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Libs “just don’t get it!”

The first line of this news “report”  (what an oxymoron, mostly moronic, term) is based upon a false assumption.


If you’re uninsured and on the brink of death, that’s apparently a laughing matter to some audience members at last night’s tea party Republican presidential debate.Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a doctor, was asked a hypothetical question by CNN host Wolf Blitzer about how society should respond if a healthy 30-year-old man who decided against buying health insurance suddenly goes into a coma and requires intensive care for six months. Paul–a fierce limited-government advocate– said it shouldn’t be the government’s responsibility. “That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks,” Paul said and was drowned out by audience applause as he added, “this whole idea that you have to prepare to take care of everybody …”

Did the audience laugh?  Well, that is open to interpretation.

Were they laughing about a young man dying because he couldn’t afford insurance?  Not really.  So, what was the response of some in the audience?

Well, as usual, the lib media wants to present conservatives, especially Tea Party members, as cruel, inhumane, and generally, sub-human when their fellow Americans are being considered.  However, also as usual, the lib media made a false assumption.  And, you know what assuming does, right?  It makes an ass of u and me!

This writer, Rachel, assumed that the audience was laughing at a hypothetical man (and libs love using hyp stuff…like hypothetical, hyperbolic, hype….).  My opinion is that the audience was cheering, not laughing, and that they were cheering on the concept that this hypothetical story represented.  In fact, they were cheering one of our country’s founding principles….that of self responsibility.  This example was not about a real person, but whether it is the responsibility of government to provide total care for an American citizen or whether Americans want the freedom to choose their own future.

Conservatives fervently believe that each of us should pull our own weight although we do make exceptions for certain groups, such as the elderly, children, and those who are disabled.   However, we do NOT believe that these people should be used as political talking points nor do we believe, as libs so often do, that it is the responsibility of ONLY the “wealthy” to pay for all the entitlements libs want….usually because those entitlements are used as voting blocks for libs.  The more the libs hand out of someone else’s money to certain groups, the more likely re-election is.

It is interesting that libs constantly deride conservatives for conservatives purportedly being greedy and for not helping others.  Unfortunately, for libs, the fact is that conservatives, as a group, donate far more to churches, charitable organizations, and other charities, than do liberals.  That seems to indicate that part of the conservative philosophy is love of neighbor. Many libs seem to love their neighbors only when the neighbors vote the way libs want them to!

So, the reaction of some in the crowd was in favor of less government and more personal responsibility, not the desire to crush someone who is struggling!  The difference between what conservatives believe and what libs attempt to SAY conservatives believe is even bigger than the Federal Deficit, and that is saying something!

This story is only one of hundreds of epistles that libs write in the hopes of tearing down anyone who opposes their viewpoint.  This is only one example of false reporting and false reporting done to sway voters into believing an untruth. This is just more class warfare presented in the hopes of tarring conservatives.  AND, IT IS NOT TRUE.  So, please don’t believe everything you read….especially if a lib is writing it…. because Libs “just don’t get it”.