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Democrats fleeing the Obama-scare ship………………..

Some Democrats, especially those up for re-election, are rethinking their support for Obama-scare.  No, they did not have an epiphany.  No, they did not get “religion”.  And, no, they are still not concerned with Americans’ health.

Rather, these Democrats want to have their cake and eat it, too.  They don’t want Obama-scare to scare voters away from them!

First, they were in the thrall of National Healthcare.  Oh, yes.  Obama-scare would be the “war to end all wars (health care wars, that is)”.  And, no matter that poll after poll showed Americans did NOT WANT national healthcare, Democrats decided they knew better and forced the legislation through.

However, now that the roll out has been an utter fiasco and now that cancellations are as thick as snow in a Wisconsin winter, and now that Americans are beginning to realize what a disaster the entire idea is,  THESE POLITICIANS ARE SCRAMBLING TO SAVE THEMSELVES!

These Democrats who unanimously voted FOR Obama-scare would have us believe that they are just as furious as President Obama claims to be. And, in an attempt to avoid the blame for this nightmare,  Democrats blame Republicans.   Ho ho ho.  Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, these Democrats don’t give a fig about anyone else, just their own hides.  They will act angrily — remember Bachus calling Obama-scare a “train wreck”?  They will say anything — remember Wasserman-Schultz calling cancellations “transitions”?  They will lie to your face and expect you to believe them because……………….it has ALWAYS worked in the past.

After all, President Obama repeatedly lied about how Obama-scare will affect Americans’ health insurance…………….and no one contradicted him.  Remember his  infamous “you can keep your health care/doctor/plan  period” quote?  I do.  Most Americans do, yet, he is willing to pretend that he didn’t say it.   The over 29 videos of those exact words by Obama belie his current statements.  Carney, his press secretary, pretends to be indignant that anyone would question the President’s credibility.  But what are we to think?  We have the incontrovertible evidence of Obama’s lies, along with all his Democrats’ lies, and yet, somehow, they expect us to believe their new lies?

Wow.  Obama and the Democrats really do NOT think much of our intelligence, do they?  Because, there is no way to justify the lies, the cost, nor the havoc that Obama-scare has caused.  There is no way for Democrats to lie their way out of this pickle…..even if they will continue to try.  There is no way for Democrats to fix Obama-scare with their words.  If they truly wanted to fix this legislative nightmare, they would trash the entire bill and begin again.  And, this time, they should ask the American people what WE WANT!  Enough of them telling us what we SHOULD want.

Democrats are increasingly mutinous because “captain” Obama is out playing golf for the 150th time while Democrats’ representatives and Senators are left to bail out the ship.   Knowing this, is there any surprise that Democrats are fleeing the Obama-scare ship?