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Obama, Liar in Chief

An honest person has a difficult time telling a lie. He’ll fidget or rock back and forth on his feet. Or, a woman will twirl her hair and refuse to look you in the eye. An honest person feels guilty when they lie….and, it shows.

Dishonest people feel no shame when telling lies. They can look you right in the eye and lie without any “tells”. They can look completely at ease at the same time they are lying in your face.

So, what does it mean when President Obama looks into the camera and, without twitching, tells the American people that “The last thing I think about at night is unemployment.  And, the first thing I think about in the morning is how to fix unemployment” ?  It tells us that  our President is a liar.

Or, how about  his telling Americans that they will never lose their health coverage? Then, he siphons off Medicare money to pay for Obamascare.  What about his  claiming HE gets credit for Osama’s demise when it was Bush’s preparations and the skills and courage of the Navy seals that took care of Osama?  Remember the Obama campaign ads that labeled  Governor Romney a “murderer”, “vulture”and  a “woman hater”?   Even though a kindergartner could hear the obvious insults, Obama denies the ads ever said that.

Did he make these assertions without twitching?  Yes, he did.  Are they lies?  Yes, they are.  Does that make Obama a liar?  Yes.

Unfortunately, these lies by Obama are just the LATEST in a string of lies that should end any chance of his re-election.  A President really should be of the highest moral character and definitely should NOT be a liar.  And, if the media did their journalistic job, Obama would already be history.  In  fact, these lies would sink any conservative candidate.  But for the lieberal media and Democrats, lying goes with the territory.

After all, have you heard the joke about Democrats?  It goes:  how do you know when a Democrat is lying?  The answer is:  When his lips are moving.

Sadly, Obama is no different.  In fact, he is the Commander in chief of Lies.