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Obama’s Dream

Panetta: ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions

When we were kids and someone made a foolish remark, we would often claim that they “were dreaming.”  Today, unfortunately, we have a President who makes crazy remarks and HAS to be dreaming;  however, no one ever seems to call him on his idiotic remarks and actions that threaten the very existence of America as a Sovereign nation.  We applaud Netanyahu for enunciating Israel’s right to make its own decisions, but far too many on the Left also applaud our President while he destroys America’s right to make OUR own decisions.

Is there anyone, with a brain and even limited knowledge of history, who would  agree with Panetta’s  ridiculous announcement that America’s decisions are subject  to “International” regulation?

It’s getting downright scary to listen to Obama, and his minions, expound on their view of how to limit American influence and authority.  In an inexplicable diatribe the other day, I heard an “Obama expert” state that the United States is a Superpower and the World can, and should, expect us to keep bailing everyone else out.  And, in the same breath, he also said that we must consult with everyone else before acting!

Did Greece consult with us before their limited work week created the fiscal crisis threatening their country from which they expect Europe, and the U.S. through the World Bank, to bail them out?  Wasn’t Europe pretty smug when they  created a “super” economy and the Euro?  Who rescued Europe and countless other countries from war, pestilence, and natural disasters?

Yes, it was America.

And still, President Obama maintains that America is, and was,  “the” problem in a multitude of areas and he has vigorously worked to demote the reputation of the United States of America.  This attitude strikes most Americans as anti-American.  Nevertheless, Obama and his administration continue to bow to foreign leaders, to insult the generosity of America while abroad, and to insist  that he and the Democrats, not the American public, know what was best for US in all areas, including the health care field.

All these insults were painful to watch, but most of us hoped that Obama would learn from experience that America needs to be strong, not weak.  That America must be ever vigilant against tyrants, like Iran, not trying to appease terrorists.  But, that has NOT happened.

And, now, we come to the crux of Obama’s political aspirations with his very own Secretary of Defense publicly stating that America’s decisions, even military choices,  must be subject to  International authority!

It’s not only ironic, but unfair, that Obama expects Americans to keep paying for the World’s mistakes even while he blames America for the World’s mistakes.  He admits that America is a Superpower, but he doesn’t want us to be able to act like a Superpower.   He wants to control every aspect of Americans’ life, and yet, he is ceding America’s right to act as it sees fit to other nations.  This is absolutely frightening.

Americans have to reject Obama’s challenges to American authority because Obama’s Dream is fast becoming America’s nightmare.