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The Face of America

President Obama has lived a charmed life  without repercussions from his college days of smoking pot to being a  community organizer to being elected an Illinois senator and finally, to the White House.  And, then, within minutes of being inaugurated, he wins the Nobel Peace Prize!  All this despite his own admitted lackluster college career, and his short and unimportant stint as a Senator.

In fact, what has he accomplished, besides being the face of Black America?

Let’s be honest.  His main “accomplishment” has been to divide America into warring factions……fomenting hostility all in the name of political advantage.  Blacks are encouraged to hate Whites.  “Middle America” is taught to hate the  “rich” .  Foreign leaders see an obsequious American President who kowtows to anyone NOT American!   To Obama, our Constitution is NOT his moral compass because he  “goes around Congress” whenever they don’t do his bidding.  Our precious, fallen soldiers are political fodder for him, NOT the heroes to be praised and thanked…….UNLESS there is a political gain for him.   A murdered Ambassador, the murdered Americans in Benghazi are a casualty of his unending politicization of every event and issue.

So, now, Lieberals are suggesting that Obama’s face be engraved beside our truly spectacular Presidents on Mount Rushmore!

My answer is not only “no”, it is “HELL, NO!”

First,  the Presidents on Mount Rushmore have impressive accomplishments.  George Washington was our first President who helped form our country into a cohesive union against a stronger England.  Thomas Jefferson was our third President, of superior intellect, the author of our Declaration of Independence, and instrumental in the purchase of the Louisiana Territory.  Abraham Lincoln, 16th President, secured the union and not only recognized that Blacks were equal to everyone else, but he forced everyone to agree.   Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President, had a photographic memory,  promoted the natural resources of America as well as being the Governor of New York,  and was the author of the Monroe Doctrine.

Compare that to Obama’s community fundraiser resume.  There is NO comparison.

President Obama is NOT the face of America….or, at least, he shouldn’t be.  The face of America is our Ambassador Stevens who was murdered serving in Benghazi and those heroic men who died fighting off a terrorist attack on our embassy.  The face of America is exemplified by the rows of white crosses at Arlington National Park and throughout the world in unmarked graves where American soldiers died protecting our great country.  The face of America is anyone who succeeds  because he or she has worked hard to improve himself and support his family.

Americans want the Face of America to represent the BEST of our country, NOT to be a political award, handed out to a guy whose claim to fame is pretty much  limited to his being half Black.  America rewards our great heroes so we remember our fallen warriors on Memorial Day.  We celebrate our country and its unique place in history on the Fourth of July while Mount Rushmore honors four of our greatest Presidents.  Let us not diminish the gift of Freedom these brave souls struggled to gain for us by trivializing Mount Rushmore just because it might be politically advantageous for a few moments.

If President Obama is truly a great President, then history will reward him with the laurels he so obviously wants.  If Obama is truly a great President, future generations will demand another memorial to him.

But, PLEASE, for once, let’s be cautious.  Let’s NOT give him another undeserved position, title, or prize.  Let us NOT carve any memorials to him unless the future shows he deserves the accolades.

Make Mount Rushmore reflect the true face of America…..brave, accomplished, and truly worthy of praise.