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Chinatown, USA…or, just USA?

What’s wrong with a politician of Chinese descent criticizing Rush Limbaugh for imitating the Chinese language or leader?

Well, for starters, the politician is an AMERICAN who happens to have Chinese ancestry.  What’s it to an AMERICAN politician if an AMERICAN talk show host criticizes a foreign leader?  After all, that’s what talk radio does.

Secondly, enough of this PC stuff!  It seems as though every special interest group wants the censorship rights to free speech nowadays.  The Democrats complained about bullseyes on maps, even though they had previously labeled maps in the same manner.  The blacks want a “Black caucus” and the “NAACP”,  but find the idea of a “White caucus” offensive.  And, now, politicians seem to think that even mimicry, if it’s of something they hold dear, should be apologized for.

There is a much simpler method of handling free speech of which you don’t approve.  Shut it off.  Don’t listen to it.  Tell others, if you like, that you find the speech offensive.  But, unless the speech is libelous or slanderous, the speaker has every right to speak and YOU (the complainer) have a right to complain, but NOT to demand that the free speech be censored, stopped, or even apologized for!

My gosh. All of us have been insulted at one time or another and most of us didn’t make a federal case about it.   Learning to ignore insults should be second nature to a politician, and probably, a useful trick for everyone. Let’s understand that some people have views we don’t like and that some people will say things we don’t like.  But, let’s stop the public grandstanding right there.