Silence is Golden…..

A contract is a binding agreement between two, or more, parties which binds all the parties to the agreement with following certain terms or conditions. An NDA is a contract that, usually, restricts what one of the parties can say or do after the contract is signed. An NDA almost always concludes with one party receiving a payment for which they agree to never reveal what the issue in the contract actually says. Many term such contracts to be “pay offs” for someone’s silence.

But, an NDA is a binding agreement for which one party probably received a lot of money. And, because it is a valid contract, it is supposed to be enforced for the duration of the terms of the contract which frequently means “forever”.

Colin Kapernick reportedly received a huge sum because it was cheaper to pay him off than go through the court process. I disagreed with any payoff to him because it certainly seemed as if he didn’t honor the terms of his NFL contract. But, Kapernick got the PC crowd behind him, and was paid to end any further litigation.

Now, Gretchen Carlson believes that she should be free to speak about her allegations of sexual harassment and that ALL who accused their boss of such harassment should be free to speak publicly about the alleged harassment. Wouldn’t Monica Lewinsky have loved to receive something monetary for her proven allegations against then President Clinton? How the times change!

The problem is that Gretchen, and the others, agreed to be NOT sue for harassment in return for a sum of money. There was a valid contract. She received an agreed upon amount of money. That was the contract which she signed.

Now, Gretchen is not offering to return the money she was paid, nor to pay the interest that money would have accrued to whoever paid it. No. She wants her cake (the money) and she wants to eat that cake, too. The question is why should she be able to negate the terms of her contract and also keep the money she was paid?

If she didn’t like the contract, she was free at that time to reject it and speak her mind. But, no. She waited until now to publicly criticize the very contract that she agreed to.

Boy. Silence was Golden for her back then. Now, she wants to keep the “gold” and speak out.

Whether her allegations were honest or not is a moot point. The fact is that she willingly signed a contract and took money for signing that contract. No one should be allowed to back out of a contract just because they want to.

Silence is Golden because…..well…..silence is part of the deal. So, Gretchen, my dear. Time for you to act like a mature adult and realize that your deal — you know, the one you signed and took money for — is binding. And just because you don’t like it now does not give you the right to challenge its authority.

Unless……………….you repay the money, with interest………..AND, have the agreement of the other parties to the contract sign off on your new “deal”.

Otherwise, be quiet. A deal is a deal. Silence is Golden for a reason.

I’d RATHER not!

I’d rather not believe Dan Rather, that is.

Once again, Dan is doing his best to sway an electorate! He is showing his Lie-beral colors again. But, why do Lie-berals feel the need to label Conservatives and then reject those they have labeled?

Dan Rather just said that Trump supporters are a cult! (

Really? Remember Danny Boy Rather? He tried to bring down President George W Bush, # 43, by promoting false allegations. For that, he lost his job. Now, he hopes to bring down President Trump by demonizing Trump supporters.

I don’t think that Democrats nor the media understand the anger such derogatory labels promote. Dems want to lump all Trump supporters into a bunch so they can label us and then insult us. However, if you watch Trump rallies, his supporters come in all colors, shapes and sizes. So, one label is NOT going to fit us all.

I’m proud to say my husband and I support President Trump. And, I’m proud of those who refuse to be intimidated by libs. I’m proud that Trump supporters know that the impeachment effort by Schiff and his ilk is a long-shot strategy of trying to put labels of our President and then, hoping the American voter will believe the lies and innuendoes.

So, do not believe someone like Dan Rather who already is known to be guilty of malfeasance. Believe President Trump who is doing exactly what he promised to do…..and, that is, make America Great AGAIN.

“Perkin’ ” along…………….

Joni Ernst successfully passed legislation which limits the amount of taxpayer money that former Presidents can receive after serving their term.

This is great news for every American. Most politicians earn more than enough while they serve in office AND, especially, with their lobbying and speech income after leaving office. Former President Clinton is one who made out like a bandit after leaving office with speaking engagements. Another way to make hay out of having served is exemplified by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin….now Washington, D.C. …….who has a plush job on the Murdock team, thanks to his being in the House of Representatives.

