The Tower of “Babble”……now playing at the White House………

President Biden has proven to be incoherent in many of his remarks. The babble that comes out of his mouth is disconcerting at the minimum and frightening because he is the President..

Unsurprising then that he chooses a press secretary who also is incoherent and can’t seem to answer a simple question even when she has notes in front of her.

The Truth, and nothing but the Truth

Chris Wallace now claims he resigned from FOX news because “they” no longer were truthful about the 2020 election: “But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.”

Isn’t it interesting that only he knows the truth about the election? Those of us who question that election know nothing, if he is to be believed, and we have become, once again, the Deplorables of Hillary Clinton fame.

Mr. Wallace, in his arrogance, seems to have forgotten that Truth is a slippery beast at best. Except in math where you can be certain that 1 + 1 adds up to 2, there are few other areas that are absolutes. What one person considers true might not be what another considers the truth. It all depends upon the assumptions you make. I think Mr. Wallace makes foolish assumptions and then proliferates his faulty conclusions and denigrates anyone who disagrees with him. Why do I think that? Because Mr. Wallace has been one of the most liberal, and vindictive, hosts on FOX, especially when the subject was President Trump. It is thus no surprise that he feels threatened by anyone who has a different view of that election.

Unfortunately, Wallace was part of the media who pandered to Mr. Biden and excoriated Mr. Trump at every opportunity. Many of us do question the 2020 election, especially now that the facts being revealed show how corrupt President Biden, and his son Hunter, were….and, are. The media is finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s laptop might just prove that President Biden is corrupt. But, they mocked anyone who claimed that earlier, including the man who actually had the evidence, the laptop. And, the admission that the Steele dossier was not only a fake, but perpetuated by our own clandestine FBI, should cause everyone to question the slanderous stance taken by the media. The news about election officials who allowed voting practices that were outlawed by the states themselves creates even more doubt about that election. These lies and subterfuge created by the media about President Trump, make it difficult to believe Mr. Wallace’s conclusion about the 2020 election.

DEspite all the evidence forthcoming that proves Mr. Trump was right, Mr. Wallace remains convinced only he knows the truth. I would challenge him on that!

Besides the evidence contradicting Mr. Wallace, I remember one of my college professors telling us to beware of anyone claiming to know the Absolute Truth. The problem is not with Truth itself. The problem is that politicians and the media no longer tell the Truth. They obfuscate, repeat half truths, and misconceptions until Truth is buried beneath mountains of lies. And then the lies become the straw man they can attack without anyone knowing what the truth really is.

It’s scary. Common sense is needed to wade through the deceptions that Mr. Wallace and his ilk have continually spouted. Lies are like a weedy root that burrows beneath the earth and sends up thorns and thistles. We need to root them out as soon as we see them before their terrible consequences, like the 2020 election, can create even more havoc in our country and the world.

Remember —- A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston Churchill

I’m sick of it!

That’s not me, that’s our inept President Biden speaking.

And, what is he sick of? He’s sick of being blamed for inflation, the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, the divisions in America, high gas prices, the incomprehensible non-response to Russia invading Ukraine…..yada yada. In short, he is sick of being blamed for all the trials and tribulations he has created in only the first year of being President.

Just imagine what he can do with 4 years!

Although he is known for making gaffes, this one is a real prize winner. Whom does he think should be blamed for these problems? He is the one who refused to rescue Americans and Afghans who helped America. He is the one who used racism as a campaign rallying cry….and, continues to use it to rationalize almost every problem he has created in America and the world. He is the one who shut down the Keystone pipeline which would be shipping oil within the year and maintaining the American energy surplus which President Trump began. Biden is the one who shrinks from confronting Putin about invading Ukraine. Apparently, Biden wants to follow in the footprints of Obama, his buddy, who was afraid to contest Putin’s invasion of Crimea.

Well, the chickens are definitely coming home to roost. That might be okay if it only affected those who shared the blame with Biden for the troubles in today’s world. But, everyone worldwide will suffer because Biden, Harris, AND the Democrats, are too afraid to stand up for anything. They wait to see what the political winds blow in and then, decide what to do.

And, if the winds switch direction, Biden and his coterie of “flexible” pals are more than willing to change their thinking, if it can be called thinking.

