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Picture perfect?

Is President Obama picture perfect?  Well, someone must think so because it seems that every time I look online, or listen to the “news” on tv, President Obama and his family are traveling somewhere.  And, of course, all this is at taxpayer expense.  Why, even their dog flew to one vacation…..and, on a flight different than the rest of the family!

Usually, Presidents are elected to “do the people’s work”, but Obama apparently thinks he was elected to enjoy the perks of national office.

Guess it’s no wonder that the nation’s problems like– the oil slick in the Gulf, the sagging economy, the increasing unemployment, the heightened aggressiveness by Russia and China and Iran and even North Korea– are NOT BEING SOLVED.  The President is ON VACATION!!!  Or, maybe he’s GOLFING OR PLAYING BASKETBALL!

Picture Perfect?  Hardly.   So, vacation on, Mr. President, while the sky falls down on the rest of us.