim by visiting Saudi Arabia FIRST on his own FIRST trip overseas.

President Trump, and our envoys, gained the respect and admiration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with numerous trade deals, and a better understanding of each other……thanks to Mr. Trump’s  presence.

It appears that the beginning of President Trump’s trip has been a wonderful success for America, America’s business community, AND the Arabic countries.   Meeting face to face and being ready to understand each other is the first step towards not only more business equity, but also toward a unified approach in our fight against terrorism.    A good politician knows that “pressing the flesh” is the best means to creating a warm and convivial friendship.  This is why Mr. Trump began his trip in Saudi Arabia.

Again, Mr. Trump took the initiative and chose the right moment for his trip.  For, if you watched the greeting by the King when President Trump landed in Saudi Arabia, there was no doubt about the satisfaction the Saudis felt in welcoming our President.  The coveted kaffee klatsch, the “parade” of Saudi dignitaries, the degree to which the Saudis all confirmed their joy in Trump’s visit were matched only by the red carpet on which the King greeted our President.

And, for all those media and Lieberals who claim that our President is anti-Muslim, you only had to listen to his speech which was an affirmation of what we Americans believe and espouse while giving dignity to other religions and cultures.

I can only say that I am proud to have voted for President Trump.  He is fulfilling his first election promise of making America Great Again.





100 days……..but, who’s counting?

Well, apparently, Democrats are!  The Democrats, in their efforts to stop any and all accomplishments by President Trump,  pretend that only the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration count.  Forget that there are actually three years, 265 days left yet for Trump to work his magic.

Their goofy plan won’t work because, unlike the Democrats who expect to be given everything immediately, the rest of American, who work for a living,  understand that it takes time to accomplish something.  We are used to working day after day,  year after year, to finally achieve our goals.

In a country as large and diverse as America, it takes time to achieve results, especially when the Democrats refuse to cooperate in any arena.  They are are obstructing everything the Republicans propose, and are now trotting out the idea that President Trump has not, so far, been able to complete his agenda.

So, their complaints are just misdirection.  In reality, Trump is moving our wonderful country in the right direction and in good time.

Give him another 3 years and 265 days and then, we’ll  see America looking Great again.