So, I’m sick of it, too. I’m sick of Biden, Harris, and all those Democrats who have led us into this misery we are now enduring. I’m sick of seeing Russia indiscriminately killing civilians — men, women and babies — just to take over a democratic Ukraine. I’m sick of high energy prices and supply chain problems. I’m sick of politicians who talk a good line, but ignore the realities of Life under Biden.

I’m sick, sick, sick, of our President and Democrats. My only hope is that others are sick enough of the lies, grandstanding, and ineptitude of Biden and the Democrats to vote them out of office.

Otherwise, we, and our wonderful America, might never get well again.

The tail end of a greedy tale….

Once upon a time, there was a large village called Happyland, so named because most of the people were content.  Oh,  there were problems, but for the most part, the majority felt that their little island was a safe and secure homeland. Because this village boasted almost every race, color and creed, everyone who came could find somewhere to be accepted.  So, it was, indeed, a happy land. 

Then, one day, in a village across the water but not too far away, loud sounds were heard and people died.  Evil stalked the Earth again.  Happyland was unhappy to hear of trouble anywhere; but, after all, they were an island and no harm could reach them.

Well, sad to say, one day Harm did come to Happyland.  There were big explosions and many people died.  Everyone in Happyland immediately demanded that the evil people who had brought this disaster to them be found and punished.  The people demanded that every means possible be used to find the perpetrators.  After all, Security was at stake!

So, the officials  began their search.  They looked high in the sky, checking all the airplanes and the people on the airplanes.  They looked low, checking all the people and baggage on trains and buses.  They looked in between, checking all the telephones and computers.  There were no more attacks and the people rested better at night.

But then, it was time to elect new officials or to re-elect the old officials.  The wanna-be officials decided that it was time to rewrite history.  Instead of agreeing, as they had in the past, that the elected officials had done everything that the population had demanded – and that everyone had agreed with at that time —  the wanna-be group insulted, denigrated, denied, and attacked every word, action, and intent of those in power.  If you had been listening to the new diatribe, you would have assumed that Happyland had been attacked again.

Not so.

In fact, Happyland prospered despite the attack.  Yes, there were people who lost treasures and lives in other tragedies;  but, that is Life, isn’t it?  But, more and more people built or bought homes.  Almost everyone had enough money for food, clothing and everyday expenses.  Children smiled and shouted once again.  In short, you would have thought that Happyland would have been happy.  And, they were. 

Well, they were until the microphones started shouting that Happyland was NOT happy.  Day after day and night after night, the litany rang out.  The elected officials were vilified at every twist and turn.  Eventually, people began to wonder if they truly were happy.

Those who defended Happyland began to lose their place of honor because they had used force to protect Happyland.  Even though people could sleep better at night because of that force, the wanna-be politicians derided the very group that had saved Happyland.  Every move and decision was questioned and debated with the benefit of hindsight.  The wanna-be group made a concerted effort to convince others that “they” would have done better.  Unfortunately for them, the history books show that they, too,  made decisions based on the facts available at the time.  But, they refused to listen and insisted that the “OTHERS” had been wrong!

The constant barrage of criticism eventually changed Happyland into Unhappyland.  Rather than working with others to protect the happy island, the naysayers used every opportunity they were given, and bought other opportunities, with the sole intent of tearing down the good that had been done for Happyland.  People became tense and worried again.  Uncertainty about the future created problems for those at home and those at work.  It was a sad time for many.  Instead of promoting a confident atmosphere, the naysayers destroyed the island’s image of a united Happyland.  The naysayers created an atmosphere where terror and evil could sneak in.

And, the Lie-berals smiled. It was another election season!

American or not?

The NFL announced it will play the Black National anthem before games this year. Say, what? What is the Black National anthem and where in the heck did it come from? Until this year, I had never heard of it.

In order to have a Black National anthem, there would have to be a country of Blacks. While America has many Black citizens, they are Americans, not Black Americans. After all, my Father’s family all came from Sweden, but we do not expect to have a Swedish National Anthem….not in America anyway!

I am not sure where the labeling of Americans began, but, to me, either you are an American or not. There are NO Black Americans nor any Hispanic Americans, nor any Asian Americans! It is past time for everyone to understand that America is composed of these UNITED States and, by separating people by the color of their skin or their ethnicity is un American! In fact, dividing people up by their ethnicity is racist.

And, if you can’t divide people up, then, we are a united country, neither black nor white, and we only have ONE National anthem. That anthem is the Star Spangled Banner.

