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Sticks and stones, Second Verse, same as the first………………..

Sticks and stone may break my bones………..but, words will never hurt me!

That’s probably the line that Lieberals will trot out after the horrific attack on Republicans yesterday.  Fortunately, we know that is NOT true.  Verbal abuse is still abuse.  And, vicious words have consequences even if Democrats try to escape the awful aftermath of their own vicious words.

Hatred starts out small sometimes.  There are Democrats and Lieberals who are too quick to blame Conservatives and, especially President Trump, for following the Conservative agenda.  Dems don’t like that philosophy, so they obstruct and attack with the worst vocabulary in their arsenal.  It’s sad that, besides Democrats funding “activists” to disrupt, the Democrats  have thrown vicious words around like candy.  Hatred can start out “small”, but the constant recriminations spewed forth by discontented “leaders” , especially in the public forums, continue the trend toward warlike attitudes.

It is almost a daily maxim to hear Maxine Waters’ continuous call for impeachment.  This does NOT help unify our country. There are a multitude of Democrats who don’t understand the result of their constant accusations and lies that the media perpetuate.  For example,  Gildebrand uttering the F word over and over is a “call” to violence for those who don’t understand the difference between a vulgar representative’s epithets  and polite discourse.  Perez’ coarse language is also a clarion call to destroy Democracy.  And, not to be forgotten, the professor from some obscure college instructing his students and social media followers to “string them up”, meaning Republicans and Mr. Trump, is publicly fomenting violence and hatred.  And, now, the Dems pretend to be appalled by the shooting that happened yesterday.  Unfortunately, Dems  won’t accept that their acrimonious words and actions WILL have an effect.

Rather than attempting to work with Republicans, elected by the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, these Democrats have decided that even chaos is preferable to accepting the results of our last election. And, we all suffer for the Dems’ abhorrent behaviour.   The vicious mobs created by the Democrats WILL create the havoc that Democrats desire.  The worst of humanity WILL latch onto the Democrats’ repetition of lies and innuendoes as a platform for their own evil actions.  They are wrong.

And, yes, the Democrats ARE responsible.  The Dems’ despicable public pronouncements prove that WORDS CAN HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS STICKS AND STONES!