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Cokie Roberts is either blind or willfully ignorant!

So, Cokie Roberts is supporting Hillary Clinton and believes that those of us who support Donald Trump are morally tainted for that support?  It’s unbelievable that a “journalist”  — if she can be called that — would believe that she knows us all so well that she can decide our morality or immorality.  I think that supporting Hillary shows a decided inability to witness to the facts and decide upon the facts of Hillary’s despotic and criminal history.  After all, Cokie supports Hillary who:

1…Lied to Congress and the American people about Benghazi.

2…Lied to Congress and the American people about not allowing classified email to be unsecured on her server.

3….Lied to Congress and the American people about only using the private, UNSECURED, server for personal activities.

4….Lied to Congress and the American people about keeping her decisions as Secretary of State separate from her husband’s speaking fees.  Those fees brought in millions of dollars to them personally and millions, even billions, to the Clinton Foundation.

5…Lied to the American people about supporting rape victims when she attacked those women who say that Bill Clinton raped them.

6…Berated Secret Service and staff to the point where some of them were depressed and, it is said, that Vince Foster committed suicide.

7….Made more money in stocks than is possible by any measure.

8…Stole the White House’s silverware as Bill left office.

9…Lied to the American public about the Travel Office debacle.

10…Lied, lies, and will lie some more.  That is Hillary’s modus operandi.

And, Cokie Roberts thinks that Trump supporters are morally tainted?  

I take great exception to anyone judging my support for Donald Trump.  The talking heads should stop trying to save Hillary from her own immorality.  What does Cokie’s support for Hillary show about Cokie’s own morality?  Maybe COKIE should look in the mirror because HER nominee, Hillary Clinton, has been involved in scandal after scandal.  The only thing saving Hillary is people like Cokie Roberts who are either blind to Hillary’s criminal acts, or, are willing to accept a morally challenged nominee because it gains them some personal benefit!  Just like the book, Clinton Cash, reveals, the Clintons have used the influence of their offices to improve their own lot.  I wonder what supporting Hillary is going to do for Cokie?

After all, Cokie,  birds of a feather, flock together.

Cokie Roberts: Trump Backers Are ‘Morally Tainted’