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Hot Dog!……I mean, Weiner…

You’ve heard of Top Dog?  Well, this is one Dog that was Top and now is a hot dog,  looking for a fire hydrant to express his frustration.

According to those in the know, it looks like Weiner DID send the infamous picture.  I mean, let’s face it.  What are the odds that a picture he will cannot bring himself to disown as his,  makes it to a pretty co-ed..and, by the way, the picture he won’t disown is  from HIS  personal internet connection?

The facts are fairly conclusive proving that Weiner is the guy in the raunchy photo.

So, what should happen to a Congressman who is caught, literally, with his pants down?  Well, if he were a Republican, he would  be forced out of office.  But, Democrats routinely commit havey cavey acts and no one blinks an eye.

However, this might be a different situation, even for a Democrat.  Weiner committed an unforgiveable sin by thinking he can blame a hacker to cover his dirty little secret. Coverups have been the downfall of many a politician and, thus, are seldom tolerated.  Anyway, it’s about time to stop the double standard which allows Democrats to do immoral acts, like former President Clinton, and expects Republicans to adhere to a higher moral standard.   For those of us who believe everyone should be equal, even when it comes to punishment, my “vote” goes to recalling Weiner if he doesn’t do the right thing and resign.

After all, even if  he can convince laypeople that the graphic photo did not come from him, let’s hope that the Internet jockeys   “ride this horse” until Weiner stops saying “Neigh”…or, “Nay”!

Let’s end this dog and pony show.  Weiner is neither a pony nor a Hot Dog.  He’s just another politician who got caught with his pants down.