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Life and Death in Venezuela and America

Life with Hugo Chaves was akin to living in a prison where  every move, thought, and word were monitored by government agencies.   Venezuelans did elect this dictator, but you can’t blame them when the media hyped his every deed and gave him accolades, even when he acted in ways that benefited only him, and not his country.

Hugo Chaves swore to defend his country.  Instead, he instituted measures that served him well.  He was notoriously corrupt and arrogant.  He was paranoid , blaming others — specifically the USA — for his country’s problems.  He was undisciplined in his speech and enjoyed nothing more than the sound of his own voice, often making speeches of great length but little meaning.

Huge Chaves  became President of Venezuela with practically no executive experience.  He was little more than a community organizer….only his first community was composed of soldiers.

Hugo Chaves managed to separate his country from other countries who would have been his allies.  He created an environment where life was cheap and living was expensive.

The world will hardly miss Mr. Chaves.  And, Venezuela might be better off without him, too.

There might be relief, but never joy in the death of anyone, even a dictator.   However, given the choice, I wonder if Venezuelans would have preferred living without Chaves and his selfish, self-aggrandizing posturing?  Venezuelans might have told Chavez “don’t go away mad, just go away!”

Sometimes I feel the same way about our President.  President Obama, too, wants to control every American’s thought, word and deed.  He was re-elected, but the media was totally complicit in covering up any story that cast doubt on their favorite, Mr. Obama.

Obama swore to defend our country.  Instead, he treats every situation as a political choice, failing to protect even our ambassadors and their support staff.  Then, he lies, obfuscates and covers up his own indefensible actions.  Like Chavez, Obama loves to hear himself talk and gives long, dissembling speeches that merely politicize situations and further divide Americans.  Like Chavez, Obama came to the Presidency with no executive experience.

Because of this inexperience, Obama has not only divided America;  but, he has torn apart our alliances with countries like Turkey, Egypt, and even Israel.

Life in America has become more of a struggle because President Obama takes our tax dollars to reward his buddies and to control those who have views contrary to his.  Life in America is less valuable today because Obama supports abortion and rationing of health care for the elderly.  And, Life in America is far more expensive since Obama came into office because of his regulatory stance and refusal to allow honest jobs, like the Keystone Pipeline, to begin.

No one is suggesting that harm come to President Obama.  Whether we like him or not, he is our President and must be defended from physical harm.  But, I will be one of those cheering when he makes his exit in 4 years.  I just hope that America can survive that long with his Lieberal agenda which favors some and creates dissension for all.

In four years, more Americans will likely be saying to Obama:  Don’t go away mad.  Just go away!