It is ridiculous, and immoral, that legislators from any branch of the government can continue to receive “pensions” and other benefits after being so well paid while in office. It is past time to end these perks for everyone in a political office. SO…………why not pass the same restrictions for ALL OF CONGRESS?!

Let’s keep “perking along” by ending these perks to public servants which the self-serving Congress routinely approves for themselves!

Your Lyin’ Eyes

Democrats have jumped on every possible pretext to scream that President Trump should be impeached. There is no need to list the debacles that befell the Dems when they insisted that the Russian collusion story would be the downfall of his Presidency. No need to list unless you have been listening to CBS, NBC, MSNBC or CNN. Their breathless exclamations regarding each and every potential disaster have been systematically reduced to the gibberish that the “news” was to begin with.

So, to even the playing field with the Truth, there was no collusion between Mr. Trump and his team with Russia. General Flynn caved to the onslaught against him, but he only do so after they threatened his family and Flynn had no resources left to fight with. They harried countless good men and women out of serving our country with half truths and innuendoes which the main media distributed ad nauseum. Forget that these were salacious lies that only fed the reporters’ egos and the networks’ desire for anything to titillate the public.

Gone is any sense that reporters’ true job is to report facts. Their mission should not be to color a story to fit their own opinions or own agenda. But, the idea of reporting being an honest profession is long gone. Nowadays, reporters are known for their political bias and their stories reflect that. They are unapologetic in their hatred of President Trump. And, because the media owns the “mouthpieces” , that is the airwaves, it is difficult to bring any rationality to today’s “news”.

So, when Rep Schiff proclaimed that he had proof positive of Mr. Trump colluding with Russia to win the election, few in the media asked him to prove it. When, after demanding that a transcript of the phone call between the Ukraine President and President Trump be released to the public — and, it was, Schumer says that the transcript is not as critical as what the whistle blower had to say. A whistleblower who, by his own admission, never heard the actual phone call. His complaints were based on “sources” at the White House! No media outlet asked Schumer why a non-participant’s opinion of a conversation that he did not hear was more critical than the actual transcript.

It is no surprise that many of us have turned off the news and tuned out of the constant barrage against President Trump. After all the lies, innuendoes, false stories, and obvious attempts to destroy Mr. Trump, we find that we are more and more inclined to believe the outspoken President than a bunch of nattering, back-stabbing reporters who, along with many Democrats, have no concern for the damage their fallacious stories are doing to our country.

It is inconceivable why our elected representatives are hell bent on destroying President Trump and, with him, our country. Their constant attacks give our enemies comfort because the enemies realize we are a divided people.

So, I say to the Democrats, “Stop this ridiculous attempt to satisfy your own egos with the impeachment of President Trump. Get busy on what we sent you to Washington to do. And, for God’s sake, close your mouths and listen to what the American people say they want!”

Else, your lyin’ eyes will destroy all that is good in America!

Out of the mouth of babes……

This Biblical phrase tells us that sometimes, innocents know and speak only the truth. That is why a child is often more believable than an adult. The child has not learned to obfuscate, lie, or mislead. Hence, an innocent child speaks the truth, regardless of the consequences.

Out of the mouths of babes might be one way to find the Truth, but only if the children have not been brainwashed, either by experience or their community. Once indoctrination has begun, it is difficult to know if children are speaking the Truth, or someone else’s “truth”.

To my way of thinking, there are too many children receiving media attention because the children have been taught a certain, ideological view point. I’m thinking of David Hogg who feels that his own, personal experience gives him the right to lecture everyone else on gun control. Though 19, he has been the media’s sweetheart for several years, long before he could possibly have understood all the ramifications of gun control and Constitutional issues. Yes, he had a traumatic experience, but that experience might also have disproportionately influenced his opinions. His youthful approach, as with most advocates for gun control, reflects the theory that only he knows the truth. Anyone who disagrees with his stance HAS to be wrong, simply because he is right.

