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Russia’s interference

For months now, the Democrats have been pushing the theory that the Russians colluded with Trump’s campaign to influence the 2016 election.  For months now, there has been no evidence of any collusion.  But, of course, that hasn’t stopped the Dems from desperately looking for Russian bogeymen everywhere.  And, unsurprisingly, when they can’t find bogeymen, they try to manufacture rumors to attack  President Trump with planned leaks and obnoxious innuendo.

In this case, the old “be careful what you ask for”  applies to the Democrats.  Why?  Their hysterical efforts to undermine President Trump’s agenda might have slowed its progress;  but, Trump is still moving it along through sheer grit and determination.

And, the Democrats, through their own actions, have given the Russians what the Russians wanted — dissension in America.

Because, by continuously slandering our President, the Dems undercut the Spirit of America.  And, when the Democrats divide us,  the Russians conquer us.  Remember “United we stand.  Divided we fall.”

It is beyond sad that the Democrats, by pursuing their own, self-serving agenda are actually destroying the very country, and people, they pretend to care about.  Ironically, their their determination to rule over America, through any means, is not much different than the Russians, is it?   Reagan warned us of the “Bear in the Forest”.  And, most Americans are equally suspicious of that “Bear”.

But maybe, just maybe,  we are worried about the wrong bear in the forest.  Because, Democrats are lurking everywhere…spewing hateful rhetoric………..hoping to divide our citizenry so they can win elections.  It’s sad and dangerous for them…….and all of us.

So, Russian interference? Why should they  bother to interfere when the Democrats will do the dirty work for them?