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Racism rears its ugly head again…

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.

President Obama has routinely used racism as a straw man to attack whenever something “ails” him,  his agenda, or whenever he finds himself in a tight spot.

He’s in a very tight spot today.  His Obama-scare is failing.  You know.  The great plan that Americans would love if they only understood it.  America’s approval in the world is lying in shreds.  You know.  The great plan Obama had that he would “talk” with those foreign countries and they would all lie down and lick his feet.  The American public’s approval of him and his ridiculous Obama-scare, along with its roll out,  is dropping day by day.  You know.  Democrats and Obama think that Americans are so dumb that they won’t notice that Obama-scare raises their taxes, their insurance premiums, AND, reduces the quality of their health care.  Unemployment, especially those who have given up finding work, is sky high. You know.  The unemployed are your friends and neighbors who WANT to work, but can’t find it thanks to the terrible economy.  Democrats, his own party, are distancing themselves from him.  You know.  Democrats are the party that claimed to know everything, including what is best for you. The CIA, FBI, IRS, and who knows who else are spying on you.  You know every government bureaucrat is tracking you.  Wait.  Actually, you didn’t know!

As America’s dreams fade into the sunset,  it is finally dawning on Americans that Obama hasn’t a clue about anything.  Finally, it is dawning on Americans that Obama is a loser.  And, finally, it is dawning on us that, because he is a loser, so are we.

So, what is his solution?

As always, Obama chooses to save his own skin, no matter the cost nor the risk of creating further divisions among the American public.  He WANTS to stoke up claims of racism because that false battle cry will almost always bring out his base.  He chooses to further divide Americans by inciting the specter of racism…..NOT because there is any basis for that claim;  but, because he doesn’t know any other way to fight.

Democrats have been successful through the years by dividing the electorate.  Class warfare and claims of racism are the two pillars of the traditional Democrats’ strategy.  When President Obama claims that his approval ratings are sinking because of racism, he ignores the fact that non-Black people helped elect him….twice!  He ignores the fact that, while he is black, he is also white.  Would he claim that his approval rating is dropping because Blacks don’t want a white President?  Of course not.  That would sound almost as ridiculous as his claim that “people don’t want a Black President”.

His claim about racism is a real sign of desperation because everyone knows that true racism is ugly and can  NOT be tolerated.  True racism must be destroyed.  Charges of racism should not be trotted out just as a political ploy because such charges can cause untold misery to many.

The good news is that racism is not the prevailing attitude in America.  In the rest of the world, though, racism causes more misery and slaughter than America ever witnessed.  Look at the Middle East where Suniis and Shiites fight each other daily.  In Africa, tribes destroy other tribes for trivial reasons.  Al Quaida bombs anyone who even looks askance at Islam.  Those are the areas which President Obama could reasonably label as racist.  But, NOT America….at least, not now.

The bad news is that, if President Obama insists upon crying “wolf” , i.e., racism, every time he needs a fix in the polls, he will encourage conflict in America. He knows that the charge of racism creates conflict, and, yet, he still brings it out when he needs a boost.  He , of all people, should be above using this hideous charge just to improve his own image.  And, we should expect our President to ignore the polls and show more strength of character and to improve America, not to divide Americans.

So, let’s not let racism rear its ugly head again.  It’s obvious that Obama’s  low approval ratings are the result of his own disastrous ineptness and poor choices, not the reaction to who his mother or father were.  No one can honestly say that Americans care whether he is black, white, purple or green.  We all just want him to be a good President.