So, there is NO basis for a Black National anthem because all of us are Americans and we all should salute the same flag and sing the same national anthem.

Love it or leave it!

That’s Scar-boo-rough’s advice for those who have questions about the integrity of the 2020 election results.

Unfortunately for Joe, he is purposely misunderstanding what many of us are demanding and he uses the same diversionary lies that Lie-berals have employed for years. 

Americans complaining about the errors, and, yes, cheating, that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election are NOT complaining about our Republic.  We are trying to correct the unfair practices that occurred.  Americans who question the last Presidential election want to restore our Democracy with fair elections.   

Joe, you are being unAmerican because you refuse to accept that those with views diametrically opposed to yours have the right to express their opinions. You want to suppress those who would argue with you because that is far easier than facing differing viewpoints. Democrats, unfortunately, are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their political power. Scarborough is part of that crooked crowd.

They lie about the election being fairly counted.

They cheated by rigging the times people could vote.

And, they stole the election by changing election laws and by stopping the counting in certain states AND, by not letting an independent agency have access to the ballot boxes and voting machines. They used the Covid crisis to convince election officials that the rules, and counting, had to be done differently than the law provides.

So, Joe, we are NOT arguing against America.   We are arguing FOR America because only fair elections can restore the integrity of our elections. 


In America, Freedom of Speech is our Constitutional Right. 

And, if you, Joe Scarborough do not believe in Freedom of Speech, it is you who should leave the Republic.


Who, or what, is under that mask?

The media has continually promoted the idea that the Corona Virus is a plague and will destroy all of us if we don’t follow restrictive, government mandates.

Actually, most of the mandates are illegal because they restrict individual rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

Barring a National Emergency, the government has no right to restrict where we go nor to tell us with whom we associate. Even though people dying from Covid is a tragedy, it is NOT a national emergency. People, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, die every year from the flu. And, the virus affected them no differently this year than any other year. But, by constantly focusing on the virus, and emphasizing the deaths, and not honestly investigating whether the virus was the scourge of the century, the media destroyed our personal lives. They inflated the danger of this virus and, we all assumed the media knew what they were talking about. That is where we made our first mistake!

Instead, we should have asked the media why they kept the fear of the virus at the forefront of every news report. Unfortunately, the main reason the Corona virus became such a national news story is that it served a purpose. The purpose for reporters was two fold. One was to destroy any chance President Trump had of being re-elected. Secondly, it made their jobs much more important and kept them in the limelight as they reported the “news of the day”.

None of the media gave any consideration to people losing jobs, businesses closing, or the emotional trauma caused to our kids by not being in school. After all, the ends justify the means….at least, it does for Liberals.

Libs are determined to control every aspect of our lives. They do it in many ways, and the virus was just another means of making us dependent upon them and the government dole. Insisting that everyone continue to wear a mask, even after being vaccinated, is yet another control effort.

In fact, the virus is not the worst danger in America today. The real danger is in giving up our liberties because one group has decided they know what is best for us. Every adult has the right to decide for themselves whether the risk from the virus is sufficient to convince them to wear a mask, to be vaccinated, to close schools or businesses, or even to social distance. That choice is an integral part of being American.

Because… up one right of citizenship will lead to the loss of other liberties. Accepting that the government has the right to dictate our behaviour is just the beginning on the path to Democracy’s demise. Accepting that the government has the right to require us to close our schools and businesses or to wear masks will just lead to more infringements on our personal lives.

Whether you mask or not, understand that masking is not the real issue here. The mask “masks” the fact that Libs are trying to undermine our Constitutional rights by eroding them little by little. Mandating that we wear masks, or socially distance, or close our schools and businesses, is NOT a legitimate function of government. Beware when the government, or any group, tells you that they know what is best for you. YOU know what is best for you and your family. After all, the government is not a thinking entity. It is a group of bureaucrats working to increase their power over us by creating fear and then pretending that they can protect us from that fear.

For the good of all Americans, we need to return to the America we enjoyed before Covid took over our country. We need to understand that Covid was a terrible virus, but it was not a plague. It was ginned up to be the threat of the century for ulterior purposes by the Libs and those who wanted to force us to allow the government to rule our every action.

Don’t let Libs “mask” their real intentions because…..underneath THEIR mask is a monster in the making.

