Monthly Archives: October 2019

“Perkin’ ” along…………….

Joni Ernst successfully passed legislation which limits the amount of taxpayer money that former Presidents can receive after serving their term.

This is great news for every American. Most politicians earn more than enough while they serve in office AND, especially, with their lobbying and speech income after leaving office. Former President Clinton is one who made out like a bandit after leaving office with speaking engagements. Another way to make hay out of having served is exemplified by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin….now Washington, D.C. …….who has a plush job on the Murdock team, thanks to his being in the House of Representatives.

It is ridiculous, and immoral, that legislators from any branch of the government can continue to receive “pensions” and other benefits after being so well paid while in office. It is past time to end these perks for everyone in a political office. SO…………why not pass the same restrictions for ALL OF CONGRESS?!

Let’s keep “perking along” by ending these perks to public servants which the self-serving Congress routinely approves for themselves!