The new Walter Mitty

Enter President Joe Biden

Walter Mitty was a fictional character who enjoyed greatness….but, ONLY IN HIS OWN MIND! In his mind, he was the greatest EVERYTHING — pilot, driver, you name it. He excelled at everything……except in his own life.

Walter Mitty stories were funny and kind of cute. It’s not so funny nor definitely cute when President Joe Biden lies about what he has done, said, or what happened to him. Poor Joe has always inflated his own history with stories of his mastering this or that…being a spectacular student…………determining the course of world events………….or, just being greatness exemplified.

The problem is that he lies. He lied throughout his political career and he is still lying.

It all began way back in law school when he plagiarized a paper. He admitted he did it. But, that admission never hurt him politically, so he continued to aggrandize his resume. He was the ultimate bs artist and the crowds loved his “lovable Joe” routine. So, why not keep up the ruse?

And, now, he is definitely senile and seems to believe even the wildest of his own stories despite them being demonstrably false — i.e., lies! Here’s one of his latest:

As the 76th ranking member of an 85 member class, it was unlikely he would have received a standing ovation. The unlikelihood of this is beyond anyone’s stretch of imagination, but Biden has repeated his claim to fame many times.

As my Dad used to say, “It makes a good story. And, it might even be true”. Of course, my Dad meant that it was absolutely untrue. My Dad could have been talking about poor Joe because, while Walter Mitty stories were funny, Biden’s are not. Worse, Biden’s lies and his inability to recognize the truth, are destroying our country.

It’s time for Joe to either live in the real world or live full time in his own storybook. If he wants to live in his own dream world, let him. But, don’t let him do it on America’s time.

To paraphrase a Democrat, Lloyd Bentsen, from long ago. My generation “knew” Walter Mitty. Walter was a fictional friend of ours. President Biden — you are NO WALTER MITTY!

A Justice to be proud of

It’s difficult to maintain your composure when the Lie-berals are hurling “sticks and stones” at you, especially when the faux media make those attacks their headlines of the day. Fortunately, there are people who can withstand the barrage and keep on doing their job.

I admire those men and women who follow their core principles despite the Lefties trying to destroy them. One of the good guys is Justice Clarence Thomas, long one of my favorites. So, I wasn’t surprised that, once again, he was able to counter the ludicrous criticisms that are hurled at him and continue to be a strong voice on our Supreme Court.

I love his response to those who want him to step down from the Court.

Justice Thomas: I’ll Leave ‘When I Do My Job as Poorly’ as Media

China, Thieves Extraordinaire

Today’s laugh of the day is China complaining that American internet experts thwarted their attempt to hide inside our internet infrastructure . Of course, China has been prowling around our internet for many years and, hopefully, have been caught each time as they were this time.

Their claims of victimhood are ludicrous. You’d have to live on Mars not to know that China’s rise in power is not because they are super smart…..oh, no, it is because they build upon other country’s technology and inventive genius. If you create a new product, they steal it and never pay for the development costs.

I well remember the ad during the Reagan years that had a Chinese instructor sneering that China was far superior to Americans in every way. Unfortunately, many believed that and never challenged that lie.

There is one area where the country of China likely excels. They certainly know how to bluster and frighten and intimidate small countries. They certainly know how to bribe foreign rulers and bend them to China’s will. And, they certainly know how to steal.

My thinking has long been that there are smart people in China, just like in America. However, the Chinese, as a whole, are not super smart, but…………they are very good thieves.

Just look at their history. China’s economy and progress are too often built upon someone else’s invention and not their own intellectual genius. They are not smarter than Americans. Where China is “smarter” is that they excel at stealing. Stealing our technology. Stealing our inventions. And, trying to steal our place in the world economy under false pretentions.

Time to put a stop to the concept that they are smarter or better than us. They’re not. The only thing they are better than us at is stealing. China’s real name should be Thieves Incorporated.

