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Protect me, but not thee……………

The Boston mayor sent a list of critics and protestors to the police after experiencing protestors disrupting events she was participating in AND having those people PROTESTING AT HER HOME.

While protesting is a constitutional right, I think that today’s protestors have gone beyond their right to protest and devolved into vicious mobs. Police are afraid to rein them in because, inevitably, someone fakes an injury and sues. Politicians and activists jump in and create problems for the police.

So, protests continue and many become riots.

The Boston mayor didn’t like being challenged. She sent that list to the police. Her office claims the police asked for it! If they did ask for a list, they should be taken to task. It is scary to think that any authority keeps a list like this just because a politician doesn’t like to be interrupted. If they didn’t ask for a list, shame on her and her office for throwing out that canard. But, of course, they will find an excuse for doing so.

The Supreme Court Justices were threatened, endured continual protesting outside their homes. The Justices, especially Justice Thomas, have been vilified and the Libs are promoting enlarging the court because they don’t like the decisions! Although freedom of speech means you can criticize anyone — except a Democrat mayor — why was nothing done to protect them?

Apparently, Democrats only believe in Justice being served if it promotes their causes. What a shame. Their biased approach is leading to anarchy in the streets and an America none of us recognize.

Supreme Court

The Lie-berals are furious about the Supreme Court’s decisions on affirmative action, abortion, and even whether a web master can speak freely.

Libs and Democrats are demanding that the Supreme Court be expanded because they don’t agree with these decisions. They disregard that the Court is apolitical and not supposed to decide cases based on the political winds of any given day or time.

Pete Buttigieg has his own analysis:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claimed Sunday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian web designer to pursue their alleged “agenda.”

Mr. Buttigieg is right that the Court has an agenda. What Mr. Buttigieg doesn’t understand is that the Supreme Court’s agenda is to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and make judicial decisions based on our Constitution.

Thank goodness that, at least, 6 of the 9 Justices understand that principle!