Out of Left field………

The Left looks for any possible reason to attack Conservatives. But, the latest attack on comments by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin illustrates how desperate the Left is to create an issue in an effort to destroy our Democracy.

The pseudo hysteria about Senator Ron Johnson’s comments are typical of the Left. BLM has a history of violence and, if they were marching towards me, I would be concerned, too. Most of the large gatherings of Conservatives do not end up with rock throwing or arson, unless outside agitators are present. It happens that BLM has Black members; but, so do Conservative groups. Does that mean anyone mentioning a Conservative group is racist? Isn’t it racist to assume that all Conservatives are white?

To say that Senator Johnson’s comments were racist is untrue. He based his comments on facts that anyone who has watched events in this country during the last year will understand. BLM has threatened businesses, individuals, and city structure too many times to assume that any negative comments toward the group are racist, rather than factual. They are a violent group. The fact that they have Black members is irrelevant to how they should be viewed.

The Left is always looking for some club to use against Conservatives. In this case, they have ginned up a controversy without a basis using the old “you are a racist” label. Maybe they should look into their own mirror to find the real racists.

C’mon, man!

Those famous words are Biden’s go-to phrase when he loses his train of thought. It was pretty obvious last night when he was at a loss for words, because, “c’mon” was repeated over and over.

The former VP also had trouble getting his facts straight and the moderator never challenged him on his lies. For example, saying that he had never called President Trump xenophobic.He did. Nor did she question Biden when he said he never took money from a foreign government. Saying he had never accepted money from a foreign country when a former associate of Hunter Biden’s who heard Joe doing so was sitting in the audience would have been laughable, if the stakes weren’t so high.

Most of what the former VP said was recycled campaign phrases or insults against our President…insults without foundation. It is clear, too, that the Biden has no concrete proposals on much of anything. His “plan” for the virus mimics exactly what President Trump has already done. Biden’s “plan” to improve the world is to revert to the Paris accord which would make America give even more money to foreign countries when many, like China and Russia, are more than able to pay for their own climate change improvements……..if they actually wanted to.. And, saying that he would make foreign countries pay if they were aggressive toward us is ridiculous. What is he going to do…..bow twice to them, like Obama did…..and that will convince them to behave? No, we need a strong man like President Trump who will follow demand countries do the right thing. The proof of that is the Mideast peace accord recently signed.

And, though the media want to pretend that Joe never took money from foreign governments, the laptop, tapes, and the witness all corroborate a different image of good old Joe. He already admitted to plagiarism years ago and he he now stands accused of selling out America through his leverage of the office of the Vice President. Is this truly the man we want in the Oval office?

Besides, Biden has no plans for much of anything. He will do and say anything, though, to win politically, including denying he is against fracking when there is a video of him saying he will. He keeps saying that he will do this or that, but, really, Biden never has done anything — except advocating for the notorious crime bill which disproportionately hurt Blacks .He has nothing new to propose. It’s ironic that, after 47 years of doing nothing (except plagiarism and speeches), NOW he thinks he can run the country!

Biden’s “plans” are just so much thin air. Remember: when he coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’, he DIDN’T.

Now, that’s a fact!

Supreme Court vacancy

The Democrats and Lie-berals are in high dungeon that President Trump might actually fulfill his role as President and nominate a new Supreme Court Justice!

The battle cries from them are ridiculous, completely contrived and easily proven false. In answer to their lies and attempts to frighten and sway American voters, here are some clarifications of the Democrats’ lies and some justifications for President Trump to nominate, and the Senate to confirm, a new Supreme Court Justice:

1…Senator McConnell said that a Supreme Court Justice should not be confirmed IF the Senate majority and the President were of different political parties. Both President Trump and the Senate are Republican or Republican controlled.

2…Historically, vacancies on the Supreme Court HAVE been filled when the President and Senate are of the same party.

3..The President’s term is 4 YEARS, and does NOT end at the election which occurs this November. So, he has the right, and duty, to nominate a new Justice until January, 2021, when his current term ends..

4…Lie-berals threaten to impeach, to end the Senate filibuster, to riot, to pack the Supreme Court, and to create mayhem if Mr. Trump even so much as nominates someone for the Supreme Court. The Constitution gives the majority the right to conduct America’s business and Republicans are the majority.

5…Best of all is Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself who said, “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says a President stops being a President in his last year.”