Greta Thunberg is another child whom the media is cultivating because she is on the march against climate warming. That opinion is very popular in Sweden and, of course, the liberal media gloms onto her and her viewpoint because………..she has the same ideas as they do. It’s sad to see a child cynically used for the benefit of a political issue, yet the press has no compunction about using, and abusing, even children. And, expecting a child to be the spokesperson for anything is, indeed, child abuse.

Normally, we encourage children to be aware of their world and to learn and listen as they grow up so they can be responsible adults. The problem with these two is that they have NOT grown up yet and, thus, are being used by the media in a very cavalier and debasing manner simply to advance PC issues. It is another example of the main stream media promoting their own causes, only this time, by exploiting children and their fears. And, worse, adults are expected to bow at the knee of these two, juvenile “experts”.

CNN and MSNBC and NBC need to start doing some homework and actually studying issues before giving a breathless, dramatic headline. And, certainly, any story worth telling should have its basis in facts. Neither David Hogg nor Greta Thunberg are old enough nor educated enough to be lecturing society on anything. David seems to be scarred by the horrific event he lived through. And Greta, well, who knows if her parents or community are instigating her public comments? At any rate, neither can be considered objective observers.

To stop this foolish reliance on a mere child, we need to insist that the media stop hyping the ridiculous idea that children should choose how society lives, or even, how government should react to what are, after all, important issues. Let’s insist that the media report facts and not merely the regurgitation of a popular ideology. And, to have that happen, we must hear from adults, not children.

So, what else is new?

Just a little less than two months ago, I chastised Democrats for their never-ending name calling of President Trump, his supporters, Republican, and, anything Conservative. That was June 9th, 2019.

Now, in the aftermath of two more, unprovoked and heart-wrenching shooting sprees, the Democrats are going all out in blaming President Trump. It reminds me of that Biblical passage about looking for the mote in your own eye before calling out someone else. But, for them, it is always easier to look for someone else to blame rather than the effect of what they have said or done.

If the Democrats were at all concerned about the country and not their own political career, they would be consoling the survivors, not taking trying to gain an advantage from the deaths of the innocents. If the Democrats truly wanted to heal the divisions in this country, they would be asking their constituents, their legislative partners, and, primarily, their own heart about how to stop these tragedies. But, no. For them, accusing another is part of their stock and trade, politically speaking, of course.

Too bad they don’t take a lesson from the young man who asked people to honor El Paso’s victim by doing 22 acts of kindness.

But, that would be asking Democrats to completely overhaul their modus operandi. They would have to forget what is politically expedient and to consider that their own name calling and hateful accusations are creating more hate and more potential heart break for America.

And, that is like asking a leopard to change his spots. Democrats are just not going to stop trying to tear down President Trump with their own despicable words. I guess I hoped they would be better than this. But, ignoring their own failings and using derogatory names against political opponents is so ingrained in their psyche that this terrible habit will continue to be their “issue” of the day. It’s been this way for many years and will continue to be so.

So, what else is new?

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Democrats — Perfecting Name Calling

So, the media is reporting that President Trump criticized his political opponents while he was overseas. And, that his criticism is a “bad” thing.

What hypocrites!

Why was Pelosi not criticized for saying she wanted President Trump in jail………….while he was overseas commemorating D Day?

Why was it okay on President Trump’s other overseas trips to call him names and to argue against almost everything he said or did? When Obama was President, anyone who even discussed his policies while he was overseas was categorized as racist. Why does that standard not continue to be applied now?

Back when legislators at least tried to be statesmanlike, the policy of both parties was that NO ONE criticized the President while he was out of the country. But, the Democrats have no shame. While they can try to justify all their insults, innuendoes, and downright libelous comments, the rest of us understand that they are just politicians who have perfected name calling. The Democrats do very little that is perfect, but they certainly have excelled in casting aspersions on Trump and on creating conspiracy theories about not only him, but also about his family! Those outrageous insults of our President continue despite the harm it does to our country.

