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President Obama — Grubering Americans

We’ve seen scandal after scandal from Obama and his cronies.  NSA spying on Americans.  IRS stunting the development of Conservative non-profit organizations.  Lois Lerner responsible for harassing Conservatives and then, hiding behind the Fifth Amendment.  The IRS pretending to research Lois Lerner’s email accounts and finally, admitting they had not.  Our Ambassador and the brave security officers being killed in Benghazi and Obama claiming it was due to a video.  The Fast and Furious gun running debacle which killed at least one American.  Attorney General Holder refusing to provide Congress with supoened information.  The Obama administration repeatedly raising the specter of racism, even when none was warranted. And, on and on!

In fact, there are so many lies, subterfuges, obfuscations, and misdirections from our current President  that most Americans can’t even remember what yesterday’s scandal was!

There is no excuse, except the media’s complicity in hiding the Truth, for Obama to have gotten away with even one of the scandals.  All scandals are horrific and should be condemned.  However, knowing that Obama and his staff deliberately lied to Americans  about  Obama-Scare  because they knew it would not pass otherwise is criminal.  If Professor Gruber had not been caught  on video describing all these criminal acts, perhaps Obama would have gotten away with it.  After all, the media can be counted on to support Obama and to run interference for him against anyone who would question his acts and decisions.

Now we have a whistleblower in Gruber, even though he wishes otherwise.  Now we have Gruber, who was at the center of the formation of Obama-Scare, and who has admitted to deliberately lying to the American voter.  Now, we have video which provides an inner window into the machinations of a corrupt administration and corrupt Democrats in both the Senate and House.

And, what happened when the Truth about Obama-Scare and its corrupt formation was revealed?  What happened when one liar, Gruber, was outed by his own words?  Suddenly, no one in Washington knows Professor Gruber!  It is almost humorous to watch Obama and all his minions like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi squirm as they try to separate themselves from Gruber.  Unfortunately for them, there is video of them bragging Gruber and his policies up. When they needed his professional “expertise”,   Gruber was the economic guru they trotted out to support their views.  Now, when the lies are obvious, Gruber is their least favorite economist…….well, he would be IF THEY KNEW WHO HE WAS.  Ha ha.

Still, President Obama pushes on with his agenda.  He ignores all the scandals to foist yet another tragedy upon our country.  And, that tragedy is to go around Congress and implement his own version of immigration.

Saying that the system is broken and must be fixed is NOT  enough to warrant his rewriting the immigration laws.

Saying that Congress has had enough time to fix the law and has not does NOT justify his rewriting the immigration laws.

Saying that he has the right to implement executive orders is NOT Constitutional.

As a professed Constitutional scholar, he should know that Congress writes the laws.  His job is to accept or  veto those laws.  And, if Congress overrides his veto, and he still disagrees, then the Courts are to judge the merits of the law.

President Obama was RIGHT when he repeatedly claimed that, as President, he did NOT have the right to use Executive powers to change the immigration laws.

President Obama is WRONG when he now maintains that he has the ability to change those same immigration laws.

I wonder how Obama intends to deceive Americans about this about face in his thinking?  I’m sure he’ll find a way to lie his way out of any complications.  After all, when he needed someone to find a way “around” the American people on Obama-Scare, he found Gruber.

He had no problem lying to us before.  Why should he worry about Grubering  us once again?