Another Biden boondoggle

And, a catastrophe for anyone who thinks President Biden has his wits about him or believes Mr. Biden is an honest man.

He’s neither “with it” nor honest. Let’s refute those ideas.

Attorney Hur, the Special Counsel, noted several instances where President Biden was baffled by simple questions. When were you vice-president. When did you leave that office? When did your son pass away? Mr. Biden was completely flummoxed by these questions. Then, in the news conference he held last night, Feb 8, 2024, he mixed up world leaders. Instead of responding in a civil manner, he became irate at the reporters asking relatively simple questions. Rage is quite often associated with dementia and his hostile attitude could be another sign of advancing dementia.

All his recent gaffes are another sign of his increasing dementia. And, his constant attempts to blame someone else for the country’s troubles which he himself brought about with his executive orders are the reactions of a weak man…..a man who lacks the mental capacity to formulate a logical argument. It is easy to call the opposition names. It takes intellectual capability to explain why the opposition might be wrong.

As to his honesty, I always harken back to his admission to plagiarism many years ago. He was dishonest then and is still a liar. For example, Biden claims the papers were NOT highly classified. The special report lists multiple instances where Mr. Biden had highly classified material in his home and garage. Do we believe a plagiarist or the Special Counsel who, even knowing the left wing attacks would begin immediately after releasing the report on Biden, made his report public anyway?

To avoid responsibility, Biden claims his staff brought the secret materials to his home.

1….As my husband notes, only Senators are allowed into the SCIF room where the government stores classified documents. So, how could the staff get into that room to take the papers? Only Joe could have carried the documents out. That is a criminal act.

2…So, Biden himself had to have taken the documents out of the room. Even if he intended them to be stored in his office, that, too, is criminal activity because no one is allowed to take the documents out of that special room.

3…ONLY a President or former President is allowed to keep some classified materials. Biden was neither a President nor a former President, but a Senator or Vice President, when he took those documents.

4…Let’s also set the record straight on how the decision not to charge Mr. Biden with criminal charges relates to his innocence. One reporter on CNN, I believe, claimed that the lack of charges exonerates Mr. Biden. No, it does not! Mr. Biden is innocent until proven guilty as we all should be…..however, only in some alternate universe would there be a reason to disbelieve Mr. Hur’s accusations. The pictures and report all show that Mr. Biden DID engage in criminal activity. Certainly any fair jury would convict Mr. Biden on those charges.

So, Mr. Biden definitely engaged in criminal activity. And, if former President Trump can be harried and prosecuted for having classified materials in a locked room with secret service on duty 24/7, then Mr. Biden absolutely should be facing criminal charges. Also, as a former President, Mr. Trump had some right to maintaining a record of his Presidency.

To say that a jury would have a hard time convicting Biden because of his dementia is ridiculous. BTW, Mr. Hur did NOT say that Mr. Biden is a sympathetic, elderly man with dementia. Mr. said that the jury might find Mr. Biden to be a sympathetic, elderly man with dementia and therefore, have trouble convicting him!

And, if his dementia is so advanced that he can’t face trial, as the special counsel noted, then he must be immediately removed from office.

Whether you are a fan of President Biden or not, you must see that his actions endangered our country. And, you must see that by not taking these criminal activities of Mr. Biden to trial is prima facie evidence that the justice system is rigged in favor of some to the disadvantage of us all.

Charge the President, Mr. Hur. Making sure that Justice is blind and evenly carried out is, after all, the American way.

Harvard’s Gay resigns

And, it’s about time.


When testifying to Congress, Ms Gay refused to condemn the anti-Jewish actions by students and student groups ON CAMPUS.

Countless cases of plagiarism were proven by a variety of sources but Harvard ignored them.

So, Al Sharpton, along with a variety of networks (CNN, MSNBC….all the leftist idiots in the media) are portraying her forced resignation as a racial attack.

Ha ha! After all, challenges to her based on her plagiarism, lack of candor when testifying to Congress, and, NOT protecting Jewish students, can only be because she is Black. Oh, really?

