Monthly Archives: May 2019

Unless you can say something good…..


Isn’t that what most parents tell their children?

I wish that someone would remind the CHILDISH Democrats about this philosophy. They have become the most obnoxious, bigoted, narcissistic, and, just generally, nasty-speaking, public figures in America. Their constant diatribes against President Trump and openly antagonistic attitude are the most divisive feature of American politics. Their insults are beyond belief and unfitting for those we choose to represent us. Worse, by continually insulting and denigrating our President, they diminish his ability to keep America safe because their carping creates the illusion that America is weak because we are not united behind our Commander in Chief.

Lately, they refuse to accept the PROVEN fact that President Trump was NOT part of the Russian attempt to affect our elections. They repeat lies that have been proven false in the hope that if they keep spouting these lies, the voters will accept the lie as truth. Unfortunately, the Democrats don’t care what is true or not. Their only goal is to keep throwing mud in order to destroy President Trump and raise their re-election chances.

They say that President Trump was not proven innocent. Well, according to our law, he was INNOCENT from the beginning and did not have to prove his innocence. So, whether the Lie-berals like it or not, Trump is an innocent man STILL!

I hope that, at some point, Democrats and all those Lie-berals will realize they are destroying the country with their petty and venal attacks on the President. With their obstructive tactics, it is amazing that unemployment is at a 50 year low, thanks to President Trump. Wages are up for lower and median income Americans. And, other countries are beginning to realize that our President means what he says and that he truly does want America to be great again.

Democrats are NOT acting in America’s best intersts! Why not celebrate America’s return to its position at the pinnacle of world politics and prestige. We have the most generous and wonderful country in the entire known universe. Why not accept that fact and work toward keeping us be the land where the entire world wants to live!

To make that happen, we need Democrats to stop their bickering and try to work with Republicans and President Trump.

There used to be a saying about America. It was “Love it or Leave it”. That should be true of politicians, too. If the Democrats don’t love America enough to work towards its success, then, they should leave politics. At the very least, they should,at least, pretend to be statesmen which means they should try to work with Republicans and President Trump.

No. Let me rephrase that. At the very least, Democrats should attempt to act in the same way that we demand of our children. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.