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The Meaning of “is”……….

Only in America, and only a Democrat, would  claim that paying more in taxes is NOT a tax hike! They preach that since they aren’t suggesting raising the RATES, only eliminating EXEMPTIONS, that this does not amount to a tax hike.  Ha ha.   Does it matter whether you are taxed at a higher rate or whether the Democrats take away exemptions?  No.

What counts is the NET amount! For example,  if you’re taxed 60% on an income of $250,000, that means you are paying $150,000 in taxes.  Democrats would scoff at that 60% rate;  however, if you add up all the sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes, fees, etc., that is about the NET amount of taxes paid in today’s crazy taxation climate. But,  Democrats want to convince you that they aren’t raising taxes,  merely closing loopholes that the “wealthy”  are purportedly using to lower their tax rates.  But, no matter how the government takes your money, if the total amount paid in taxes is MORE than before, it is a TAX HIKE!

Democrats pretend that paying more taxes, due to fewer exemptions, is not a tax hike;  but, everyone knows that it’s NOT the titles that count, but the BOTTOM LINE.  But, what can you expect from a party that supported people like former President Clinton and Representative Weiner and even John Edwards until public indignation drove those Democrats to admit their immoral behaviour?  After all, Democrats defended Clinton even AFTER the facts came out.  And, he’s the guy who  gave us the new standard of morality when he defended himself by questioning the meaning of “is”!  After his performance in office, and we won’t discuss THAT, Democrats have been on a downward spiral in terms of their morals.

Regardless of the meaning of “is”, the meaning of  eliminating exemptions for anyone  IS a tax hike.