That seems to mean that Blacks are not capable of producing original work to earn a doctorate degree. That also means that Blacks who succeed cannot do it on their own, but have to be “helped” along. Whether that help means allowing shoddy scholarship, including plagiarism, is inexcusable. Blacks, like any other ethnic group, are fully capable of succeeding. And, I wonder what Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, Coach Tony Dungy, or any of the other successful people, who happen to be Black, would think of having their success linked ONLY to their being Black?

Besides, the corollary to the idea that Ms Gay’s attackers are only attacking her because she is Black implies that Whites get away with plagiarism. The only “white” guy who admitted, and got away with plagiarism, is President Biden. He admitted stealing material way back when. Every other person is held to the reasonable standard of having to present their own, original work.

It is difficult to believe that Ms Gay is a victim when it was her own actions that brought her down. Besides, reports are that she will remain a professor despite her doctorate being based on plagiarized material. And, that she will receive a $1,000,000 annual salary.

Thanks to you, Harvard, shoddy, even criminal, scholarship and low, academic standards are the new normal. Your reputation, along with hers, is shredded. American scholarship at what was purported to be one of the top Universities is officially gone.

How to misread a comment by Governor DeSantis

The headline is that Governor DeSantis floated the idea of taking President Biden off the Florida ballot.

However, an intelligent reading of the quote from Gov DeSantis is that he does NOT approve of kicking ANY CANDIDATE OFF THE PRESIDENTIAL BALLOTS. I’m not sure why Breitbart even published this with the misleading headline. What I do know is that the writer is definitely misreading Governor DeSantis’ comments.

Gov DeSantis only used removing President Biden den from the Florida ballot based on Biden’s failures to stop illegal immigration as an example of how crazy this trend could be.

NOTICE DeSantis using THE WORD “what”………. That is him beginning a hypothetical example of why you do NOT remove Presidential candidates from state ballots.

Also, notice Governor DeSantis’ final comments.

What a ridiculous article and damaging headline which obviously is not only incorrect, but bordering on malicious. If you don’t like Gov DeSantis, that is your opinion. But, don’t try to misquote him or revise what he meant to say. Hopefully, most voters will read the article and know the truth. But, for those who only read the headline, be advised that even conservative media can report incorrectly!

DeSantis suggested Florida could remove President Joe Biden from his state’s ballot for his alleged mishandling of border security.

However, the Florida GOP governor said the act by Bellows was not an appropriate interpretation of the 14th Amendment and would ultimately be reversed by the Supreme Court.

“Well, obviously, to have one executive branch official unilaterally striking someone off the ballot is not an appropriate interpretation of the 14th Amendment,” he said. “We could have — in Florida, what, are we going to have Biden struck off the ballot because he’s allowed an invasion of 8 million people, including enemy nations have sent people in? This could just be — end up being a tit-for-tat. So I think it’ll get reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court. I think it’s more of a stunt that you have a very liberal person in that position who’s just trying to play for cheap clicks.”

“But, ultimately, I don’t think it’s grounded in a proper interpretation of the Constitution,” DeSantis added.

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Attacking the “other” guy………..the first, dangerous step in destroying Democracy…..

It’s always easy to “understand” when someone besides you is suffering. Your neighbor’s car was hit and the insurance didn’t pay for the loss. Oh, too bad. A hurricane destroys a home somewhere. Tragic. But, it didn’t happen to you, so, maybe it’s not exactly terrible.

The idea that, if it doesn’t hit you, makes the problem less important is part of a technique perfected by Democrats and libs.

“The rich don’t pay their fair share” is a common cliche’ among Democrats and all Libs. In fact, the rich pay more than their fair share as numerous studies have shown.