Lately, the Democrats’ party has become a hateful, and harmful, force in America. They refuse to work for the betterment of all Americans. They probably don’t have enough time because, of course, most of the Democrats are busy running for President instead of doing their job of being Senators or Congressmen. Their intentions are to make as much trouble and turmoil for our President as they possibly can regardless of how that affects us.

No President has been as vilified nor attacked as much as President Trump. He is a man of strong character who has stood tall and maintained his allegiance to his job as President. That job is to make America great again which he is doing. Despite the Democrats’ animus toward him, he has lowered the unemployment rate to the lowest it has been in years He has encouraged a spirit of “can do” again in America. He has promoted the welfare of America in general, improved the morale of our military, and worked for the betterment of every American with his policies of America First.

If there is any name calling to be done, let’s give Trump the names he deserves…………………..because………..he is Energetic, Proud to be an American, Smart, and, yes, a Decent Man.

That would be truly perfecting name calling.

Unless you can say something good…..


Isn’t that what most parents tell their children?

I wish that someone would remind the CHILDISH Democrats about this philosophy. They have become the most obnoxious, bigoted, narcissistic, and, just generally, nasty-speaking, public figures in America. Their constant diatribes against President Trump and openly antagonistic attitude are the most divisive feature of American politics. Their insults are beyond belief and unfitting for those we choose to represent us. Worse, by continually insulting and denigrating our President, they diminish his ability to keep America safe because their carping creates the illusion that America is weak because we are not united behind our Commander in Chief.

Lately, they refuse to accept the PROVEN fact that President Trump was NOT part of the Russian attempt to affect our elections. They repeat lies that have been proven false in the hope that if they keep spouting these lies, the voters will accept the lie as truth. Unfortunately, the Democrats don’t care what is true or not. Their only goal is to keep throwing mud in order to destroy President Trump and raise their re-election chances.

They say that President Trump was not proven innocent. Well, according to our law, he was INNOCENT from the beginning and did not have to prove his innocence. So, whether the Lie-berals like it or not, Trump is an innocent man STILL!

I hope that, at some point, Democrats and all those Lie-berals will realize they are destroying the country with their petty and venal attacks on the President. With their obstructive tactics, it is amazing that unemployment is at a 50 year low, thanks to President Trump. Wages are up for lower and median income Americans. And, other countries are beginning to realize that our President means what he says and that he truly does want America to be great again.

Democrats are NOT acting in America’s best intersts! Why not celebrate America’s return to its position at the pinnacle of world politics and prestige. We have the most generous and wonderful country in the entire known universe. Why not accept that fact and work toward keeping us be the land where the entire world wants to live!

To make that happen, we need Democrats to stop their bickering and try to work with Republicans and President Trump.

There used to be a saying about America. It was “Love it or Leave it”. That should be true of politicians, too. If the Democrats don’t love America enough to work towards its success, then, they should leave politics. At the very least, they should,at least, pretend to be statesmen which means they should try to work with Republicans and President Trump.

No. Let me rephrase that. At the very least, Democrats should attempt to act in the same way that we demand of our children. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

Let’s pull the polls…..

Every day, there is a poll taken somewhere, somehow, about something or someone and the results are always “BREAKING NEWS”!

Unfortunately, most of the polls are a waste of money because they ask a question that anyone with common sense could answer without hesitation. Lie-berals favor these types of polls because the polls might help them sway public opinion. But, most of the polls, including the latest poll, breathlessly reported on yahoo, is that a majority of those polled favor raising taxes on the “rich”.

Wow. I can imagine how difficult that question was to answer.

Pollster: If you had the chance to make a rich person give you some of their money, would you rather get that money for free…..or, would you prefer to work and earn money to support yourself?

Oh, the turmoil that question must have caused!

