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The American people

Unlike the days of yore when Carter pushed the giveaway of the Panama Canal down the throats of the unwilling American public, and then donated years of maintenance by America to the canal,the American people spoke up about illegal immigration.

Guess what? We don’t want illegal immigrants to stay. We don’t want illegal immigrants to have a free pass, and free life, just because they have a hard life in their own country.

What do we want? We want our country to enforce our laws on all those who try to come here. There was no free pass to American citizenship for our grandparents and there should not be now. The greatness of America rests on our adherence to laws being applied equally to all.

So, Congress, take heed. You are our representatives, not our bosses. In fact, you are our employees and the bosses, the American people, have told you to tighten the borders, send the illegal immigrants home, and stop acting like mini-dictators!

What’s so wrong about this….,2933,287043,00.html

So, they tried to get here legally and now they might be deported. How about the millions of ILLEGAL ones who are not being deported.

This is so wrong.

So I guess this is how this country works. Come in ILEGALLY and get special treatment and help from human rights groups, but come here LEGALLY and kiss your ass goodbye.

Mr. Knowledge is furious.

Bush 3 times more popular than Congress

Yes, according to the latest polls, only 14% of people now approve of Congress. 42% approve of President Bush.

Apparently, President Bush is more in tune with the American people than those loud, crass politicians on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Say good night, Nancy and Harry. And, don’t go away mad, just go away.

Send illegal immigrants home!

Illegal immigration has become little more than a game for politicians. Few of them are willing to stand up and say that, first and foremost, American laws MUST BE OBEYED. Some of the reasons for not mandating that all illegal immigrants be deported are so bogus that you wonder how anyone can say them without laughing. Here are my thoughts on some of these specious arguments.

1 – Maintaining a strong border between the United States and Mexico is not dependent upon whether millions of illegal immigrants are allowed to stay, or not. The money is already budgeted and there are many Americans who would appreciate working on the wall!

2 – Allowing illegal immigrants to stay, even with penalties, sets a dangerous precedent. We are a country governed by laws, yet few in public authority are enforcing the immigration laws. Even a child would question why one person has to obey a law and another person, not even a citizen, is allowed to disobey a law.

3 – The media has exploited the illegal immigrant problem for their own gain rather than addressing the facts of the case. This has given illegal immigrants a sense of entitlement rather than gratitude to be here. Why else would illegals protest openly without fear of being deported? Why else would they harass American citizens without fear of imprisonment? In any other country, these illegal immigrants would be afraid to show their face on tv; but, here in America, they march, flaunt the Mexican flag on tv, and generally, show their disdain for our laws.

4 – The financial burden of “hosting” these illegals is mind-boggling. They flood the emergency wards. They usurp welfare funds intended for American citizens. They insist that all notices be printed in Spanish, as well as English. Now, the state of Wisconsin is discussing whether illegal immigrants should have the right to college funds intended for Wisconsin residents!

Unfortunately, whenever anyone complains about the illegal immigrants, they are considered racists or uncaring. It is not racist to expect a guest in your home to follow your rules, especially when you are paying the bills. It is not racist to protect your home or homeland from strangers who might threaten everything you cherish. It is not mean to believe that everyone should work for their position in society and not be swept in because some politician wants that vote.

At one time, becoming an American citizen was considered an achievement of the highest order. My own grandparents crossed the ocean to make a better life for themselves and their children. But, they followed the rules and passed through Ellis Island with other immigrants. Once here, they learned English and worked hard to pay their own bills. Never did my grandparents expect a free ride. Never did they expect any special provisions to be made for their welfare unless it also improved the general lot of their neighbors.

Attitude is the single most dividing attribute between immigrants who came here legally in years past and those today who want to be admitted without paying the price of becoming a citizen legally.

Americans need to speak out against anyone who breaks our laws. And, we need to tell the politicians that the illegal immigration “issue” is too important for them to use as a vote-getting machine.

Politicians have done too much talking and not enough listening. It is time to insist that “We, the people” decide this issue through a national referendum.

Putin.. More Like Pukehead

So Putin, yeah, that Russian guy, has said that if the US puts a missile shield in Europe, he’s going to point some Nuke’s at Europe. Does anyone see the irony? He claims we shouldn’t put them there, because he’s peaceful, but if we do put them there, he’ll point nukes at us. What an idiot. Hey Russia, we whipped your ass once, and remember, you collapsed after engaging in a pissing contest with us?

Mr. Knowledge