“Blacks have been discriminated against and deserve MORE from the government” is another gem. In fact, welfare has demolished the integrity of the Black family unit. Again, numerous studies have shown that absent fathers in Black families contribute to multiple problems for Black youth AND the absence places an enormous burden on mothers and grandparents to take care of Black children. Affirmative action also makes any accomplishment by a Black person suspect. Did he/she deserve their success, or were they just the recipients of a society that expects less from them and gives them precedence over others?

Democrats are experts at dividing people into groups which they can then cultivate and harvest their votes…..thus staying in power themselves.

Currently, many Democrats are voicing their animus against Israel. Why? Israel is an easy target to rail against because Jews are a minority in America. The problem with isolating an ethnic group is that it is only the beginning of a process that destroys the fabric of America. In the past, Conservatives were the Democrats’ straw man — everything a Conservative did or said was wrong and not only wrong….but hateful. Remember when parents were labeled a terrorist group simply because they wanted to be able to raise their own children in their own way?

Well, today in America, Jews are vilified. Why? Well, simply because they are Jewish. What those, like the Squad, who agitate against Jews forget is that hate spreads faster than love. Destroying the right to pursue happiness of any American is despicable. But, somehow, attacking Jews bears no consequences. It’s obscene to attack anyone based on ethnicity. And, it will not lead to a better America.

The hate will spread. All those who are antisemitic today should beware because, tomorrow, they might be the focus of someone’s hatred. And, then, it will be too late to say “if we had only known…………….”.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

—Martin Niemöller

When the long knives are out for you………….

You know your opposition is afraid of you.

After last night’s debate, Governor DeSantis seems to be the one most feared by every other candidate and the Lie-berals and Democrats. That is why he is taking a lot of body blows from both sides of the aisle.

Complaints about his smile — seemed okay to me –his slow hand raise — good to be cautious about former President Trump……………….no matter what DeSantis did or said, it was wrong according to the “experts”. It pays to be wary of such experts, with their Leftist bias, who have a vested interest in destroying any candidate who would change the disastrous course our country is on.

So, even though we all know that the indictments of Trump are political and have little basis in legal jurisprudence, the media will ensure that Trump is unelectable. Biden’s DOJ is working hard at the same thing…..maybe in case the Media can’t bury Trump first. So, we have to work around the media and find a candidate who has very few negatives for his adversaries to use.

President Biden is a flawed President, and more than likely a criminal to boot, in so many ways. The only way to save our country from Biden and the Left and Lie-beral’s philosophical nonsense and their drive to curb our Constitutional rights is to get Biden out of office. We need a common sense President to deal with the economy, the border wall, and the world at large.

Long knives aside, the best candidate is still Governor DeSantis.

The Media meddles again………..

The mass media has been in the Democrat’s camp for many years with the intent to boost all Democrats and almost all Lie-beral philosophies. So, it pays to beware what they say,do, or print.

Right now, the media hopes that Trump is the GOP candidate because they think they can beat him with repeated rumors and innuendoes and now, the crazy indictments. So, they have to beat down any other GOP candidate that might challenge Trump.

Governor DeSantis seems to be a formidable candidate, regardless of the media breathlessly saying he is “sinking” in the polls. So, when DeSantis speaks, the media immediately attempts to find a mistake or problematic utterance.

Here’s a post from a DeSantis interview which is being misinterpreted and used as a red herring to disqualify the Governor:

“… Ultimately, a movement can’t be about the personality of one individual. The movement has got to be about what are you trying to achieve on behalf of the American people and that’s got to be based in principle, because if you’re not rooted in principle … all we are is listless vessels.”

The claim is that Gov DeSantis is saying that Trump supporters are “listless vessels”. He is NOT saying that.

He is saying that you HAVE to have principles if you want to lead America. If you have no principles, you are a listless vessel and not worthy of leading America.

But, the media prefers to misread his comments. Their preference is to meddle and cause as much confusion as possible.

Their professional responsibility is to report the news fairly. But, few of them follow that road. They prefer to advance only the Lie-beral and leftist far-out ideas. Forget that the public used to trust them. We know the media well now.

The media are the listless vessels in today’s America.