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Hillary — playing games with words

So, President Obama has infamously said that if you are successful, don’t be proud because “you didn’t build that!”.

He believes you can’t take credit  for your own success, even if you worked your fingers to the bone and your family sacrificed along with you.

Now, we have another Democrat — who also wants to be President of the United States — saying something just as stupid.  Hillary, in her best pandering mode,  wanted to please her crowd.  Unfortunately for her, her quote is just as stupid as Obama’s,AND,  shows how little she understands how our economy actually works.   Here is Hillary’s  “gem”.

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’.

That is the most outlandish, stupid, and FALSE comment any politician could possibly make!  If corporations (that’s businesses, Hillary) don’t create jobs, who does she think does?

Of course,  she has never run a business in the private sector.  Nor, has she ever written the checks for a payroll.  She has never, personally,  dealt with employee concerns.

In short, before she ,makes such ludicrous pronouncements, maybe she should run a business and see if SHE can create a job in the private sector.

I think she will find creating jobs is a tough proposition.  Businesses should be thanked for the jobs they create which, in turn, generates a vibrant economy.   She is completely ignorant of how our economy works.

However, Hillary, like Obama, has never had to explain her inadequacies.  The media  gives both of them a pass.  The truth is that, as the Secretary of State, Hillary failed to secure our embassy and Ambassador Stevens was murdered.  And,now, when Hillary is playing games with words, even abut something of which she has NO KNOWLEDGE, it’s time to illustrate how incompetent she is.

Don’t let Anybody tell you that Hillary knows what she is talking about!