Monthly Archives: March 2021

Out of Left field………

The Left looks for any possible reason to attack Conservatives. But, the latest attack on comments by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin illustrates how desperate the Left is to create an issue in an effort to destroy our Democracy.

The pseudo hysteria about Senator Ron Johnson’s comments are typical of the Left. BLM has a history of violence and, if they were marching towards me, I would be concerned, too. Most of the large gatherings of Conservatives do not end up with rock throwing or arson, unless outside agitators are present. It happens that BLM has Black members; but, so do Conservative groups. Does that mean anyone mentioning a Conservative group is racist? Isn’t it racist to assume that all Conservatives are white?

To say that Senator Johnson’s comments were racist is untrue. He based his comments on facts that anyone who has watched events in this country during the last year will understand. BLM has threatened businesses, individuals, and city structure too many times to assume that any negative comments toward the group are racist, rather than factual. They are a violent group. The fact that they have Black members is irrelevant to how they should be viewed.

The Left is always looking for some club to use against Conservatives. In this case, they have ginned up a controversy without a basis using the old “you are a racist” label. Maybe they should look into their own mirror to find the real racists.