Democrats and the Sex “Trade”

Democrats would have us believe that the only group that has rights in America is the LGBT group. In the past, there were instances of prejudice against non-traditionally oriented people. And, although there were definitely people ostracized for their sexual orientation, generally, most of us did not feel the need to condemn nor justify these people. Live and let live was the norm.

However, today, the Lie-berals are demanding that everyone acknowledge gay rights and, further, that we promote and praise the concept. The NFL, MLB, and corporations are sponsoring Gay Pride events. Democrats bray about society’s “inability” to accept the “diversity” — by which they mean aberrant behaviour. And, somehow, the media has become the spokesman for them. You can no longer voice your opinion if it counters gay rights. You will be pilloried incessantly by the media… boards….and, maybe even your Lie-beral neighbors.

Almost worse, the incessant demands for “equal” rights (read MORE rights than the rest of us) have morphed into other traditional areas. Abortion used to be considered a last ditch effort. Now, it is considered a birth control method by Democrats. The proponents want us to forget that the baby is a living being that feels pain and NOT just a blob of tissue. And, if you’re opposed to abortion on religious grounds? Too bad.

Free speech used to be guaranteed by the Constitution. Now, some Democrats want to redo the Constitution in their own “likeness”. Democrats ignore that free speech is the basis of a vibrant country where every opinion and thought is valued and NOT a country where only their opinions matter. The Covid shutdown was the worst suppression of free speech our country has ever seen with scientists muzzled if they didn’t follow the “company” (Government/Fauci/Birx) line. Even yet, there are people trying to restrict our freedoms with masks and shut downs, despite there being incontrovertible evidence that the Covid virus is too small to be restrained by masks! The damage to our children is incalculable…slower reading skills….social skills lost…..math skills way behind.

The worst, though, is the movement by the Left to brainwash children into thinking they are not really born male or female. The Left would sacrifice our children to endless medical procedures, surgeries, and lifelong pain even though children are legally unable to make such decisions. They do NOT have the mental capacity to weigh such life altering procedures.

But, no matter. The Left continues to demand everyone adhere to their will. Children will be drugged and mutilated without parental consent. Parents are NOT allowed to even know what their children are being taught in schools nor if their children are being “transitioned” to another sex without parental knowledge or consent.

Once upon a time, most believed that the “sex trade” meant kidnapping people and selling them into sexual servitude. That remains ONE of the meanings.

Democrats, though, have given a new meaning to “sex trade”. They have demanded, protested, and lobbied in favor of every form of non-traditional activity. They profess to believe that a baby’s sex at birth is not a fact. They agree with treating children as guinea pigs for every new theory that the Lie-berals concoct, including sexual transitioning and brain washing. Drag shows in Kindergarten….drag queens in community parades….gay pride lights at the White House…what comes next? Will there be house to house searches to weed out those of us who oppose such inhumane procedures?

It’s scary to think that anyone would go along with this madness. But, the Democrats will do anything to win votes. They will sacrifice everything except their power thrones in our legislatures. Let’s not let them win this battle for the new “SEX TRADE” which is usurping our traditional values for aberrant behaviours that only the Lie-berals believe in.

The Democrat Party — the party of hate…..

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Democrats are masters at spewing hatred and divisive comments about Conservatives or people with Traditional values.

Even President Biden, who claimed he would unite Americans, still routinely lies and makes ridiculous charges against anyone who dares to disagree with him and his policies without any concern that it divides the country even more.  Winning is all that matters to him. 

Yes, Biden and his fellow Democrats are destroying our country with their ugly comments.  The latest instance of nasty rhetoric comes from that charmer, James Carville who said:

Carville: ‘Level of White Trashdom in the Republican Party Is Staggering

While James Carville is known for his over-the-top hate, this is evidence that Democrats feel free to say or do anything because there are no repercussions.  They know that the media will publish their vitriol no concern for its newsworthy value and, certainly without any opposing opinion. 

Carville, with his antagonistic attitude is truly part of the problem our society faces as we try to be the United States of America.  And, running right alongside him are the Democrats and the hate they project every day. It’s easy to see that the Democrat Party  is truly a party full of hate.

Bidengate…..and, classified information

Lots of interest in whether Biden or Trump did something illegal WHEN HANDLING CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS….and, which was worst.


A Vice President, like Biden was, does NOT.

Nor does a Senator, like Biden was.


A Vice President, like Biden was, can NOT remove classified documents from official storage.

A Senator, like Biden was, can NOT remove classified documents from official storage — i.e., the SCIF.



End of story.

United we stand………Divided we fall……

The Republicans in Congress never understood this. The Democrats do.

