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Indian Giver

Monday, May 21, 2012, page A-3:  Tribes give more than $1M to Obama campaign:


Reparations are the ultimate guilt trip for our generation.  We are expected to pay for bad things that happened to the Blacks.  We are expected to reimburse Japanese Americans for being detained during a World War that, unfortunately for them, was started by their previous homeland, Japan.  We are expected to pay for Native Americans whose ancestors ceded land the Federal Government.

We have been paying for these “sins of our Fathers”  for as long as Lieberals  have been buying votes by  stirring up past grievances.  The minorities have routinely voted for these Lieberal ideas because, after all, someone, somewhere, OWES them for the indignities suffered by past generations.

Unfortunately, supporting this type of largesses which is thinly veiled welfare, our country has created more problems, not less.  Ask Thomas Sowell or Charles Payne about whether welfare is the path to economic security?

However, now we are approaching the point of absurdity in this gravy train where the powers-that-be determine who receives Federal money — aka OUR TAXES !

Native American tribes have been receiving Federal monies for years and years.  Schools have been built for them.  Health Clinics have been built for them.  Roads, police, emergency services, care for the elderly, ad infinitum have been paid for from our taxes.  And, what do we get for these taxes?

Well, first, the Menominees of Wisconsin have proclaimed themselves a sovereign nation!  Yes, they no longer are part of the United States, by their definition.  However,  they still receive Federal grants.   They still are under the umbrella of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

And, NOW, to add insult to injury, the Green Bay Press Gazette reports that  Indian tribes are donating huge sums of money to Democrat campaigns and have donated more than $1,000,000.00 to the Obama campaign!  This is truly our tax dollars at work………….ALL IN THE HOPES OF GAINING YET MORE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

It is unAmerican that anyone should benefit from our taxes and then turn around and buy more of those same benefits.  If we truly want to be the United States of America, we need to all be equal.  The sins of the past should stay in the past.  And, the Federal Government should be working for the benefit of ALL of us, not just a select group of voters who will support the Lieberal cause.

There is no more noble savage in America.  Instead, we have people willing to become beggars just to receive more hand outs.  And, then, these handouts are returned to the giver, i.e., Obama and his horde of thieves.

Kinda’ gives the phrase “Indian Giver” new meaning, doesn’t it?