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The Hypocrites live in Congress!

They are “outraged” and “demanding” that Moore resign, based on allegations he sexually abused teenagers.

And, yet, no one really knows whether the accusations are true.  What happened to “innocent until PROVEN guilty” ?

They pandered and equivocated when a Democrat was guilty of sexually abusing a subordinate.  Remember former President Clinton?  How many of these holier-than-thou legislators refused to convict former President Clinton and even  supported him being head of the Democrat’s party?

But, now, with the public outcry against Moore, these same lap dogs are racing to line up against Moore.  Why?  It is politically expedient.

Where were they when Weiner was caught sending perverse emails?  Where were they when Clinton was caught with his pants down in the Oval Office?

Oh, they were there all right.  However, then, it wasn’t quite as lucrative politically to denounce those Democrats.  Now, all of a sudden, everyone is in an uproar about sexual harassment and abuse.  And, for the Democrats, it is politically expedient, and they are reveling in any opportunity to steal a Senate seat, whether the candidate is guilty of a crime or not.

Even Clinton is now fair game for some Dems.  Although it was always obvious that Bill Clinton should be convicted, it is ludicrous that they are now finally willing to even consider his guilt.

Of course, it is also advantageous for them.  Being on the “high ground” is lucrative, so, punishing sexual offenders becomes a cause celeb.  And, those “morally superior” LEGISLATORS are first in line to throw stones.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!