Respondent: Oh me, oh my. I’ll have to think about that. Let’s see…..whether to work or sit around and just have money handed to me. What a difficult decision. Oh, I know. I definitely prefer to have the rich taxed more and have that money given to ME!!!!

Please. Talk about slanting a question. Ask the question in the right way and you can configure the answer you want to hear.

What if the question had been asked this way?

Pollster: Even though the rich have worked hard and earned every single dollar they have, would you really believe it is fair that they should be required to give you some of that money, especially when you have been just sitting around and doing nothing, not even looking for employment? And, do you understand that the rich actually pay almost all of the total income tax for the entire country?

Respondent: Well, I don’t know. I guess that, if you put it that way, maybe they deserve to keep their own money.

You would never hear of a pollster asking a question in that manner because that would not elicit the response the Lie-berals want to hear. Oh, no, Lie-berals want to hear that the rich deserve nothing, not even to keep their own money. Polls are a farce for the most part.

So, polls be damned. It’s time to “pull” the polls and not try to manufacture public outrage with fake polls.

2019 — a year when Decency in public returns?

Well, it’s the end of another year.  Can it also be an end of the  continuous denigrating of others?  Can it be the end of ALL racial antagonism?  Can it be the end of politicians striving for re-election and not what is good for America?

The beginning of a new year should bring optimism.  But, in the realm of politics, the bear-baiting will continue unless some in the public arena remember that calling names, insulting others, and being down-right nasty towards political opponents, is NOT what their parents would have taught them. Maybe they can learn to act like mature adults.  And, maybe these politicians can learn to care more about America than spouting their personal vitriol.

In an effort to straighten out the divisive rhetoric and unseemly actions by people in public life, let me offer these suggestions for 2019:

Maxine Waters, please stop calling for impeachment.  We’ve heard your complaints ad nauseum and know there is no basis for you hatred of President Trump, except your personal vendetta to use impeachment to keep yourself on tv.  Your responsibility as a representative is NOT to divide nor to deride, but to help guide congress in directions to help America.

Bill Crystal, your resolution should be to advance the Conservative agenda, NOT to tear down a Republican President.  Forget your personal embarrassment about making a fool of yourself over President Trump.  Put on your big boy pants and help the Conservative cause, not pout about losing your status with we conservatives.

Soon-to-be-ex-senator Flake,   we are so glad you are gone!  You are well……………..a flake, for sure.

Chief Justice Roberts, if you truly believe that the Judiciary is unbiased….why do all the Lieberals travel to the 9th circuit for their complaints?  Maybe Justice is blind, but judges show their political bias again and again in their decisions.

Pelosi…………..oh, please, not again!

Schumer………….oh, double please, for once try to be a statesman and not just a shill for the Far Left.

Paul Ryan…..we didn’t know ye, that’s for sure.  What a disappointment you were when you could have been so great.

Elizabeth Warren, I know Native Americans.  They are not only our friends, but my Great Grandmother really was a Menominee — that’s being a real Native American.  YOU are NO Native American.  And, we all know it.

Kamala and Hirono — you both used under-handed tactics and untrue allegations IN AN ATTEMPT  to besmirch a good man with no regard for the truth and certainly without any concern for the man’s family.  Neither of you deserve to be in the Senate nor to have any influence in judicial nominations because you both misused the system for personal gain.

Hillary…………well, you managed to escape justice again;  but, sometime, all your devious deeds WILL be uncovered.

And,  Bill?  No matter what the Bushs say, you really are a despicable man.

There are many, many more who could use a kick in the backside, but these are the notable ones.  Let’s hope that 2019 brings forth better men and women than these and that our country can begin to believe that politicians must also be statesmen.

So, welcome, 2019.  Please bring back public decency and morality.  And, please return the public forum to one where discourse between people who disagree is done civilly and with respect for the other person.  We are all Americans and we should all want what is best for America.

Will 2019 be a year when decency returns?  We live in hope.



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