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Matt Damon — Political expert or political junkie?

The media seems to love telling us what Hollywood “experts” think about everything under the sun, including their political comments.  I have never understood this fascination with what famous, more often infamous, people want us to believe.   As someone who believes President Obama is the worst possible president we could have elected because Obama had absolutely no skill set, no experience, and even no belief in our Constitution, it really doesn’t change my opinions when Matt Damon tells us “his” views.

It is far more important to do our own research online than to fixate on a wannabe expert like Damon.  And, that research had better include a multitude of sources because the cable media has a love affair with President Obama and hardly ever discuss any fact that goes contrary to his image. CNN, MSNBC and even ABC are NOT in the business of reporting factual news, their goal is to influence the next election so that Lieberalism wins again.  That is why the networks concentrate on glamorizing Obama and insulting all conservatives and conservative viewpoints.

It’s time to start thinking for ourselves. Don’t let a pretty face convince you that that “face” knows what is best for the USA.  Because, that “face” is just that….a face.  Maybe it’s time to put our own face on the issues again.  We need to rely upon our own opinions, not those from an over-paid, arrogant actor from Hollywood.

After all, do you really care what Matt Damon thinks?  Do you really care if Matt Damon has flip-flopped from loving Obama to insulting Obama?   It’s time to replace the ignorant Lieberals with some good old American common sense and return to the strength that an informed electorate gives our country.

Don’t rely on someone like Matt Damon because he is obviously not a political expert.  He’s just a talking head, and little more than a political junkie who happens to be well known.