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Democrats — the lowest, “common” denominator

Democrats brag that they accept anyone into their party.  And, it’s true.

For example, they accept liars.  Wasserman-Schultz is just the latest Democrat to say one thing, deny the comment, and then be proven a liar by a recorded conversation.  Harry Reid does it so often that no one even pays attention to his lies any more.  And, Biden?  It’s sad that, as Clint Eastwood said, Biden is the intellectual genius of the Democrat party.  And, yet, Biden is just a grin with a body behind it!  Still,  Democrats want Biden to be one step away from the Presidency.  Not only are liars acceptable, but so is idiocy, I guess.

They accept politicians who commit libel and then claim it was the “other” guy who did the dirty deed.  Witness the repeated hints that Republicans are Nazi-like and the S. Carolina Democrat party chairman who compared Nikki Haley to Eva Braun…..oh, yes, another Nazi!  And, then, they charge that Republicans who target high unemployment or the $16 million deficit are using underhanded tactics to win!

Democrats are NOT mainstream Americans!  They even tried to remove God from their platform.   Each year, they replace more and more language that refers to God.  This year, they replaced God, then screamed and hollered when He was put back into their platform.  President Obama acts surprised that God was no longer welcome at the DNC even when everyone knows that the platform is based on his own philosophy.   Does he really think we are so stupid as to believe that someone ELSE removed God from the platform?  Well, maybe after 4 years of blaming President Bush, the hurricanes, the European economic crisis, Katrina, yada yada, for all the problems of the United States and the world, Obama is still looking for a scapegoat for his own failures.

Democrats do NOT back Israel.  This year, they removed a reference to Jerusalem, the capitol of Israel, from their platform!  Well, they did until the public rebelled and then, President Obama — once again surprised — “insisted”  Jerusalem be reinstated in the platform.  Right.

Democrats revere the lowest form of behaviour.  Witness the former President Bill Clinton who, if the justice department had done its job, would have been imprisoned for sexual harassment of an employee.  But, no.  Apparently, dropping your drawers in the oval office is okay with Democrats…presumably if done by a Democrat!  Compare that to Presidents Bush, 41 and 43, who respected the office of the President so much that they would not even remove their suit coats in the Oval office!

Democrats pander to buy votes.  Witness the promise to college students that their loans will be subsidized.  Really?  Who took out those loans and whom do those loans benefit?  Witness the promise to illegal immigrants that their children can stay here, no matter how they arrived, and yet, the Justice Department challenges the state of Arizona in court for trying to enforce immigration laws. Witness all the big donors to the Democrats who have received millions of stimulus dollars for companies, even when the company was known to be failing.  Does Solyndra come to anyone’s mind?

Democrats are hypocrites.  They are  so used to obstructing and not enforcing U.S. laws that they miss the irony in the fact that a photo id is required to enter the DNC and yet, the Justice Department challenges voter id laws in many states!

So, while the DNC is patting itself on the back and making a big hoopla over their pride and joy, Clinton, who should really be their Scarlet Letter, they reveal how morally corrupt the Democrat party is as a whole.  There are good people within the party, but the guiding “lights” like Senator Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, and even President Obama and former President Clinton, blacken the reputation of the Democrats.  By allowing all manner of deviant behaviour and sidestepping our laws, the Democrats have become the lowest, “common” denominator in the United States today.