Monthly Archives: July 2021

American or not?

The NFL announced it will play the Black National anthem before games this year. Say, what? What is the Black National anthem and where in the heck did it come from? Until this year, I had never heard of it.

In order to have a Black National anthem, there would have to be a country of Blacks. While America has many Black citizens, they are Americans, not Black Americans. After all, my Father’s family all came from Sweden, but we do not expect to have a Swedish National Anthem….not in America anyway!

I am not sure where the labeling of Americans began, but, to me, either you are an American or not. There are NO Black Americans nor any Hispanic Americans, nor any Asian Americans! It is past time for everyone to understand that America is composed of these UNITED States and, by separating people by the color of their skin or their ethnicity is un American! In fact, dividing people up by their ethnicity is racist.

And, if you can’t divide people up, then, we are a united country, neither black nor white, and we only have ONE National anthem. That anthem is the Star Spangled Banner.

So, there is NO basis for a Black National anthem because all of us are Americans and we all should salute the same flag and sing the same national anthem.