While the Republicans dither about who will be speaker, the Dems are laughing up their sleeves. How can the Republicans lead when they can’t even agree on a speaker?

Republicans haven’t been united since Ronnie with his famous “Speak no ill of other Republicans” united a tired America.

Democrats, on the other hand, meekly acquiesce to any atrocity that Pelosi or Schumer presented to them. More money for the IRS? Not a problem. Less support for the police and military? Not a problem. Crime on the rise? Not a problem. Entrust the nuclear button to a man who can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago — a man who routinely lies about even his own personal history? Not a problem for Democrats.

This madness has to be stopped! Republicans must unite for a common purpose — that of protecting and defending the Constitution and the American people from the Democrats’ progressive agenda. Republicans must revitalize the economy….restore American’s borders…and, return to the Super Power that defends Democracy around the world.

United we stand. Divided we Fall. Let’s be united.

After all, we are the UNITED States of America.


OR, will it be?

All product prices are up. Rents are up. Inflation increases and the recession looms.

The housing boom is rapidly slowing.

Illegal aliens are still flooding our country meaning more welfare benefits for them and less for Americans……who, also, pay the bill for these illegal aliens.

Biden is vigorously implementing policies to:

Abort more babies….

Destroy our southern border.

Reduce support for the military, police, and emergency services.

Return to masking and governmental control of all businesses.

Increase the national debt by signing a monumental budget bill which has few benefits for Americans but does increase the burden on future generations.

Allow Russia to bombard Ukraine all while sending more money, more weapons AND, now, our military personnel.

Divide Americans by calling all who oppose his policies derogatory names

Issue Executive orders whenever he wants, including to thwart Supreme Court rulings.

Failing to protect Conservatives threatened by his, and other Democrats’, rhetoric, notably no protection for Supreme Court Justices

So, Happy New Year? I don’t think so. The prognosis is grim so long as Biden and the Democrats control the instruments of government and are willing to say anything, do anything, or try anything to foster Progressive policies and destroy the very basic components of America.

Good luck to us all.

The broken rule of law…

Americans, it is said, enjoy more freedom than anywhere else in the world because we are supposed to be a country of laws. Every man or woman is to be treated equally under our laws. However, that is no longer true. The proof lies in the last few years of absolute tyranny by Democrats who conspired with governmental agencies to abrogate laws to derail political opponents and to foster a Progressive agenda.

The FBI willingly consorted with a political party (the Dems) to defeat a Conservative President, Trump, because they hate the man. The CIA colluded with the FBI, Democrats, and especially the Biden family, in this crime. The media lied and obscured facts detrimental to the Democrats……..all to win an election and keep in power!

And, now, thanks to the IRS and the demented, partisan, Jan 6 committee, NONE of us can expect privacy for our tax returns which privacy is guaranteed BY LAW.

It is the most egregious crime by any political party or administration or governmental agency because:

BY LAW, tax records are sealed from all except auditors of the IRS, unless a Court determines those records are intrinsic to a case.

BY LAW, we must answer personal, financial questions or face severe penalties, even prison, if our most private, personal, financial information is not fully detailed on our tax returns.

BY LAW, these auditors are required to keep ALL records confidential.

So, how did the Jan 6 committee get the private tax returns for President Trump?

Unfortunately, an obsessed Congressional committee convinced an equally obsessed administration that a former President’s tax records should be given to them. That administration leaned on the IRS who caved and coughed the returns up. And, that same committee conspired to release those records to the public because……….well………because the records were Trump’s ……….and they despise him and desperately want to convict him of something…..anything…..

That committee disregarded the sanctity of tax returns thus breaking the law they are sworn to uphold.

Many will say “ho hum. It’s worth it “to ‘get’ Trump for something.” But, if a former President’s confidential tax filings are not sacrosanct, why imagine that ours are?

Plus, having been in business, I can confidently say that a business’ tax returns are so voluminous and complicated that most CEOs rely upon their tax advisers and preparers to make sure the tax returns are accurate. With the multitudinous business entities that fly under Trump’s name, it would have been almost impossible for him to scrutinize each and every return. No, I’m sure he trusted his lawyers and tax firms to do their job correctly and honestly.

Secondly, the tax code itself is a horrendously complicated business. Does anyone truly understand all the “if this, then that. If not that, then this” questions? If it weren’t such a complicated affair, we all would do our own returns and save money. But, because it is so complicated, we ask “experts” to do the job. And, if those experts fail to do something — maybe because even they did not understand — it does NOT make the person who signs the form guilty of anything.

