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Wisconsin’s Recall Elections

Children learn very early in their lives that the majority rules.  If you’re in the minority, you probably don’t like doing what the majority says, but, hey, that’s the way it goes.

Only, in politics is it different.  Only in politics is it okay for the minority to object so strenuously to what the majority already decided.

Because the unions, especially the teachers’ union, resent any attempts to make THEM pay their FAIR SHARE of health care costs, etc., they have forced recall elections for Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch, and several legislators.  There was NO malfeasance in office.  There was NO criminal behaviour by these representatives.  In fact, all of these elected officials governed just as they had promised they would during the campaign.  The exceptions were the Democrats who left the state to prevent our Legislature from working!  Of course, these Democrats still were paid!

Democrats like to pretend they walk the high road.  They like to label the opposition with particularly noxious and obnoxious names.  They like to justify their own unjustifiable positions by re-framing arguments into class warfare or racially biased formats.  Democrats are in the minority in Wisconsin, but they are the loudest complainers and the ones most likely to keep protesting until they get their way.  I say, get THEM out of our way.

We all will be best served by keeping our elected officials on course and not distracting them with having to campaign a second time for the same “term” they already won. Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward”, NOT “let’s try again until we get our way!”

Stand for Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch!  It’s good for Wisconsin.