Monthly Archives: October 2022

Sign of the Times

It’s a scary sign of the times that America is no longer the land of opportunity and individual freedom. If you support Conservative thought or candidates, you must not speak out. Because, if you do, the Leftists will attack you in every way — anything to quell your opposition to their coercive policies.

Examples of how Leftists have destroyed our freedoms are rampant. Health care clinics that promote Life are attacked and the media doesn’t cover the attacks. Conservative candidates are called horrific names, like Nazis, and their homes and families are doxed. Supreme Court Justices and their families are threatened and the media says “ho hum”.

Violence is on the rise everywhere because criminals are no longer held responsible for their crimes. Candidates, like Wisconsin’s Democrat for the Senate, openly advocate for letting criminals out of prison! Violence in the cities, especially in minority districts, is on the rise because Democrats fault the police, and NOT the criminals! How crazy is that?

Revisionist history has replaced historical facts. Statues of famous Americans are destroyed, replaced, or moved to an obscure location because they were people of their times, with the values of those times, and don’t fit today’s PC theories.

Oh, yes, the rights of the majority have succumbed to the ever-growing list of the rights of the minority. It’s pretty obvious that minorities determine public policy for the Democrats, and, if the Constitution gets “in the way”, they are ready to rewrite it.

In fact, if even one person feels offended , Americans are told they must conform to whatever makes that one person happy. That encourages other individuals to BE OFFENDED and further destroys the concept of a majority rule. By allowing a single person who feels offended to set our standards, we have thrown common sense out the window. That one person now can tell everyone else what they can say, do, promote…..or, even think!

It’s too bad that individuals might be offended. But, one person should not regulate an entire society’s standards. That is a dictatorship. The fact that what offends the majority is no longer important shows just how far our country has deteriorated, thanks to the Democrat politicians who would rather get a vote than follow the Constitution.

One simple example of how freedom of speech is suppressed in America is that we no longer put up signs for our preferred candidate. We used to do that in the town where we raised our family. But, we have moved to a city and we don’t put signs up any more for fear that our property would be vandalized. The simple act of putting up signs used to be an accepted form of free speech. Now, we not only don’t put up signs, we refrain from discussing politics with anyone, even friends and family, because the Left’s response is so aggressive and downright frightening.

Yes. It’s a sign of the times — a very bad sign –that Americans no longer are free to speak, act, or live their lives, as they see fit.