It was bound to happen when a partisan administration took control of every facet of American life. But, now that it has happened, expect other Democrats and Lie-berals to continue demanding what should be private information because…………well……..because they and their interests are more important than our privacy and much more important than any old tax law.

It’s a new day in America all right. A new day where the FBI spies on Americans. Where the CIA gives credence to false documents to derail a political opponent’s candidacy. Where governmental agencies are willing to break laws, lie to Congress, and invade our private lives……all BECAUSE THEY CAN!

BEWARE. If they come for former Presidents, can any of us be far behind?

Bumbling Biden

Although everyone can see that President Biden is not quite “all there”, he is also “not here”. His failing, and failed, mental abilities are evident to anyone who sees him or hears him.

Making a statement like that demands proof. I offer the following to anyone who will listen with an open mind.

1…The Afghanistan withdrawal which gives Iran the upper hand in the region was roundly criticized by almost the entire world.

2..His failure to quell the rising, violent attacks on Conservatives — even the Supreme Court Justices — by his fellow Democrats has led to an increase in violence against Conservatives. His turning a blind eye to that violence, and other crimes against stores has increased the number of thefts. His passing on states releasing violent felons means that more Americans will suffer violence. Witness the man who attacked another man with a baseball bat and now is out on bail of a mere $7500!

3…By not controlling the border, he has allowed transporting Fentanyl, and other drugs, into our country and trafficking of men, women and children to rise at an alarming rate.

4…His inability to understand basic economics, like inflation’s cost to Americans, means that the supply chains have faltered and basic commodities are too expensive for many Americans. Families are going without food, clothing and other essentials simply due to rising costs of inflation.

5…His obvious disabilities have encouraged the Russians to war against Ukraine, much as Obama’s weakness allowed the Russians to seize Crimea without any reaction from the United States. You cannot allow tyrants to gain even an inch because they will take a mile……or, many miles……… the Russians proved.

6…He allowed Americans to be sequestered, masked, threatened, and their right to pursue happiness, be trampled and all because of a perceived pandemic. Flu comes to the world every yearand, according to statistics, the Chinese flu killed no more people than most flu seasons. He allowed the ransacking of our military because he demanded complete adherence to vaccination rules.

7…The controls he allowed over the American public and scientists meant that any dissenting voice about the flu was smothered. He allowed the media to run with lies and the social media to suppress any voices he disagreed with. Musk’s release of Twitter emails has proven that over and over.

8…To destroy political opponents, he lied, cheated and stole the right of every American to know the truth and vote based on that truth. Biden and his minions completely and covertly controlled the “news” to their own advantage. This exemplifies a level of malice unseen before in our political elections!

9…His weakness allowed the Chinese government to run rampant through our technology. We have always heard that the Chinese are, somehow, superior to us intellectually. For some Chinese compared to some Americans, that might be true., But, the Chinese government’s ambitious efforts to steal our technology really proves only that they are very good thieves.

10…Lastly, he has encouraged others to attack the legal system when he doesn’t like a court’s rulings. Supreme Court rulings have been disregarded. Indeed, some Democrats have openly stated that they will NOT abide by a Court’s decisions. This is NOT following the oath of office to “protect the Constitution”.

All of these actions are detrimental to every American, but because the media is almost completely Lie-beral, they are also ready to conspire to keep Democrats in power. Most media have not even covered Musk’s release of Twitter emails. They suppressed the Hunter Biden story to save President Biden and are still doing so. They continue to pretend that Biden is “all there” when anyone with eyes in their head and ears to hear knows that the President is in serious mental decline….and…..NEITHER HERE NOR THERE! It’s sad that Democrats and Biden’s family and Biden himself will do anything to stay in power..

In fact, their only objective is that Bumbling Biden stay in power because he is their gravy train to financial gain and political prestige.

President Reagan always felt optimism about America’s future. With Biden in the White House, I feel it is the opposite. Indeed, it’s a dark day in America when someone like Bumbling Biden has the keys to power and his finger on the nuclear button.

Sign of the Times

It’s a scary sign of the times that America is no longer the land of opportunity and individual freedom. If you support Conservative thought or candidates, you must not speak out. Because, if you do, the Leftists will attack you in every way — anything to quell your opposition to their coercive policies.

Examples of how Leftists have destroyed our freedoms are rampant. Health care clinics that promote Life are attacked and the media doesn’t cover the attacks. Conservative candidates are called horrific names, like Nazis, and their homes and families are doxed. Supreme Court Justices and their families are threatened and the media says “ho hum”.

