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Noah Feldman is a “blooming” — Bloomberg — fool.

It always surprises me that Lieberals, and, yes, the “lie” portion is intentional, are so willing to denigrate those who support someone else. Their first line of attack is almost always to insult any person or idea that doesn’t line up with their agenda.  Rather than responding to all the horrible things that Hillary said and did, as revealed by Wikileaks, the Democrats try to shift the story line to who released the emails and whom should be blamed for their release.  It’s a “kill the messenger” strategy that often works because the media refuse to report the facts, rather than their opinion of the facts. The malevolence and deviousness of the media toward conservatives shouldn’t surprise me, but it does!

The real story should be the CONTENT OF HILLARY’S EMAILS, NOT HOW THE EMAILS CAME INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Yet, the Lieberal press keeps on plugging the storyline that the problem is who released the emails.  It’s ironic that, if Hillary had followed her own State Department’s guidelines, none of her vitriol nor self-servicing actions would be public knowledge! It’s her own fault that we now know a great deal about her perfidious behaviour, DESPITE a press that cowers at her feet like lapdogs.

So, unsurprisingly, Bloomberg press has found yet another Lieberal, Noah Feldman,  who ignores Hillary’s problems with the Truth and who scomplains about those of us who support Donald Trump.  Mr. Feldman believes that those of us who prefer a businessman, i.e., Donald Trump,to be our next President versus a  woman, Hillary Clinton, who has proven over and over that she is willing to commit illegalities if it promotes her own career…..EVEN when she holds public office……have a lack of intelligence.  Yes, Mr. Feldman believes those of us who prefer a businessman over a dishonest, career politician are not able to discern facts from fiction.

I believe that Mr. Feldman is the one who is unable to look at facts and come up with an objective answer.  If he could think rationally, he would have looked at Hillary’s dishonesty throughout her public career and he would have made the right choice to vote for Mr. Trump.

How can anyone with a lick of common sense prefer Hillary over Trump?  How can anyone pretend that Hillary is an honest politician?  How can anyone, like Mr. Feldman, continue to cover up for one of this country’s most egregious liars that is Hillary?

There must be something to be gained by Mr. Feldman.  How does his support for the Democrats help him?  Really.  What is there to be gained in supporting Hillary with all her illegal  baggage? That, too, is likely hidden in one of the “bleached” emails that Hillary did NOT want us to see.

So, rather than questioning the intelligence of Trump supporters, let’s discuss Mr. Feldman’s lack of intelligence and objectivity.

As one of the deplorables, let me ask Mr. Feldman, and all his cronies in the Lieberal press,  a question.  Why do you support a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has been involved in countless illegal activites while holding public office?  Why do you insist on ignoring and covering up Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, the abuse of Bill’s  rape victims, the theft of White House  silverware (etc.), the potential involvement with Vincent Foster, her flip flops on policies (TPP),  her illegal and inexcusable use of an unsecured private server to send and receive classified information (see Comey’s testimony about whether it was classified), her perjury to Congress regarding her use of multiple devices, her bleaching of governmental information AFTER a subpoena was issued and served, her collusion to hide her unsecured server, her dereliction of duty to protect those in Benghazi, her delivering American uranium to Russia, her use of the Clinton Foundation to further her and Bill’s financial gains,  her lies about the extent of donations made by the Clinton Foundation, her use of gifts to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments which appear to have influenced her decisions as Secretary of State…………………..her lies to the American voter about almost everything?

The Lieberal press can’t answer these questions with a straight face because the Truth about Hillary and her unsavory behaviour is so unpalatable to any American voter.  The media reminds me of an old saying regarding hiding the truth.  It was:  Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

Apparently, Mr. Feldman prefers asking no questions of Hillary Clinton because he knows he will only get lies back!

Yes, Mr. Feldman wants the public to believe that Trump supporters are idiots;  but, his own opinionated writings belie the Truth.  In fact, if he could even recognize a fact, Mr. Feldman  is just another Lieberal who can’t accept the truth about the Democrat’s nominee.