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Or, are you a “squatter”?

According to the Lieberals, the football players who are kneeling during the National Anthem, and thus, insulting America, are only showing their “Freedom of Speech”.  For some quirky reason, their disdain for all that our Country has given them is considered “noble”.

But, President Trump, who voiced his own opinion of those football players and who reflects the opinion of most Americans, is not?

Either everyone has Freedom of Speech, including the President, or no one has.  Freedom of anything has to apply to everyone or it means nothing.

The confusion arises because football players are NOT individuals on the field.  In fact, their reasoning for locking arms together this week was to show that “THEY ARE A TEAM”.  Okay.  If you are a team, then you represent your owners, city, state, AND COUNTRY.  As a team, you do NOT have the right to express individual opinions.

If you, as an individual, wish to speak to groups, or publicly profess an opinion, go ahead.  However, as a Packer, Steeler, Viking, etc., follow the rules and get on that field and STAND TALL.

I think one of our sons said it best:

         On Sunday, some football players and even teams refused to enter the stadium during the National Anthem……….despite league rules requiring the team to be on the sidelines  during the playing of the national anthem.
So,  is there any punishment for NOT being out there when the “rules….IE:  your boss……require it”?????? 
On your OWN free time do what you want, but, when you are WORKING you are representing your employer…IE:  the man who signs your paycheck!
And, I would add, you are representing the Country that allows you to receive these exorbitant pay checks.  So, SHOW SOME RESPECT AND STAND TALL FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!



Dreamers.  Aren’t we all dreamers?

Little boys dream of being firemen  Little girls dream of being Wonder Woman.  Bigger boys dream of being professional football players, or the next great golfer.  Teenage girls dream of being President of the United States.

But, as we mature, we realize that most of those dreams are pipe dreams.  After all, the NFL can only use so many great quarterbacks and our country only has one President at a time.  So, most of us rearrange those dream to face reality and we become great parents and great bankers, lawyers, dancers, or any of a variety of wonderful career paths.

And, we live happily ever after.

But, some dreamers, those called DACA,  are in indeterminate positions.  They claim that they are victims.  Victims who were brought to this country by their parents and who deserve to be compensated for their parents’ illegal actions.

Well, the rule of law is pretty clear that they are NOT victims,, but, in fact, illegal aliens who are taking advantage of their plight to gain welfare, benefits in college tuition, and all kinds of “freebies”…..all from the generous pockets of tax-paying Americans.

So, what to do?

Well, politically speaking, let’s agree that these people will NEVER be returned to their native countries.  That is just a fact.  So, let’s get on with what to do with these people.  I suggest that, because no one will actually send them home, we use a little common sense and figure out how to deal with them.

1…..These DACA are NOT given citizenship unless they go to the back of the immigration line AND, follow the law in applying for citizenship.

2…If they have any criminal background, they are extradicted back to their native country immediately with no recourse to any court reprieves.

3…While these DACA people are working to become Amercan citizens, they will receive NOT ONE PENNEY OF PUBLICASSISTANCE NOR ANY SPECIAL AID FOR COLLEGE EXPENSES.

4…THERE WILL BE NO ACCOMMODATION FOR THEIR VARIOUS LANGUAGES:  no special interpreters, no signs in foreign languages, no school aides.

5…Before becoming a citizen, they will speak fluent English.

6…NO relatives nor associates shall be allowed to come to the United States just because they are related to current DACA people.  Rather, everyone from this day forward MUST comply with ALL immigration laws.

7…Whether U.S. citizens or not, they will pay all income taxes and NOT be issued any “earned income” benefits.

While this will not entirely solve the situation, it will be a moral, ethical and common-sense solution to the DACA.    And, these ideas are so simple that every DACA person should be able to accomplish them. Ultimately, it will save the American taxpayer countless billions in the aid that DACA people have come to expect.

And, most importantly, it will reassure Americans that the laws apply to everyone.  And, the DACA people will learn that, to be an American, means that EVERYONE follow the law.  And, EVERYONE means even them!

Let’s keep the American dream safe.  Keep the American dream available for all, including the DACA.  But, as any other American, DACA people should earn their own way and not expect that they are entitled to not only public welfare, but automatic American citizenship.

So, dream on, America.