Violence is on the rise everywhere because criminals are no longer held responsible for their crimes. Candidates, like Wisconsin’s Democrat for the Senate, openly advocate for letting criminals out of prison! Violence in the cities, especially in minority districts, is on the rise because Democrats fault the police, and NOT the criminals! How crazy is that?

Revisionist history has replaced historical facts. Statues of famous Americans are destroyed, replaced, or moved to an obscure location because they were people of their times, with the values of those times, and don’t fit today’s PC theories.

Oh, yes, the rights of the majority have succumbed to the ever-growing list of the rights of the minority. It’s pretty obvious that minorities determine public policy for the Democrats, and, if the Constitution gets “in the way”, they are ready to rewrite it.

In fact, if even one person feels offended , Americans are told they must conform to whatever makes that one person happy. That encourages other individuals to BE OFFENDED and further destroys the concept of a majority rule. By allowing a single person who feels offended to set our standards, we have thrown common sense out the window. That one person now can tell everyone else what they can say, do, promote…..or, even think!

It’s too bad that individuals might be offended. But, one person should not regulate an entire society’s standards. That is a dictatorship. The fact that what offends the majority is no longer important shows just how far our country has deteriorated, thanks to the Democrat politicians who would rather get a vote than follow the Constitution.

One simple example of how freedom of speech is suppressed in America is that we no longer put up signs for our preferred candidate. We used to do that in the town where we raised our family. But, we have moved to a city and we don’t put signs up any more for fear that our property would be vandalized. The simple act of putting up signs used to be an accepted form of free speech. Now, we not only don’t put up signs, we refrain from discussing politics with anyone, even friends and family, because the Left’s response is so aggressive and downright frightening.

Yes. It’s a sign of the times — a very bad sign –that Americans no longer are free to speak, act, or live their lives, as they see fit.

The Tower of “Babble”……now playing at the White House………

President Biden has proven to be incoherent in many of his remarks. The babble that comes out of his mouth is disconcerting at the minimum and frightening because he is the President..

Unsurprising then that he chooses a press secretary who also is incoherent and can’t seem to answer a simple question even when she has notes in front of her.

The Truth, and nothing but the Truth

Chris Wallace now claims he resigned from FOX news because “they” no longer were truthful about the 2020 election: “But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.”

Isn’t it interesting that only he knows the truth about the election? Those of us who question that election know nothing, if he is to be believed, and we have become, once again, the Deplorables of Hillary Clinton fame.

Mr. Wallace, in his arrogance, seems to have forgotten that Truth is a slippery beast at best. Except in math where you can be certain that 1 + 1 adds up to 2, there are few other areas that are absolutes. What one person considers true might not be what another considers the truth. It all depends upon the assumptions you make. I think Mr. Wallace makes foolish assumptions and then proliferates his faulty conclusions and denigrates anyone who disagrees with him. Why do I think that? Because Mr. Wallace has been one of the most liberal, and vindictive, hosts on FOX, especially when the subject was President Trump. It is thus no surprise that he feels threatened by anyone who has a different view of that election.

Unfortunately, Wallace was part of the media who pandered to Mr. Biden and excoriated Mr. Trump at every opportunity. Many of us do question the 2020 election, especially now that the facts being revealed show how corrupt President Biden, and his son Hunter, were….and, are. The media is finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s laptop might just prove that President Biden is corrupt. But, they mocked anyone who claimed that earlier, including the man who actually had the evidence, the laptop. And, the admission that the Steele dossier was not only a fake, but perpetuated by our own clandestine FBI, should cause everyone to question the slanderous stance taken by the media. The news about election officials who allowed voting practices that were outlawed by the states themselves creates even more doubt about that election. These lies and subterfuge created by the media about President Trump, make it difficult to believe Mr. Wallace’s conclusion about the 2020 election.

DEspite all the evidence forthcoming that proves Mr. Trump was right, Mr. Wallace remains convinced only he knows the truth. I would challenge him on that!

Besides the evidence contradicting Mr. Wallace, I remember one of my college professors telling us to beware of anyone claiming to know the Absolute Truth. The problem is not with Truth itself. The problem is that politicians and the media no longer tell the Truth. They obfuscate, repeat half truths, and misconceptions until Truth is buried beneath mountains of lies. And then the lies become the straw man they can attack without anyone knowing what the truth really is.

It’s scary. Common sense is needed to wade through the deceptions that Mr. Wallace and his ilk have continually spouted. Lies are like a weedy root that burrows beneath the earth and sends up thorns and thistles. We need to root them out as soon as we see them before their terrible consequences, like the 2020 election, can create even more havoc in our country and the world.

Remember —- A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston Churchill